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  1. Thanks for posting some pics. The biggest question I had with my project was modifying the front struts. Interesting to see how you guys did it. Lucky for me, a good friend is a fabricator and will take care of my important welding. I'm using an Air Ride Performance system off of a late model Lexus. It's amazing how close all the mounting points already are. Your post is giving me more motivation!
  2. Doesn't sound like you're close to me (norcal) but if you were I'd trade you an excellent one-piece dash for your two-piece dash.
  3. (quoting myself!) My mistake. There was once a Praxis air suspension but now there's a Prazis brand, which doesn't look related at all.
  4. It's good you suggested that because I was just going to hold it all together with duct tape and zip-ties and hope for the best! BTW, isn't is PRAXIS not Prazis?
  5. For any fabrication pics/videos? I'm doing this to a 69 E3 and would love to see them. I'm curious, if you have an air leak while driving, does the car bottom out or do you have bump-stops for safety. I asked a guy with a bagged mini truck this at Cars and Coffee and he said he blew an air line once and the rear of the truck laid on the ground. Had to drive it if the street while scraping the rear. More pics of the car and work please. 😁
  6. It's alive again! No coolant in the system yet so I only ran it for a few seconds just to make sure all the wiring was correct. Still a big milestone. Now I have to fix the fuel tank so I can get this thing running.
  7. Getting really close. Clutch and brake hydraulics done and only have the ignition system left on the motor. I do still need to repair/restore the fuel tank, which I started a LONG time ago.
  8. I just pulled rear calipers and the fuel pump assy. Thought about pulling to motor or the head and intake but I had a moment of clarity and decided not to.
  9. I was just there on Saturday pulling parts off of an '81 633. Must've shown up this week..
  10. Won't be abandoned for long.
  11. More progress. Got the head on and will keep pluggin' away at assembly...
  12. Decided to paint the engine compartment since I had so much of it torn down. Been spending the last couple weeks cleaning and prepping and got around to painting tonight. Started by hand painting the hard to get to areas and then used a touch-up gun for painting. Came out good, now I feel like I'm moving back in the right direction again. Oh yeah, painted my son's S2000 also. He's finishing up the bumpers and still needs to polish it.
  13. BTW, I can't remember, when did the later style steelies come on 2002's? I have a '73 tii and it has the solid wheels with hubcaps and I thought the slotted wheels came on '74-'76?
  14. You forgot to throw the dirty laundry under the car to soak up the oil and kick the dog on the way into house. I'm with you, I'd pull the plug for few seconds and put it back in. Oh yeah, and not use that shop again.
  15. Yeah, the number of stubby-tailed hatchbacks would be good too. 🙂

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