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  1. All ti's had Solexes except the TISA.
  2. The blue one is a LS Coupe Langheck, the rarest of the production 700's. haven't seen the red one before. They used to show the 700 Sport Coupe racecar and the RS. Back in the warehouse I guess. Neil
  3. Very nice resto. I'm impressed by the gas cap door in the hood, nice touch. I wonder why its wearing a 'Coupe' badge?
  4. Ray, Nice work! I'm doing nothing on The Mighty Cabriolet. So lazy!
  5. Ray, Maybe you can reach out to this guy for assistance: http://rennsportmotorrad.com/contact.htm In Deland, FL
  6. Like this? I had my motor sorted by a guy that does vintage BMW motorcycles. I have a spare 700 Service Manual you can borrow.
  7. Ray, I've reached out a to a great friend of mine for a set of proper 700 hubcaps for you, if your interested. I'll let you know what he finds. Looks like Irma will miss us mostly. Neil
  8. Doug, Sweet coupe, congrats! 700 parts are scarce but still out there. What manner of parts are you seeking? Does your Coupe have a motor (many don't!). There are a few sources in Germany of varying reputation and some folks here in the US have parts (mostly used). Check out BMW700.net for useful technical information. If you facebook, there a FB page for 700 owners that I recommend. Regards, Neil McMillan
  9. Ray, It looks like Irma is headed up the East Coast and PCB might be on the fringe of the storm. Sending good Cali Karma your way. Neil
  10. The Mighty Cabriolet was awarded 1st in the Vintage BMW class at Legends of the Autobahn in Monterey on Friday.
  11. A complete 63 Sport Coupe with motor is worthy if its not too pricey. I see rust in the usual places. Be sure to look underneath before you commit.
  12. Strictly speaking, not a '2000ti' but pretty decent.
  13. Ray, Not many choices. Abarth made a nice aftermarket system back in the day but now they are unicorns. There is available 'faux' Abarth muffler but I have no personal experience with them. http://oldtimerteile.net/showgroup.php?page=6&id=51_BMW-700---Fahrgestell--Tafel-9-13-#.WYsxfrpFzIU

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