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  1. g_force

    Rear Seat Delete

    I've used 1/4" on another similar car. It's certainly heavier than 1/8" luan, but not heavy by any means. It flexes when you step on it, but I don't feel like I'm going to break it. Another issue is that it bounces when I hit the right kind of bumps. A couple of screws would fix that, though. Maybe 1/2" is the answer.
  2. When using one of these adapter plates, how do you ensure the tip of the input shaft is in the correct axial position to stab into the pilot bearing? It looks like KEP sells them as flywheel + pilot bearing + adapter plate, so are they providing a custom flywheel that fits within the adapter plate and has the proper depth for the input shaft? I know Advanced often sells their adapter plate kits with a new input shaft. If we wanted to do one for an M10 to a T5 or Miata, someone would have to work out whether the input shaft is even close to the right length, correct?
  3. g_force

    Battery Tenders

    I'd not heard you shouldn't have the battery connected to the car when the tender is on. I have a few, and the instructions say nothing about disconnecting the battery from the car. Maybe it's an explosion thing. Like any charger, you'd rather not be near the battery when you connect the tender to the battery, because a spark might ignite the battery off-gasses. I suppose if the battery is in the car, under the hood, there's a greater chance the gasses will have built up. But, this risk is easily mitigated with the battery tender's pigtail kit (bolts to the battery terminal connectors and allows you to be ~4ft away when you plug in the tender).
  4. g_force

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    But, it's a sunroof tii, it has no snorkel, a 5-speed conversion, factory alloys, and it came right on the heels of that BAT ti. $60k is not that surprising. If the things you point out were fixed, would you have been surprised by $75k? It wouldn't cost nearly $15k to correct them.
  5. I would buy this on a T-shirt.
  6. This guy says KrudKutter works better than Evaporust:
  7. g_force

    M2 Concept paint on @002

    With the right paint shop you can show them these pics and discuss what you want. They could then mix up and shoot a few of those car paint sample things with likely candidates, until you get what you want. I think getting the light gray base color won't be hard. It's all the rage in European new cars right now (VW, Porsche, BMW, Audi and maybe even Merc all have light grays). Determining what color shifting to add and making it look good is the trick. The color of that M2 concept was likely done specifically for that car. Since it's not an off the shelf color, you'll likely not be able to replicate it short of tracking down BMW's in-house paint guy who mixed it. Also, consider investigating wraps. I know they make color shifting wraps. If there's one that you like, it resolves the difficulty in repair that was mentioned above and it's probably cheaper.
  8. g_force

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    That white powder is corrosion of the rheostat element. Thoroughly spray the element with Deoxit or CRC contact cleaner and then, as Jimmy said, work it back and forth some more. That sometimes fixes it when just working it back and forth doesn't, and you spray it down without disassembling it.
  9. So maybe this isn't a 100 point concours restoration and the ad is amateurish, but it's not like they started this thing at $50k with a $75k reserve. It's currently at $25k, which I think is fair for a regular 2002 this nice. So, maybe this brings in a bit more because it's a ti. That seems fair.
  10. g_force

    High ride height - springs or ?

    It's called a "gasser" and it never went out of style in certain circles.
  11. For me it was painting and freshening up the engine bay with rattle can paint, and doing the same with the subframe and suspension bits. I cleaned everything really good and rattle canned it, but that stuff just doesn't hold up. I assume if I'd had the engine bay painted with automotive paint and powder coated the suspension, everything would look much nicer now.
  12. I've run a bit without muffler and it is too loud. Children on the street cry when you pass by. Old ladies shake their finger at you. All police look your way. Without a resonator is just a bit louder than stock, and might not be what you're after if you're asking about going without a muffler. You're probably going to find that going straight to a good quality sport muffler (without futzing with the resonator) is the cheapest route to good sound. A muffler bypass would be acceptable, so you can be obnoxious when you want and blend in otherwise.
  13. I read this board for '02 specific content and to see how people have tackled repairing/restoring different aspects of our cars. But, this is but a small slice of interwebs, and I bet there's lots of great information and discussion forums just generally applicable to auto restoration, or (even better) restoration of European cars, that would be helpful to read, too. For example, I sometimes read The HAMB, Pelican's 911 forum, or watch Eastwoods' videos. Where else should we be reading?
  14. g_force

    Smartphone holder?

    I have a mount made by Rennline for my P-car that I like and that could be DIY'ed to work pretty easily with a 2002. It is a magnetic mount that, instead of sticking to your windshield with a suction cup or to your dash with double sided tape, has with a plate that sandwiches between the side panel and front panel of the center console. The screws that hold the panels in place pass through the plate to secure it, so you're not doing anything permanent to the car. The P-car console is, essentially, the same construction as our 2002 consoles, so it would be just a matter of cutting a plate to match the bolt holes on the 2002 console. Also, the Rennline mount is expensive (b/c they're marketing toward P-car owners), so I think the same thing could be built with this $13 mount from Amazon - Scosche MAGDMB MagicMount. The mount puts the phone in a great place that's easily accessible: I've a Scosche mount in my Jeep, and the magnet is strong and holds the phone stable (enough for spirited driving and the kind of bouncing around you do in a Jeep, but maybe not solid enough for track days). To mount the phone, you just slap it up there. Super easy. When the phone's not there, it is small and unobtrusive: Here you can see the plate, sandwiched between the side panel and front panel of the center console: Here's what it looks like: The holes are where they are because the P-car console has forward facing bolts to hold the front panel in place and the mount mounts to these bolts. On our 2002, the plate would be flat, because the screws enter from the side. I could see the plate being an inverted L-shape, with the long leg of the L between the side panel and front panel of the 2002 console and a Scosche mount stuck/screwed to the short leg of the L. The L-shape could be made easily with hand tools from metal sourced from your favorite big box hardware store.
  15. g_force

    Bike rack advice

    I don't think you can claim to be a real cyclist from that era without a faded USCF, Campy and Look's Mondriaan stickers. I'd add pics of my fairing to the mix, but I'm afraid it may not exist anymore (was stashed in my folk's garage, who've since moved and likely threw it out).