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  1. I'm doing a kitchen remodel right now so I'm down to about two hours a week spent on the E3. Managed to pull the motor out last night and will be swapping a few things onto the M30B35 that's going in.
  2. This is how it goes these days. People take ten selfies and pick the the one they look the best in. Not really reality is it? People post about stuff they want info about and then delete it to kill the history. Quoting when you reply saves most of the content...
  3. I use a standard torque wrench on an M10 and M30. Clean the threads REALLY good and use oil. What type of oil do you guys use when torquing? I've always just used the motor oil I have for the engine.
  4. I have both. I think my favorite would be a small bumper '74 tii. Something about square tail lights and small bumpers turns me on and tii's are way more fun to drive. IMO Dan
  5. Okay, well, it's alive but I gambled with a head that I was told was good and it's worse than the one I took off. A friend has a M30B35 long block that tested good so it looks like I'm yanking this one out and doing a swap. I have the motor disassembled and ready to go. It gets a lot easier when you do it THREE TIMES! I'm a Bozo.
  6. Someone has already gone by to look at it but the wife wouldn't let him see it unannounced. The owner is the one selling on ebay.
  7. If you come across a project car that gets you excited and you can actually justify a project, the time, the expense, your true abilities, go for it, it can be a cool thing. But, if you're like me and you have WAY too many projects already and can't stop yourself from looking for more, here's how I deal with it now. My son, all grown up now, made a comment to me several years ago when I got excited about a car that came in to my work. I buy cars for a living, salvage, private party, whatever comes our way, so I see a lot of cars. I asked him, "What do you think about flipping this car?" and his response has changed the way I look at project cars ever since. He said, "Dad, you know you don't need another project right?", I agreed, it's pretty obvious, then he said, "Every time you see a car that gets you excited, take one of the project cars you already have and imagine it sitting in front of you like it's the first time you've ever seen it. Wouldn't you get just as excited about it?". Brilliant. It works. I'm finding myself getting excited about the cars I've had sitting around for years now. I don't expect it to work for everyone but it works for me so I thought I'd share. 8-) '73 tii (project, 90% completed) '72 tii (project) '72 tii (project) '74 tii (parts car) '69 2800 (current project) Project garage '69 2800CS (fair weather daily driver) '91 NSX (I consider this a project now) With a project list like that it is insane that I even consider a new one. Dan
  8. Okay, let me ask it another way then. Standard M10 engine head bolts are larger diameter and were typically torqued down with a torque setting on a wrench, but now they are also torqued down with an angle wrench to specific degrees? My understand is that angle wrenches are only used with stretch bolts, smaller diameter that "lose their molecular alignment" and then self harden, so to speak.
  9. This is awesome, thanks for posting. I've been staring at my E3 seats wondering what would be the best "rebuild". They look really good for original but have thin padding and need help just like yours.
  10. I guess I'm confused (again). I thought you used the angle method with stretch bolts to ensure the bolts go past the elastic point. Aren't the bolts on a 2002 head torque bolts (name?) and just get torqued at multiple values up to the set point? If you start out with a torque wrench and end with angle pulls, doesn't that defeat the purpose if the bolts are not stretching?
  11. Thanks for posting some pics. The biggest question I had with my project was modifying the front struts. Interesting to see how you guys did it. Lucky for me, a good friend is a fabricator and will take care of my important welding. I'm using an Air Ride Performance system off of a late model Lexus. It's amazing how close all the mounting points already are. Your post is giving me more motivation!
  12. Doesn't sound like you're close to me (norcal) but if you were I'd trade you an excellent one-piece dash for your two-piece dash.
  13. (quoting myself!) My mistake. There was once a Praxis air suspension but now there's a Prazis brand, which doesn't look related at all.

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