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  1. More progress. Got the head on and will keep pluggin' away at assembly...
  2. Decided to paint the engine compartment since I had so much of it torn down. Been spending the last couple weeks cleaning and prepping and got around to painting tonight. Started by hand painting the hard to get to areas and then used a touch-up gun for painting. Came out good, now I feel like I'm moving back in the right direction again. Oh yeah, painted my son's S2000 also. He's finishing up the bumpers and still needs to polish it.
  3. BTW, I can't remember, when did the later style steelies come on 2002's? I have a '73 tii and it has the solid wheels with hubcaps and I thought the slotted wheels came on '74-'76?
  4. You forgot to throw the dirty laundry under the car to soak up the oil and kick the dog on the way into house. I'm with you, I'd pull the plug for few seconds and put it back in. Oh yeah, and not use that shop again.
  5. Yeah, the number of stubby-tailed hatchbacks would be good too. 🙂
  6. Any chance it was on when it happened?
  7. I think they're awkward looking, but I'd own one. I drove a friend's '79 323i Baur back in the day and it was awesome.
  8. I'm sure it makes the car worth WAY more with that mistake from the factory. 🙂
  9. Anytime I want to test a vehicle I have my wife drive it. It's amazing how she can make check engine lights come on or noises start out of no where. It's been that way for years and years, it's weird.
  10. Been offering bright colors for some time. This is my son's 01 S2000...Indy Yellow Pearl. You can't see pearl unless it's in the sun.
  11. I buy my buffers at Harbor Freight and get the one that has a thumb dial for speed control and that's it. No little electronic read-out for speed or any of that crap. Usually cost around $30-35 and a lot of those more expensive ones under $100 are the same unit re-badged. I accidentally ended up with two (thought one was gone) but thought I'd need it soon anyway because they only last a few years. Been using my current buffer for five years now and use it more and more often. Car looks great and I'm a fan of steelies with beauty rings.
  12. With that scenario I typically start with a wash, clay bar, 2000 or 2500 grit sandpaper, 3M cutting compound with the wool pad on the left in your photo, then 3M polishing compound with a foam pad. If there's no orange peel like you said you can skip the sandpaper. My son and I just did this last week on his S2000.
  13. My logic is easy... I'm a cheap bastard so if it holds air I use it!
  14. It was an insurance total. They don't do BaT.

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