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  1. Hey Folks, Circling back around, I like the new forum setup. Has anyone in the Los Angeles area seen "Der Zeitgeist"? I am wondering how the Ghost is fairing under its new owner? Best Regards, "Z"
  2. For those interested, "Der Zeitgeist" has found a new home in Southern California. It would not be appropriate to discuss what the car traded hands for but in my opinion the buyer got an Epic deal. Those of you in the area may see the Ghost soon. Ms. Foster did well at the Golden Globes but I did not get the chance to hit on her or get an autograph, sorry Gjerock. She was quite busy accepting congratulations from her peers. Also, she looked much better in person than on camera. After many years of 02 ownership, I am out of 2002's and have crossed completely over to the Dark Side. Who knows what tomorrow will bring though. Best Regards, "Z"
  3. No problem, Like I said, I appreciate the correction. Frankly, it has been years since I did anything 02 related but still should not have made that mistake. I have had a few QR steering boxes pass threw my hands and should remember such details. I have been believing the ghost was equipped with one so long it just became fact in my mind. I think I have been as transparent and clear as I can be, if there is any doubt, feel free to call me on it. Best Regards, "Z"
  4. As soon as I saw your post, I raced to the garage to confirm it was indeed a "Sport" steering box. It is not. I immediately revised my ebay ad to reflect this. I appreciate this becoming apparent before the end of the sale. Those that know me and have done business with me will confirm (I hope) that I would not knowingly misrepresent anything. Best Regards, "Z"
  5. Those that are interested may find many more photos of the floorboards, rockers, frame rails at my photobucket account here: http://s21.beta.photobucket.com/user/porsche356/library/ There is also a short movie clip of the engine running. As they say, seeing is believing, the only thing better would be come view it yourself and give it the "screwdriver test." Best Regards, "Z"
  6. Wow, Good question. I don't really know. I have a lot of 2002 parts, many of which were not set aside for this vehicle in particular but, having parted so many cars (9ish), there are many left overs. I suppose I could start with the most important and go from there. I am fairly certain it would be packed to the roof in that scenario.
  7. Oh, I am not concerned that anyone would "chastise" me. Rover1 commented about its condition, which is undeniably rough. Each of us has an idea in our minds what a car should be; some of us think such a car should be perfect, others think it should start, stop and go, looks be damned. Most I suspect fall somewhere in between. Like I said, it is essentially in the same condition I found it. I realize that at some point in the future it will require and extensive and expensive restoration; this is why I have been gathering parts since I acquired it. I had planned on doing this once the kids were out of school, etc., unfortunately, recent events have changed those plans. JGerock, I don't know Jodie Foster, just using her as an example. If I run into her I will get her autograph for you though. I am curious though, did you know I occasionally find myself in close proximity to Hollywood folks or just shooting off the request because I am in California?
  8. Which is exactly what I did. You are not the first to chastise me for its condition but, it is in essentially the same condition as I found it. For all of its surface rust, it is surprisingly dry underneath, floorboards, frame rails shock towers etc. are in solid condition. Delia Wolfe and others that have looked at it closely can verify. I really like the look of it and even considered clear coating it as is to protect the extensive patina. Driving it "as is" is surprisingly liberating but, oddly enough not because you aren't worried about the paint. It has "Character" I have struggled with analogies that might impart the type of "Character" I am talking about; I will try again. Imagine dating Jodie Foster, no one would even notice you. She looks her age, has serious acting chops and could make any actor in her presence better. She has "Character" in that undefinable sort of way. You would feel "cool" but would never forget that she is much "cooler" than you are. So it is with this car. It looks its age, has serious chops and makes you cooler just by being in its presence. But, at least in my case, I never forget that it is much cooler than I am.
  9. Jerry, I remember your lament back then. It was a race to Mentone, AL at least for me. I was fortunate to be about an hour and a half away at the time. If the good folks on this board don't mind; if after looking at my ad you have formed a question that you feel would help my sale, please ask it through ebay so I can clarify for everyone. While I didn't think it was written as well as it could have been, I appreciate the complement.
  10. I am reluctantly offering "Der Zeitgeist" http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Der-Zeitgeist-Granada-Red-Authentic-Numbers-Matching-1971-BMW-2002ti-/271125069532?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item3f20503edc
  11. Just thought I would give this thread a bump. See ya tomorrow.
  12. What the hell is this? Anything with Otis in the subject line is supposed to have gratuitous eye candy. I am very disappointed in your antique blue plates!
  13. I hear you and agree...with a caveat. This is the first model 100 I have seen offered on ebay ever. I have been watching and waiting for more than 10 years. Given the rarity of the offering...they should bring some serious money (there are actually two offered, separately.) I was thinking they might do $3,000. for the set. JMHO, as usual.
  14. Hey folks, Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170902663056&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123#ht_2249wt_99 Seller is looking for some large $; anyone think he will get it?
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