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  1. That's right, This is a town of every type of thief imaginable; 1. The two bit thief including the pick pocket and purse snatcher thieves praying on mostly the elderly ( I was in a produce store in a part of the San Fernando Valley, just a few blocks away from the old 2002AD location and all those Pick A Part style junkyards which were once a goldmine for 02 parts, when one of these predators snatched a wallet from an old women before trying to make a run for it out of the store. I was caught off guard as I was busy selecting a watermelon (5 lbs for $1). He ran into me and clobbered me in the kidney. One of the shoppers in the isle caught up with him before slapping him around and recovering the wallet. He then let him run off as the idiot pulled out a pocket knife and started swinging it around wildly. I've been there hundreds of times over the years, and this was the only time I witnessed something like that. I could have been stabbed or killed picking out my watermelon. One would expect my untimely demise while crawling under a car at a junk yard, but no, I almost got stabbed while being fixated on the melons. On another occasion I found a homeless lunatic sitting behind the wheel of my car and wearing my prescription Ray Ban Sunglasses. This occurred in the parking area of a convenience store in the now trendy Echo Park neighborhood. I don't know if the guy stole anything, but I quickly yanked back my sunglasses before pulling him out of the car. He was singing the entire time. 2. The typical industry thief ripping you off while throwing you under the bus to get ahead. 3. The idea thief ripping off the subculture 4. The mechanic thief 5. The screenwriter thief plagiarizing and ripping off your work 6. The gas station identity thieves ripping off your credit card info. 7. The real estate and banker thieves sticking you with crummy real estate loans while investing in credit default insurance, betting you will loose your house and money within 3-5 years. 8. The "Gone in 60 Seconds" thieves stealing your cars. 9. The doctor thieves 10. The lawyer thieves 11. The Contractor thieves including the plumbers. Yes, you can learn to reset or change out your own toilet and save $$$. If you can change out a single barrel Solex carb, this is no big deal. And, if you happen to be one of those snooty types, it's a good educational and humbling experience. You will gain a completely new outlook on life after realizing that your crap is just like all other crap. 14. Oh ! almost forgot to mention the "Green" thieves. They are at home here in California, the "Green" state, where these characters bamboozle unsuspecting people by persuading them to enter into very questionable "Power Purchase" contractual agreements. They'll even stick a solar system on your roof for "FREE", but you soon find out it's not so free after all.
  2. And, I've had nothing but negative experiences with anything related to the entertainment industry. That includes professional work related affiliations and classic BMWs. This is an industry which draws status anguished and self centered individuals who are ever ready to do anything to climb another rung on the ladder, including stabbing you in the back at the first opportunity. Sure, there are honest and nice individuals there, but they are in the minority. It is an industry which popularizes and promulgates the official agenda and mainstream propaganda of an Imperialist state. And for some reason it draws a lot of coupe owners. I've dealt with them and worked on their cars one too many times, but no more. They can humble themselves and learn to work on their own cars and get their fingernails dirty. And, while they're at it, they can learn to replace their own toilet and come face to face with their byproducts. If that's not a humbling experience, I don't know what is. Or, they can go to the Coupe King or some other BMW specialist and pay the $$$. And, they can call their own plumber. I've had enough of them.
  3. No, I haven't had theft problems in Sierra Madre, but I've had such problems in my hometown, Burbank and in places such as Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Century City, North Hollywood and Van Nuys.
  4. Now, that you guys have helped me in identifying my tii pistons (I'm not that familiar with the Tii stuff), I'm trying to ID the cam. It was a stock cam, but someone decided to regrind it. The rockers or tappets require lash caps. So, I'm sure I won't be using it. But, I'd still like to know what it is. Whoever reground it also etched "So Cal Cams - 275 degree" on to the chain sprocket mounting surface. Most people who are looking for a cam are looking for something that is in the 280ish or 290ish range. I don't like the way the M10 idles with a high duration cam, at least not for the street. The factory used the 264 degree cam for the standard and the "ti" and "tii" variants. And, that is good enough for me. But, the 275 seems like it would be almost stock, unless it is a different kind of measurement. I've heard the Germans measure duration differently from the Americans.
  5. Otisdog, You must be versed with writing, as that is certainly the headline sentence in that paragraph. And, as a 40 year resident of LA and someone who's worked in and is very familiar with the the entertainment Industry, I firmly stand by my statement. It both, produces and attracts more garbage than anything else. And, it serves as a propaganda medium and a means by which to keep the masses labotomized and content. Sierra Madre !!!!! almost as corrupt as Burbank !!!!, my hometown.
  6. Now you guys may finally understand my frustration with those "roving gangs of flippers" getting their hands on the "ridiculously priced 02 parts". If the swan neck mirrors and the Euro style flush turn signal lights were cheap, I doubt the desperado lumpenproletariat would be ripping them off my car. And, I must say, LA is a magnet for the charlatans, the superficial opportunist, Mesmers, peddlers of all collectibles, collectors of all fine things, transplants from all over the country and beyond and the hungry, dirty and unwashed masses looking to take anything. I try my best to live my life as if though the entertainment industry and all the garbage it attracts don't exist.
  7. Thanks for the info. So, my pistons are US spec Tii 9:1. That will suffice as I'm looking for a very high comp ratio. I will be running it with a single carb, The Weber 32/36 should work well with this motor. Slavs
  8. I assembled a bottom end with piano top domed pistons. The domes appear to be in the 4-5mm height rage. So, they are definitely pistons from a tii. But, not all tii pistons are alike as far as comp ratios. I think some had 9.0/1 while others had 9.5/1. Do any of you tii gurus have an idea ? I can take a pic, if needed. Slavs
  9. I live in Burbank, a suburb just 12 miles from downtown, Los Angeles, It's a nice neighborhood, but such neighborhoods are always a target. The incident with the shoes occurred in Beverly Hills. Evidently, there are predators loitering around nice shopping centers. I could care less for Ferragamo shoes or Beverly Hills. I was just there on the account of my friend who has a taste for what I would characterize as uncomfortable and expensive Italian shoes. There are predators in such areas who follow people who made purchases. My trunk lock and drivers side door lock are still non functional. They used some kind of tool to just drill through the lock, neatly. The car draws a lot of attention as well. It is a 69 Granada 1600, with a fresh paint job back then. I never went back to those shopping centers. But, since then, I've picked up a habit of being more aware of my surroundings. The parts were taken off my car in front of my house during the early morning hours, all within the past 7 years. 15 years ago they stole our Chevy S10 Pick-Up truck at about 3:00AM. My neighbors 57 Chevy Bel Aire was also stolen about 10 years ago. There was little interest in 02s back then, but now 02s are being stolen as well. My cars have been targeted. This was once a "Hot Rodders" town, but now it's all new BMWs and Merdedes Benz. A lot of thieves and odd characters have shown a lot of interest in 02s, lately. I see them less as enthusiasts, but rather more as opportunists who have recently jumped on the 02 bandwagon to make a quick buck. And, a lot of them know where I live and where I park my cars. Burglars are also sending out scouts on bicycles , carrying backpacks and drones which they use to survey the neighborhood, looking into people's yards etc. I've witnessed this on several occasions. And, each time, when confronted, they bring down the drone and quickly speed away on their bicycle. There are a lot of mountain bike cyclists who converge in the area, so it is easy for these characters to just blend in. But, it sure looks odd when you find someone sitting on the curb, next to their bicycle and backpack, and staring into a screen on their radio control for the drone flying high overhead.
  10. I get things stolen off and from within my car, occasionally. These include the Euro style turn signals (On a couple of occasions), the swan neck mirror and a complete tool kit from inside the trunk. On one occasion they stole a pair of Ferregamo boots which my friend had bought just shortly before they were taken. (The thieves followed us from the store to the parking and on to our next destination where I parked my car - they drilled into the trunk lock and the drivers side door lock). And, most recently a small box was taken containing spare change and most of my spare, original Solex jets for all my Solex carbs including the PHH side drafts, a couple of old 60s vintage plain shift knobs and hardware for interior trim for early 66-67 1600s.. The glittery change must have caught their attention. On a another occasion they attempted to remove my old 67 vintage Euro style bumpers, but the rusty hardware stalled their progress. While some of these thieves have nothing to do with 02s, others obviously are very familiar with these cars. I've been lucky so far they haven't stolen one of my cars. I don't always leave it on the street, but I'm taking a chance each time I do so. Slavs
  11. If you have a 3.64 diff and you install a 1600 speedo, your speed reading will be about 13% too low and not too high as you reported. But, if you have a 4.11 diff and you install a speedo calibrated for the 3.64 diff, your reading will be about 13% too high. North Hollywood Speedometer is very expensive. I live in the are, and I've known of them since the early 80s. Just gauge your speed from your tach. You don't need a speedo.
  12. Well, Maybe somebody can now build that ultimate M10 "Stroker" motor and install it in a Bobcat with these wheels. I've seen the Datsun L16 used in forklifts, so why not an 02 in a Bobcat ?
  13. Well, for some of you guys who have been doing your best to eliminate the pneumatic tires all together this may be a dream come true. Yes, recently I suggested that some people will increase their wheel size to a point where they will no longer need pneumatic tires, but rather just a rubber band around the wheel. Michelin pioneered pneumatic tires and is now trying to to away with them. But, their new airless tires don't look very appealing. What is going to happen to them and the wheel balance in general when dirt gets stuck inside the rubber. And, there is no way that ride comfort will improve. Can you imagine something like this on an 02 ? these things look both, problematic and ugly. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/michelin-gm-air-tires-passenger-163200785.html
  14. I had the same problem on some aftermarket springs I have on one of my cars. I've been told they are old H & Rs, but I'm not sure. I installed 3 dot spacers at the rear, and it no longer sags. The rear is now slightly higher than the front, like the stock rake. Slavs
  15. I haven't found anything identical to the original. All three of those vendors, though, seem to make a neat fitting upholstery. I bought a headliner from World Upholstery, back when their prices were on this planet, but it was stitched vs. molded. I don't think anybody makes molded upholstery including seat covers, only he factory. More important are the original horse hair pads. They are countered and feel just right, But, are also really expensive. It has all become ridiculously expensive. Best bet is to find a good upholsterer who really knows what they are doing. But, that is also a challenge. There is a very small factory support base for these cars. So, you find a lot of guys here improvising and using seats, etc. from later models such as the e21 Recaro seats. I personally think they don't match the car, create for a more cramped interior space and block view. I'm still using a lot of old junk yard finds, including 1960s era OEM seats and pads, but I'm down to my last set. And, I've been experimenting with stuffing the seats etc. I can't comprehend the asking prices for many of these cars and associated parts. My parts house is mostly my garage.
  16. I once bought a rattle-can of Chamonix from a BMW dealership during the early 90s. Stay away from two stage paint. Even the best quality two stage is inferior to a good quality single stage. The clear coat on all two stage paints eventually peels. it is designed to last about 10 years on average. A good single stage will last 30-50 years and still shine. Furthermore, two stage has that shallow artificial shine like a thin piece of glass. There is no dept to it.
  17. This is the result when some Gremlin butchers get a hold of an 02. I've seen seats from God knows what bolted directly to the floor pan. I'm sure there are people who have tried mounting a Lazy-Boy chair in an 02. You can either work with what you have and attempt fabricating a base support on what you have or obtain the original seat mount supports and weld them in place. The suggestion above by BMW bumblebee, though, is probably your easier route.
  18. Thanks for the input Nick. A Tii with a 3.45 diff and 5 speed OD, Wow !. That's a tall overall final gear ratio in 5th. Something in the order of 2.79. It tells you something about the low end power from the 2 liter M10, especially the tii. The NK cars benefit from the larger diameter tires. If you're running the stock diameter tire on an NK car, it is at least 7% taller compared to the stock tire on the 1600-2 or 2002. So, if I was to compare the 4.11 diff on my 1600-2 to the 4.11 diff on your NK, your overall gear ratio is 7% taller compared to that on the 02. Your 4.11 is analogous to a 3.82 on my car. A 4.40 on your NK is analogous to a 4.11 on the 02. Your revs with a 4.11 are a lot lower than the revs on an 02 with a 4.11. Given a stock diameter tire, your revs at 80mph in 5th gear (.81) with a 4.11 diff are just over 3,500rpm. With a stock diameter tire and the same 4.11 diff and 5 OD on an 02, the revs are just over 3,800rpm. With a 3.90 diff, an 02 would still be doing over 3.600rpms, still not as low as your car with the 4.11 diff, but close. So, the 4.11 diff and 5 speed OD set up works a lot better with the NK cars. It works better than the popular 3.90 diff and 5 speed OD combination on the 02.
  19. With 175/65 X 14 you're 1.9% or about 2% shorter which translates to a 2% too optimistic reading. But, this does not account for the margin you reported.
  20. True, Ireland Engineering is reasonable with pricing. I'm not complaining about them. On the contrary, I find them very helpful and accommodating. They have some great products, and they are certainly part of the community. But, this attitude that some people espouse "Don't complain, if you don't like it, get something cheaper", is a bit on the arrogant side. As I've already stated, I've been driving these cars as my main source of transportation since 1982. And, for many years I've found ways to keep them going on a small budget. That is what they have always represented to me. So, when someone new to this starts asking $300 for a swan neck mirror or $900 for a Ti air cleaner box, it's something I can't understand. The last Ti air cleaner canister I purchased under $10 at the local Pick Your Part in 1995. No ! I'm not going to move out of the way. But, I'm not going to keep my mouth shut either. And, as I said earlier, if some of you like the direction in which this is all heading, go and hang out with the 356 crowd and let me know how much fun you have. Slavs
  21. Yes the NK cars were cheaper than the 02s. They never got the credit they deserve. They are better built and have more of a classic look. And, in their time, BMW asked quite a bit more for them. The 1800tis were being given away to the bone yards for $100. Most got crushed along with the 02s. These cars were mass produced. They were not as rare as people think. It's just that they were destroyed in masse because hardly anybody cared for them or their parts. And, now they are asking $300 for a swan neck mirror or $170 for an interior door handle. As I mentioned, maybe I'm just lost in time. For those of you who know little about the NK cars, just try opening and closing the door on one of them, or tap on the instrument gauges or try filling them with fuel etc. There is a reason they were more expensive.
  22. Ahh! You feel my pain. It's not only the parts, but also oil. They want $8.00 / qt. for the name brand oil here in LA. The other day I was browsing e-bay and noticed these parts. For me these just represent my old junk yard finds. And, now they are asking these kind of prices. Are these people actually selling any of this ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2000-Tilux-2000Ti-1800TiSA-1602-1600-1500-Inner-Door-Handle-Right-N-OS/132698818702?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160811114145%26meid%3Da69b2a62426d4093ab8e7bbb94d1afe0%26pid%3D100667%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D132990241260%26itm%3D132698818702&_trksid=p2045573.c100667.m2042 https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2000Ti-1800Ti-2000CS-1965-1966-1967-1968-Air-Filter-Box-Battery-Mint-Cond/143236621364?hash=item2159916434:g:U1MAAOSwSK1a~MH~ https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-2000Ti-1800Ti-2000CS-1600Ti-Brake-Master-Cylinder-Power-Brake-Unit-Depressor/132990241260?hash=item1ef6d609ec:g:HTEAAOSwbfRci~VG Slavs
  23. I like all the pictured cars. They are very clean. Aesthetics aside, the ride with the lower profile tires is rougher. Sometimes, this is also a function of the tire quality and not just the dimension. But, I can feel the difference even between the 205/60 x 13, which have plenty of sidewall and the higher profile 185/70 x 13. The trend for the past 20 years has been going in the direction of lower profile tires and bigger wheels. So, some of you guys who grew up with this have become accustomed to it. And, it's gotten pretty extreme in some cases. The tire manufacturers are following the trend, and unfortunately there are less quality 185/70 X 13 and 205/60 x 13 tires now, where at one time they were very abundant. There are plenty of 185/70 x 13s, but a lot of them are just too soft and cheap. And, this is unfortunate. I live in a city where the "Pimp Your Ride" look abounds. And, some of the stuff is simply ridiculous.

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