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  1. Hi all, What is the current best practice on throttle cable. I ran an e30 cable with a ball socket swedged onto the end of the cable where a ball stud was on the throttle lever. Wanting to re-design and clean up a few things and wondering what the current best practice is for length and fit? CVCC E30 Aftermarket LOKAR? Thanks Anthony
  2. What caused the damage shown on the one rocker?
  3. I thought the red deer car looked like a basket case, I will have to look again
  4. @stephers I’m in Canada too, Calgary.
  5. Looking for a freshened box or other on great condition anaphe@gmail.com
  6. Mine is straight up but I also have an adapter to run it in the stock configuration. basically there is an adapter plate that is sandwiched between the BMW bell housing and the transmission.
  7. I currently run a qualified type e box (4 speed qualify) in my race car. Dimensionally the box works very well. The easiest way way is to use an adapter but I do like the idea of a bellhousing better.
  8. I have had pretty good luck with stub axles in my race car by refreshing every 5 seasons. I have however once had a rear hub shear around the bearing race. i have had way more trouble keeping 168mm diffs from self destructing with big slicks and race motors. by 11” wide I am assuming you mean the section width of a 23x9 or 23.9.5 cantilevered race tire for gt3?
  9. Hi all, strange issue yesterday, during a high speed run on the highway I lost use of 2nd and 4th (could not shift into either of those gears) and once I parked the car for 30 minutes all gears became operational again. i will check fluid today for level and condition but any one experience this before? Overheated? TIA Anthony
  10. Hi All, Are the nose patch panels for Jaymic and Walloth and Nesch the same part manufacturer? Anyone held both up close? Any differences to be aware of? TIA AK
  11. Guy, We have an active group in Alberta including some very special cars (lets say we have the highest concentration of Turbo and Alpina cars outside Germany). Go to Alberta02.com and sign up for the mailing list or send me an email. anaphe@gmail.com
  12. Are you certain? They do lots of race rear ends for road race guys. It is really the same thing. That being said I have a good guy in Spokane you can ship to if interested. AK
  13. Hi All, I have a CR steering gears (no box) and I am looking to purchase a damaged box. Anyone have one with a damaged gear? As an aside can anyone confirm if the CR roller and Axle is the same as the regular box? TIA Anthony

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