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  1. Too rich and big-bumpered for my blood. Nice ride nonetheless!
  2. if it is, just turn your car upside-down.
  3. Flip the kidney grille right-side up and I bet you'll fetch an additional $100! Wish I had the cash, that's a damn fine car. GLWS.
  4. can't tell much from the photos, but that front clip might be worth saving.
  5. This will certainly do. We make the occasional jaunt to Old Town so I can deliver, too, if you're not in any particular rush. EIther way, I'll box up all the bits. Incidentally, it seems that John Blake's email has changed - do you have an updated address for him? Marty
  6. marshall - no worries. I can send to you, just let me know when you need the stuff. marty
  7. trade for a sixer of decent brews. kit purchased new from Maximillian long before Paul Wegweiser left. email: mromeo AT jhsph DOT edu Marty
  8. Do we get a motor for $18.5K? I'm continually amazed at the lack of (good) photos of cars for which the buyer is looking to fetch that much skrilla. BTW who picked up that 72 tii in Brandywine?
  9. I'd never buy that thing! It's kidney grille is upside-down. Beautiful example of an M20, and a good excuse to buy a lottery ticket.
  10. sorry! consider it yours...email sent your way.
  11. Purchased many moons ago and never once used. Will post photo tonight. $30 + shipping from Richmond, VA sound reasonable? Marty
  12. Jon, Those wheels are the very ones I picked up from you in Niagara Falls in 03. Paul's '73 donned another set. Marty
  13. I had a set of 4 Alpina steelies (all ROUND holes) 6 x 13 stamped 4/71. That is all I recall, other than the fact that they easily fit over big front brakes a la Volvo/Girling calipers.
  14. it's too bad that between the time it was owned by the dude @ that car wash joint and the last guy that it lost the tii alloys. still need DS glass? the ad's not gone from CL....
  15. I am tempted to offer this cat cash and a no-hassle pick-up just to - selfishly - get myself back in the 02 game. Guess I'd better watch the bidding.
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