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  1. I used bumpers from Porsche 356 and I'm sure I paid a lot more! Nicely done, sir!
  2. Ray, IMHO, the spring and the rubber strips are bogus. No such items on The Mighty Cabriolet. I assume these are someone's attempt to keep the hood from bouncing when closed. I figure they couldn't get the latch set satisfactorily. I have a similar problem on The Mighty Cabriolet. The previous owners solution was to affix those hideous rubber hold downs you can see in the picture. I once spent an entire week trying to set the latch with no success. Either the hood wouldn't close fully or the latch wouldn't open enough to allow the hood to close. Neil
  3. Ray Try BMW700oldie: http://www.ebay.de/itm/BMW-700-STOsDAMPFER-HINTEN-NEU-/401332122413?hash=item5d7142332d:g:PP8AAOSwYvFZItnf
  4. Ray, That looks sweet! More pics please!
  5. See it here: https://petrolicious.com/articles/the-bay-area-02-show-swap-meet-is-celebration-of-community
  6. Ray, I was able to find new mounts in Germany. Contact gbolte@web.de for 700 parts. Not cheap but ships quickly and reliably.
  7. Ray, German EBay; http://stores.ebay.de/MOTO-KLASSIK?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  8. I took The Mighty Cabriolet to the local 2002 show last weekend. We were given a great spot; everyone parking their display car had to drive past us. Talked to a lot of folks, many said that they had never seen a 700 before. Lots of smiles and questions. Only a couple of people thought it was an Amphicar....
  9. Yesterday I finally reinstalled my half shafts back into The Mighty Cabriolet. The Previous Owner had installed 4 link-type u-joints and did not bother to refresh the nylon locking nuts. As a result, they had begun to back off and some of the bolts were getting chewed up. I bought a set of Guibo type joints from Germany and all new hardware. Now have 2 link style at the gearbox and guibo style at the swing arm, as BMW has suggested. Feeling a little more secure how driving it now. Next up: reinstalling the front bumper. N
  10. Just finished registering The Mighty Cabriolet for entry in this years Legends of the Autobahn. Now I have to get it put back together!
  11. I'm installing new Guibos in The Mighty Cabriolet and I need about 6 replacement axle bolts. NLA from BMW. Anybody have some undamaged spares?
  12. I feel like this is a scam. This one sold on ebay a while back for around $30k.
  13. Now feeling better about The Mighty Cabriolet!
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