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  1. Congrats! Kids are the best thing I have ever done. What's better than a little person who's part your personality and part your wife's? . . .assuming you like your wife 😆
  2. Interesting side note - Erik is the reason I own an '02. He and I went to school together and were on the FSAE team together. He had a somewhat ratty Verona round tail '02 with Zender box flares, gold BBS, and sheep skins. It was immensely cool. I still remember immediately liking that '02 smell - the smell of degrading horse hair, oil leaks, and poorly tuned carbs - we all love.
  3. Two words - Mr. Fusion. . . Really though, people are working hard on different battery tech, and if one alternative tech can get enough hype to get some backing, the demand for a better battery (the new "better mouse trap") will drive it mainstream. Also, at the same time, the fuel cell camp is working hard to get hype. If they can get a critical mass, the hydrogen production/distribution infrastructure will grow quickly. I think, though, batteries are more likely, because it's easier than hydrogen infrastructure and the fossil fuel industry has some serious political inertia. We're on the cusp of an inflection point. In a few years, you're going to tell your grand kids "When I was your age, I had to charge my phone every night and our car ran on little explosions," and they'll respond, collectively rolling their eyes, "Whatever, Grandpa AVG." Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho for President!
  4. We're in an in between time - the time between big displacement and all electrics, where car mfgs try to eek out the most power from the smallest engine packages with turbos and such for the sake of efficiency and emissions. It's not a time to be buying a new car you plan to keep long term. In 5 years, once they get power storage worked out, nearly everything will be electric. It's just better (apart from the visceral aspects) than IC. Electric is smaller and easier to package, lighter (once we get better storage), has more and instant torque, and is simpler with fewer things to go wrong. In 15 years, getting gas for our '02s will be a hunt and when we drive them, we'll be relegated to special lanes for human drivers as the autonomous cars pass us by in the fast lane. Be prepared. . . Oh, and watch Idiocracy to see what society will be like. It's crazy that film is now likely a prophecy, rather than a comedy.
  5. Electric centrifugal superchargers are in use for production vehicles today. But, they're typically as a supplement to a traditional turbo. All I know of the F1 tech is that the electric is also in supplement to exhaust gas, but there, they're also recovering power from the turbine to drive a motor/generator to generate electricity in some circumstances. Pretty cool stuff.
  6. This, I think, is partly the result of the Singer getting so much press. The man is a genius in marketing and talented at making lust worthy retromods (I say retromods vs. restomods, since he makes 964s look like 911s). If someone did the same for the '02s, we'd be selling rusted hunks for $10k, no warranty, as well.
  7. EPK, I bet that did a number on your paint! jk
  8. I don't know of one. It seems unlikely that a boxer would fit in a space designed for an inline, or at least without significant relocation of the steering and brakes. I wonder, too, about whether it would fit between the struts. A BRZ has an almost 8in wider front track. It would be an interesting swap. If you go down this path, let us know and keep us up to date.
  9. HQ, welcome to the forum. Nice '02. I'd not ever seen one bagged, and like that you kept all the classic details. Your van reminds me of those Japanese custom vans. To those who're dissing his car, didn't your mom teach you that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything? Seriously, you welcome this guy to our forum with "I just threw up in my mouth a little. . ." Look at his list of cars. He's one of us, even if you don't like that he's bagged his '02.
  10. I looked at the other sellers to see whether that price was just an anomaly, and it is not. Here's a $688 version that is "not in the greatest shape." Perhaps it comes packaged with a set of mud flaps, a folding key or Hirschmann Jewel tipped antenna.
  11. The excitement over P-cars is unnatural. Folks will pay big money for even the red-headed-stepchildren of P-cars. 912s, 914-4s, 924s, 928s, 968s - all great cars, in their own special way, but not $75k great. I think this guy is smoking something, though, as the 912s I've seen tend to land about half that, maybe a bit more (which IMHO is still over priced). But, we benefit!!! I think the P-car craze spills over and it's largely responsible for our '02s selling for what they are.
  12. . . . and I can attest to a SEM black (don't recall whether it was Landau Black or if there's another) matching original black door card color quite well, and holding up well on the arm rests if your prep is good.
  13. Andy, that's a weirdly cool collection of weird cars.
  14. Now that you're comfortable pulling you instrument cluster, fix your odometer. It's pretty easy, and involves pulling the odo apart and mashing the shaft the drive gear sits on so the drive gear doesn't slip on the shaft. I'm sure there's a write up or tutorial somewhere here.
  15. Call Terry Sayther's Automotive in ATX and talk to them. They might not be able to do what you need, but will know who can. Terry is an old time BMW guy and still active in the classic BMW community.

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