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  1. Why does no one seem to care that this is reproduction of registered and copywrited trademarks and images? Do you have permission from Alpina to produce them? Just curious.
  2. We have a winner. tii under restoration in Richmond. Carry on.
  3. VA 02 boys and girls, I am in the process of moving and I came across a couple of things from a 20 year ago restoration of my 73 tii. The dash from that car has a slight crack on the rise to the instrument cluster (it was a new dash that cracked anyway and I replaced it with another new one). Other than that, it is in great shape and would be a great candidate for a restoration by a "just dashes", etc.. I also have a set of round tail lights that were original to the car (I replaced them when I had the car painted). They have some patina and a hairline crack or two, but were working when I removed them and are in generally good shape. I no longer have a 2002 and to throw these away would be a sin. Here's the thing. I don't have time to take pics or to ship. They are in Windsor VA which is about 45 mins from VA Beach and an hour from Richmond. Let's say 50 bucks for both and a cold six pack of Michelob Ultra which we will drink while looking at your 2002. email Tim tljonesco@aol.com who knows, if you have a really nice example and I get to take it for a spin down by the lake, they might be free. I am only in VA for the next two weeks. Best, Tim
  4. Lets see.....1) It is being advertised here last I checked unless this post has been deleted before I hit submit; 2) Anyone with real interest has her contact info whether she deleted it from here or not; 3) While I only personally know the sum total of about two people personally that frequent this site, I am certain you are correct that many can afford the $36,951 it will take to purchase the car (just made up that number....but it could be it....); 4) I am sure that you and others have had good luck selling cars and parts from this site - congrats (personally I have been f*cked several times buying/selling here....so I just don't or wouldn't); 5) Your right why not. Those that can afford the $40,087.12 price tag will step up and pay the piper (made that number up as well)..... www.alpinabmw2002 faq.com Well, I believe I reacted to your comment of "and maybe not here" and my comment was why not? I'll also take exception to your offense at people asking for a price. It is a rational expectation for cars listed in the FS section. There are good number of seasoned enthusiasts who stop by this site and I believe it is always good to see significant cars offered at the sites where the people congregate that love those particular cars. Sometimes it concludes in a sale and sometimes it is just courtesy to the other enthusiasts. I'll give you an analog. My former E28 Alpina B9 sold through a contact on mye28.com. I listed two different E30 M3's on s14.net. One sold through there, one through the roundel. All three were exceptional and on the very high end of price for those models. Even if they had not led to a sale, I would have listed those cars on those sites out of courtesy to the enthusiasts who frequent them. To me, unique examples of the marque are far more than just financial transactions, and I want them in the right hands. That's my opinion and no one says you have to agree. Many of us have spent far in excess of the numbers you throw out on restorations and purchases. There are national concours winners and national people's choice winners represented on this board. One thing about car boards. They attract lots of different folks, some well heeled, some not, all enthusiasts. that's what I like about them. As someone who has owned a few Alpina cars, I have enjoyed your web page. Good luck with your project. Perhaps we can just agree that this car has the possibility of being an interesting and exceptional example.
  5. Why wouldn't you offer the car here? Lots of people have the means to buy the car and some of us stop by this board on occasion. I have sold most of my cars privately by word of mouth, but I have sold one or two through this site. Might need to list it several places but given the interest here why not?
  6. I have never had Hagerty ask for an professional valuation. I have insured 10 or so cars with them that ranged from 90k to 15k and in the case of the higher value stuff, I updated it it every 24 mos or so. I had good service from them the one time I filed a claim (piece of a cinder block broke a windshield and scaped up my roof, claim was 3800). Remember all insurance is risk management....cost vs. risk. As these cars get more valuable, both increase.
  7. No offense meant Kim. I am not a regular here but interested enough in your significant example to check in now and again. I think you will find a lot of people here find it important. That's the nature of car nuts! I enjoyed the website by the way and passed it along to a few folks. Priorites seem in order. however most FS ads do eventually include a price. Best, Tim
  8. I had the same interior in an Inka 74 and it was installed in the mid-80's, so fairly period. I do not know if Recaro stil makes the fabric, but I love it in an Inka car.
  9. Very cool. I dove from SFO to VA in a 2002tii in 1973. Of course the 02 was new. Have a splendid trip!
  10. I have used custom Be Cool radiators a couple of times. Made in the US. Both were in S14 powered cars but they will build anything you want. Fairly expensive, but worth it if you are planning on keeping the car for a long time.
  11. I have used custom Be Cool radiators a couple of times. Made in the US. Both were in S14 powered cars but they will build anything you want. Fairly expensive, but worth it if you are planning on keeping the car for a long time.
  12. Not sure. I only have the one data point (well, two actually, a local 02'er here in Tampa had problems with the paint on his Rota Alpina copies). I have beat the stink out of Panasports on streeet and track with no issues, so I just go with what I know. Could be I just got a shabby set of Rota's. Anyway, the Rota's are certainly cheaper.

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