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  1. Worse yet, the talking heads at Mecum recently introduced a tii as a "BMW 2002 T2." Really...
  2. Oh, I'm sure it will buff out... Godspeed with the update!
  3. LarryE10E20


    Numbers matching, unrestored car with original paint, rubber, chrome, and glass.
  4. Robert and I counted cars on the field independently and both of us got the same total: 129. But we observed two more O2s enter the field after the count. So call it 131.
  5. If you haven’t found one, I have two. One slightly used and one untouched in the box with the note that BMW sent to us in 2002. Price varies accordingly. Larry
  6. Well, I did at one time. VIN #4291240. You never knew that? You never saw it? While it was very cool, the truth of the matter is that I liked the tii more. The turbo always seemed heavy and a bit ponderous to me. It was really powerful, but only if you kept the rpms above 4,500; if they drop, your boost is gone, gone, gone, and the turbo lag to build power back up was, well, 70's era turbo lag. And running at those high rpms for prolonged periods does not help 40 year-old plastic, which got brittle and broke at the most inopportune times. So off it went. It's still around. I sold it to Scott Hughes, who has brought it to the Vintage and other similar events.
  7. At one point when I wanted to buy parts for my 2002 turbo, they required me to provide photos of the VIN numbers on the chassis, inner fender, door, and engine before they'd sell me anything. When I questioned this procedure, they explained that they were worried that people would "create" a turbo from an "ordinary" tii by buying and installing turbo-only parts. And since they never imported the turbo into the US in the day, my purchase request set off alarms. At least that's what they said...
  8. Tried the dealer. Computer showed there were 3 left in the world. Ordered all three last week. Told early this week that there are none left and none being produced. So I'm still looking...
  9. Hi all! Looking for the "dog dish" cap that covers the rear of the headlights on Euro market cars. Shown as #1 on diagram 63/2: Covering cap 2 63128650140 $6.21 ENDED Walloth&Nesch sells them, but theirs are black and I'm looking for a set in the original gray plastic. Anyone have an extra set?
  10. Hi all! looking for a set of the round, gray plastic bowls that cover the back of the headlights and are held in place by large rubber bands. Looking for a set in very good condition for my '73 tii Thanks, Larry
  11. Hate to be the cheapskate, but saw that Sunday entry is $50 (advance purchase. More "at the door"). Frankly, I'm discouraged from going at a price that is more than the Vintage.
  12. This was taken as I was leaving the Vintage at Shelton Vineyards in 2009.
  13. You have the bug and there is no cure. Congratulations! Bought my first 2002 (with a blown head gasket, cause that's all I could afford) in 1972.. So I'd be right here with you except for that "consecutive year" thing. Had a 7 year hiatus where I bought a house, started a business, and had a kid. Had to part with a tii that I didn't have the money or time to care for properly. Wish I had those years back, automotively speaking. Glad you kept the faith throughout!
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