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  1. Seems like the Z guys are very happy with the product. Z forum discussion with a link to more.
  2. I've seen them in real life - on a Jeep - and they're bright and the light pattern is very nice. The look is kinda busy, though, for a classic looking 2002. But, perhaps they'd be OK on a modded 2002, like your M2. Despite the nice pattern, I didn't shell out the $$$ for JWs for my Jeep. At the time, they were $400+ each, and that was too much for me. I bought some KCs, for about $250 each. The light pattern on them is OK, not great, but they do the job better than the stock candles.
  3. Yeah, I tape it to a length of coat hanger.
  4. I bought a cheap micro USB one from Amazon a while back, and would like to second Toby's point that adjustable focus is important and his recommendation to find one with a mirror. Mine doesn't get used, because the field of view when in focus is too small to be useful. Also, the wire is too flexible to orient it to see much of what I want. A mirror would definitely help that. BTW, I checked and the one I have is not available anymore, so perhaps the one linked above is better.
  5. Those who work in tall buildings might know Captivate - the display in the elevator that doles out adverts and inane news blurbs. Today's blurb on Lauda's passing was something to the effect of: Race car driver Nikki Lauda died yesterday. Lauda was seriously injured in a crash at the 1976 German Grand Prix.
  6. When I was a new driver maintaining my first car, dad taught me to put a smear of oil on the oil filter gasket and tighten it by hand. So, I've always done it this way and never had one that I could not remove by hand or with slight amount of torque with a tool. Dad also said not to use the screw driver removal method, because if the filter puts up a fight, you've destroyed the housing, making it impossible to use the Hazet type tool and likely too little purchase to use a strap wrench type tool. As they say, father knows best. . .
  7. Interesting our different takes on this. I have the polypropylene service cart, and it functions essentially as a mobile work table. I have a standing toolbox with all my stuff in it. I sometimes park next to the tool box and work from it, but it is (of course) in the garage. I prefer to work outdoors when the weather's nice, so I'll load up the cart with the tools I think I'll use and roll the cart over to the car. The cart also provides a place to put parts/nuts/bolts during the disassembly/assembly to keep them together and from getting in the way.
  8. Ditto this. I only wish the one I have had a brake. We moved to a place with a sloped driveway and its hard to keep it from driving off while I'm busy with my nose in the engine bay.
  9. The BIG crowbar technique has worked for me. I think I used my jack handle.
  10. I've no input on mini vans other than to relay that I only know two Odyssey owners (both previous gen) and their reliability experiences have been vastly different. . . oh, and this: Swagger Wagon
  11. Perhaps she's had too much to drink, and she's just about to take a wiz.
  12. I'm surprised the builder didn't turn the engine by hand a bit before starting it. I guess, when you're a "pro," you don't need to do these types of things.
  13. I learned to drive on an '82 900 Turbo. It is a strange car, but actually, a very well thought out car. The center console ignition is the best example. Such a great idea.
  14. I think I might have the same tool roll as Andrej, and mine is similarly stocked. It travels well, because it doesn't take up much space and stays put. I don't have the companion box of bits, but I do carry a roll of gaffer's tape and some zip ties. I probably need to somehow add a multimeter, some nuts/bolts, and electrical connectors.
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