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  1. Thanks. Any models that I should steer clear of? I know this is a 2002 forum, but it I respect opinions of people that actually work on their cars and have experience with the brand. Lots of parts on ebay and in junk yards so I can usaully find parts. Just wondering what models are 'bulletproof' and last a long time with lots of miles. Also, what models are impossible to work on and too expensive or complex to maintain. 325i is a nice package, but the ix AWD models look nice. The 5 series with a longer wheel base are probably nice on the highway at speed. Any recommendations?
  2. Wow, nice original roundie. I wouldn't change a thing. Go through the manual to familiarize yourself with the maintenance on the car. They are easy to work on and this forum is good for any questions. Enjoy!
  3. i evacuated the hurricane so I drove the Honda ;-( to Tennessee to take the cover off the 69 2002 for a trip into the Mountains and to Galtinburg for some whiskey ;-). The drive up I was passed very quickly by nice German cars and now I want to replace the Civic SI I have. I'm on the beach, so the Honda is on it's way out, needs radiator, etc. I see a lot of quality BMWs for sale and want to make a good choice on a car I can actually maintain. Seems German cars, especially the flagship models are Uber Expensive to maintain. I'm looking for a 2000+ Bmw that is relialable and can be maintained without a lot of techy crap that weighs a ton anyway. I like the XI AWD series and wonder if anyone has experience with the x3 x5 series. I also like the 6 speed manuals they put in the touring cars like the 525i and some of the 325i models, and manual is probably better than Automatic for transmission replacement costs. My 69 2002 still runs like a top and wonder what engine / chassis is known for 200k+ miles with normal mainence / wear. I like the x3 x5 SUV models but they seem expensive to maintain, but might be nice for trips if the AWD works good. I'm a good mechanic, but some of these modern cars can get an air shock out of whack they shut down the whole car.... I'm in FL, so there is a good used market down here and wonder what your thoughts are for a good, stable, fast BMW that a normal person can maintain and drive on the highway at Autobahn speed safely. Thanks!
  4. So... the long bolt that goes through the pedals has a NUT on the outside of the car? I loosened mine up and it just spins on the inside right of the gas pedal without coming out. I guess I need a vice grip to hold it on the outside of the pedal box? I'm wondering if there a way to take the CLUTCH PEDAL OFF with out taking out the pedal box? I'm replacing a master cylinder and a clutch pedal / spring and was wondering if I could do this repair without pulling the pedal box out completely. I need to replace just the clutch pedal and the clutch pedal spring only and wonder if I could free up the bolt enough to pull out the long bolt or take the clutch pedal off. This thread helps a lot to visualize the repair. Thanks!
  5. My guess it that it's running too rich and flooding itself out when you take it off choke. What kind of carb do you have? Might want to find your carb idle screw baseline starting point and adjust from there, but it might be getting too much fuel. Also might want to check your timing. Good luck.
  6. +1 clutch Master Cylinder, had two go out myself.....
  7. Hi I need the drivers side window glass only for my 1969 bmw 2002. The window broke and I'm looking to find a driver's side window for it. It was tinted, but I don't think that matters. Don't want to spend too much $$$, just a enthusiast looking for spares w/ shipping. minuteman1 at cfl.rr.com - Thanks!
  8. Thanks, will probably try to remove the 2 speakers on my back panel and pop the trunk. Should I just use a stick and a flashlight or a coat hanger? Is it easy to pop open? Thanks for all the help!
  9. Just think of all the rail to rail turns and beautiful drives in heaven. Probably making a run with his Dad and Grandad in a car that never needs gas and will never break down. Life is a struggle, heaven is better.
  10. Sorry replied to a topic that made a new post.. Oh well... here's a cool image, enjoy. http://saratogaautomuseum.org/picture/1969%20bmw%202002ti%20rally.jpg?pictureId=11870347&asGalleryImage=true http://saratogaautomuseum.org/picture/1969%20bmw%202002ti%20rally.jpg?pictureId=11870347&asGalleryImage=true
  11. Not running... Needs clutch pedal fixed, tools are in trunk. Was thinking about calling a locksmith as the car covered by insurance, but got the run around from the local one I called originally.
  12. I used my stock springs with some Koni's that I found in an online auction and they are like butter and still have the stock ride height. Makes a huge difference in performance and safety. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for the responses. I have speakers in the back and I recently removed my seat to check other solutions, so I'll probably remove the speakers and try to pop it that way. Am afraid of the 2x4 trick. The car is a 69 and the metal is a bit thin and I tend to be a bit ham-fisted. PM or email minuteman1 at cfl.rr.com any more 'secret' options. update: can't PM, just email if you want to not broadcast the solution...... THX! --> Private messaging has been disabled on this board.
  14. Hi, trunk is locked, called a locksmith and he gave me the run around about it being a bmw (even a 69), looked on the FAQ and saw the 2x4 trick and some folks alluded to another trick to get it open. I want to spring it open and pull the lock cylinder to bring it to a locksmith, leave it and get a key cut. Please email minuteman1 at cfl.rr.com or PM me with any solutions you have on getting this trunk open. Please help, need to get my tools out of the trunk and fix my clutch pedal....
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