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  1. Purchased from the. group buy that JK put together on the forum at least a decade ago. Never mounted. Can find the original post. Shipping from MT.
  2. Adjustable subframe for GT racing. Has a quick change function which allows easy swap (5 min) between cantilevered slicks and Radials.
  3. got one. thanks!
  4. Anyone have a knife edged crank sitting waiting for a new home? Anthony [email protected]
  5. Anthony


    engine only
  6. You are a very bad man :)!
  7. I don't believe there is a "period correct" dash per say. In B Sedan and then Trans Am my car had a stock dash, then later on it had a "custom" metal dash.
  8. Hi All, I am looking at Fiberglass dashes for an historic race car. I am leaning towards the CSL dash from Ireland, I have seen the Gruppe 2 dash too with the console. Any others I should look at? Does anyone make a copy of stock early dash? Thanks, Anthony
  9. Hi all, What is the current best practice on throttle cable. I ran an e30 cable with a ball socket swedged onto the end of the cable where a ball stud was on the throttle lever. Wanting to re-design and clean up a few things and wondering what the current best practice is for length and fit? CVCC E30 Aftermarket LOKAR? Thanks Anthony
  10. I thought the red deer car looked like a basket case, I will have to look again
  11. @stephers I’m in Canada too, Calgary.
  12. Looking for a freshened box or other on great condition [email protected]
  13. Mine is straight up but I also have an adapter to run it in the stock configuration. basically there is an adapter plate that is sandwiched between the BMW bell housing and the transmission.
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