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  1. Hey, I noticed some of you are following this forum so maybe you'll see this in time. I'm heading to Car and Coffee in Folsom tomorrow morning. Hoping to be there around 7am and will stay an hour or more. Try to make it...
  2. dang

    Early wheel color paint

    Nice! Thanks for this.
  3. dang

    Nicely Done RC for Sale on BaT

    Race Car I guess. I was expecting to see a very small car. 😁
  4. dang

    What is this switch?

    The coupler that you have circled has a spring steel cover on it. Remove that and you'll see how it comes apart.
  5. dang

    $2200 FS: Early 1967 Caribe 1600-2

    I'm surprised you still have this car. It's easy to look at a car in this condition and be overwhelmed by the work it needs, but it's easier to over pay for a car that needs the same amount of work but starts out "looking" better. GLWS And I don't know why I'm in the Cars for Sale section. 🙄
  6. dang

    Well, ... Oops :(

    Where the "un-follow" button?
  7. dang

    2002 Restoration Tips

    It's okay if it takes way too long to finish because the car will probably triple in value and your wife will think you're a genius.
  8. dang

    Why so loud, motor?

    If someone hasn't had this happen to them then they've just decided not to admit it.
  9. dang

    Why so loud, motor?

    Check your oil level lately?
  10. dang

    Get together?

    What do you guys think would be the best way for us locals to communicate with each other? We could post here but everyone would have to subscribe to the forum/thread and get email notifications, or we could use Instagram, email distribution, group texting.... What do you think? It would be nice to get together.
  11. Okay, done with the engine compartment. Couple more things to do then up for sale..
  12. dang

    M2 Concept paint on @002

    Is that two-stage? If it is, it shouldn't that too hard to match in the future. If it's a one-off mix I hope you have extra. ☺️
  13. More progress... Wiring almost done. Tail lights added, chrome headlight rings going on... Before.. After... Tail lights added... Headlight rings...