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  1. Trust me, I went back and forth for a while deciding whether I should pay all the back fees and keep the title clean. In the end I decided to make it a parts car for my other projects. The entire chassis had substantial rust. But amazingly, this is what the engine looks like under the valve cover!
  2. Wow, Harry, thanks for posting that car, it makes me feel so much better about my "Tetanus" purchase...
  3. Started working on the fuel system first. I have some Zenith carbs off of my coupe that are good so I'll swap those out to save time, but as I started checking out the fuel tank I found it full of old gas/crud and the top side rusted through. It looks like it's isolated to that one area but I'll clean up the tank and if that's the case I'll try to fix it.
  4. It's official, I've moved on to the next project...
  5. Welcome! You'll find that this local forum doesn't get much use but from time to time we'll use it to connect. I'm in Roseville/Rocklin and don't have a roadworthy 2002 right now but I do have a rusty piece of crap '74 tii if you want to check it out. Let me know, I'm at my garage in Roseville most every night.
  6. Aaaah yes, the rear wheel bearing. It always reminds me of the 02 Fest in San Luis Obispo in 2002. I was in a friend's 74 tii and staying in Santa Margarita. The bearing started making a little noise when we got into town so I bought a bearing at the swap meet for about three times the normal price. When I drove the car over the grade to get back to the place I was staying (if you've been there you know how steep it is) it sounded like a freight train behind me. It was a mother of a job to get it off after being abused like that. Had to heat it orange hot to get it out. Yee haa!
  7. Yeah, I would've remembered that car.
  8. There's a new Cars and Coffee getting going in Rocklin on the second Saturday of each month. That's this Saturday. I've never been but will stop by for a while, maybe we can have a good showing of old BMW's? Cars and Coffee Whitney Ranch Second Saturday of every month at 851 Old Ranch House Rd. 8am - 10am
  9. I work at Autogator and my "man cave" garage is basically next door. Stop by. By chance did you drive down Atlantic St. in the last couple days. I saw a Sahara-ish colored 02 going the other way.
  10. Okay fine, I'll just sell all my BMW's and retire then. 😉 How's that for bitter!
  11. Nah, I'm on my fifth E9 coupe and I should've kept all of them. Slavs speaks for a lot of us. When you've lived through the times when you could find a nice 2002 at a tax donation yard or have someone tell you "Hey, my neighbor has one of those in his yard you can have" it just feels a little depressing the way things are now. It was more about the find, the chase and the "good deal" than anything else. The "good deals" now are when you find a $15k car for $12k. It just feels completely different, and hard to swallow the prices.
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