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  1. If I wasn't scheduled to be at the job, tomorrow, I could've driven "Barn Fresh" over the mountain. Regards, Randy Elkton VA
  2. Dave, I may be able to bring "Barn Fresh" out, that day. I'll see if my grandson & his Dad can bring their 320i. Regards, Randy
  3. Marshall, I am headed down the BRP, from Waynesboro, at 12:30 pm, on Friday. We'll roll "low & slow" down to MP 169.3 and head down to The Hawthorne by way of Stuart, VA. It's me and my wife in the '68 1600, and my son and grandson (their FIRST Vintage) in a '82 320i. Any and all scenic route riders are welcome, of course! See you at the parking lot party. Regards, Randy Bryant Elkton, VA
  4. Mike, Looking forward to seeing you, in Elkton VA, in the near future! Regards, Randy
  5. JDL, Sorry, for the delay, in getting pictures and particulars of my sister's car. She's been dealing with significant, serious health issues of her youngest daughter. Things for this niece are improving so I hope that my sister will be able to gather pictures for you, soon. Regards, Randy
  6. Looks like fun! I think that I would love it. Do I need a "hot" car, Marshall? Regards, Randy
  7. Looks really well done. Regards, Randy
  8. JDL, It's a former, rust-free, automatic car that is now a 5-speed. Heaps of new stuff, but it still needs some things. I will ask my sister, again, for pictures. Regards, Randy
  9. Jim, That's it, Jim. I knew that you'd have some photos. Looks a bit dirty at the fuel stop picture. I guess it's due to all of the hard driving! The car may still be dirty I think that it hasn't moved since. It's in the garage and covered. Maybe, JDL can get a feel for it from your pictures. I have asked my sister to shoot a bunch and send them to me. Regards, Randy
  10. Finally, Dave J and I were able to meet each other in person. Another '02 friend! He's got a sweet Pastelblau '76. He was a genuinely nice guy and a very gracious host. I hope that we can blast some back roads, soon. Regards, Randy
  11. Jim, You are correct, Sir! The "last" time that it was out was when we did the drive from Foreign Affairs, in Greenville/Staunton VA, over Crabtree Falls to Devil's Backbone Brewery. It has been covered and garaged ever since. You probably remember it, a Malaga roundie, with the E30 seats and Ronal wheels. I'll bet that you took its picture. Plate says; 2UChief. Anyhow, my sister says that she'll do a picture portfolio and email it to me. This car had NO rust, anywhere, when restored. It's a former automatic switched to 5-speed. IF I were flush with cash I would buy it. Me and my uncle drug it home from the Tidewater VA area and my Dad gave it to my sister for her HS grad gift. She drove it thru college, pharmacy school, and parked it after getting her first real paying job. She had it restored as a tribute, of sorts, to the memory of our Dad. Regards, Randy
  12. Welcome back, Harry! What? No love for my "Barn-Fresh" 1600 at Vintage? F-Bomb is the pinnacle, but I am in the climb to the bottom Regards, Randy
  13. JDL, This car belongs to my sister who lives in Harrisonburg. I'll get her to send me a portfolio of pictures and I will forward them to you, next week. I'll be at her house on this Sunday so you may get the pictures sooner. Regards, Randy
  14. JDL, I understand. IF you've got pockets deep enough for $10k, I can turn you onto an almost perfect Malaga Roundie. It's really nice. Was in the BMW CCA Octoberfest Concours a few years back. This car suffers from lack of driving, it doesn't get enough exercise. Let me know. I can get you some pictures. It's here, in the Valley, too. Regards, Randy
  15. JDL, What's your budget? How much of a project do you want? IF you're looking for a Roundie, I have a '73. IF you're looking for a Squarie, I have a '76. BOTH are projects, mostly original. '73 is a sunroof car with a bad auto-tranny. '76 is a non-sunroof, 4 speed. I am close (8 miles) to Massanutten Resort. Regards, Randy
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