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  1. That clown owns an 02 and was recently sued for auctioning off a fake 356 Carrera.
  2. I always thought he looked like Leon Trotsky.
  3. These cars can really benefit from the vented rotors. I had the 320i vented rotors on a car I sold. And, they worked great. That's probably the best so called "Upgrade", certainly more important than the 5 speed upgrade. The fade gets pretty scary on the downhill through the mountain roads. I've tried using different pads including ceramics. Slavs
  4. Ah ! A true "Lumpenproletariat" as Karl Marx defined all those elements of the working class who can be bought off with sausage and wine. Got to like a man who likes his "Grog", though. A man who is also close to the earth and soil, a farmer. I lived on a farm, and I miss the smell of horses and manure. Every time I get in my 02 and smell the horse hair, it takes me back
  5. In other words, I may benefit from ceramics if I'm driving down a mountain highway and I'm constantly on the brakes.
  6. It has nothing to do with a 1600. Yes the 1600 up through mid 69 has the three bolt flange, but it is smaller. Everything about that trans tells me its from a later car such as an early 320i because it appears to be a 4 speed.
  7. Don't wash your car. Drive it through town with all the mud on it so everybody will know you're a real burly man vs. girly man.
  8. What do I know ? I spent my childhood in a village where I first recognized the benefit of pneumatic tires, not on cars, but, on horse drawn carts. I can tell you that real tires signified as much status among the peasants as wearing a vacheron constantin does among the fashionistas. Having ballooney inflatables signified your arrival to the true "Kulak" class. And they gave everybody relief, including the poor horses. That must explain my fixation on the ballooney 70 and 80 series. I've noticed the trend in bigger wheels and ultra low profile tires, especially here in Los Angeles, where some people are going for that "Look". The roads are awful here. They will tear apart any suspension in no time. The same people are driving around with bent wheels because their low profile tires are useless in buffering out sharp bumps and potholes. The 70 profile tires are much better suited for rougher terrain or our light cars in general. That's from personal experience with both horse drawn carts and 02s. I know something that many of you don't. If some of you had lived in a village where you had a choice between the pneumatic tires and solid wheels, you would surely choose the pneumatic tires. And, you would never even think of low profile tires for your 02. Anything bigger than 13" wheels on these cars starts looking odd and out of proportion, especially the 15" stuff. But aesthetics and personal preferences aside, why in the world use a heavy wheel and tire engineered for a car in the 3,000lb - 4,000lb range when an 02 such as my early car weighs a shade over 2,000lb.
  9. I can’t comprehend some of the mods, like large diameter wheels and low profile tires. Sticking on 15” 55 or 50 profile heavy tires significantly increases unsprung weight inducing heavy steering and a sluggish handling car. And nobody is asking the wheel bearings how they feel. I remember when e30 bottle caps became all the rage. Those things are Heavy ! I won’t get into ride comfort. Pretty soon some people will have a solid wheel with a piece of rubber tacked around. Why did they invent pneumatic-tires To hell with comfort. We want BIG wheels, “V” rated ultra low profile tires on an 02 ?
  10. I’ve noticed that the car stops much better with some cheap organic brake pads vs. ceramic. It’s night and day. And yet the ceramic pads are 2x to 3x more expensive.
  11. Prankster I am Not ! Curmudgeon, Well I'm getting a little older, I am a little more than a little bit stubborn, but I'm not that cranky, am I ? Pinko ! I assume you mean a Communist. Well, I was imprinted as one, so some of it will always remain with me. "If you're not one by the age of 15, you'll never have a heart, but if you're still one by the time you reach 30, you'll never have a brain", type of thing. No, I don't drive with a hammer and sickle plastered on my hood. I believe I saw a red, modified 02 at some of the gatherings with a hammer and sickle on it. KGB Racing ! No, I'm not offended.
  12. Most of my interior, trim and wheels all came from the boneyards where I paid next to nothing for them. Recently, I needed to purchase some new parts, and I was appalled. So, Yes I’m still frozen in 1999 or 2002. When I see what some people are asking for parts, I cringe. And it’s not only BMW parts. In one of my other posts I brought up the example of the dive bar with the $ 3 beers being bought up by someone who markets it to the “Hipsters”. They didn’t even bother remodeling, just changed the sign and prices. So now you can buy a $10 beer, $10 hot dog and $8 seasoned fries. C’mon, really ! Ridiculous. And, did I mention, they changed the name of my neighborhood to convey exclusivity. As someone who’s family are landlords, we stand to benefit, but I think it’s gone too far and over the top. Young people are being fleeced these days. And, they are being duped and brainwashed iNextnto thinking it’s all right. Am I ever going to ask $100, $200 or $ 300 for a swanneck mirror, He’ll No ! I don’t care what’s the going so called market rate. And I have a couple of extra ones. If this crap continues these cars will go the way of the Alfa and Porsche, and 75% of you will be priced out. You will eventually either keep the cars or sell for top dollar. I’ve seen it happen with the 356. We used to work on those things over pizza and beer well into the morning. Since we drove them like mad, we burnt the clutches. Replacing them was no different than a VW. It was just another VW bug for us. But now it’s “ Do you know how to work on a 356 ? Do you know of a good 356 mechanic ?” Just take the damn thing to someone who works on VWs. It’s all madness.
  13. Pro BMW or JF Pro BMW in Van Nuys CA has a rear panel for a roundie. They probably still have it.
  14. I think you guys are paying too much for these parts. It’s difficult for someone like myself to justify all of this. And, I personally don’t like where all of this has gone. I gave away a number of those mirrors, and I would never ask that kind of money for them. I have a few left for spares. I use them on both, my 67 and 69, which Are still my daily drivers. These cars still represent my primary source of transportation. So, yes, I’m in a different world from a bygone era compared to most of you.
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-1600-1600ti-NK-1800ti-69-2002-Outside-Door-Mirror-XLNT-Rare-Swan-Neck/303145956963?hash=item4694e83663:g:u3UAAOSwTWxcz3DG&frcectupt=true Another $4 Pick A Part Find up for sale for $295. I remember paying a few dollars more ($10) for one at the 02 Fest West in San Louis Obispo in 2002. Has the 02 community gone mad ?
  16. If I solved this, I wouldn't accept the $50. But, thanks for thinking of us. I don't know much about fuel injection, but it sounds like the brake booster or fuel loading. I don't know how that works on fuel injection. I once had a problem where my tach wire got frayed at the point where it goes through the firewall into the engine compartment. When I went over a bump or hit the brakes hard, I would loose all electrical where the engine would just abruptly die. The tach wire was shorting out the entire electrical. This got worse, and one day my electrical stopped working all together. It took me 2 days to figure out the problem. Slavs
  17. I just noticed this same store is also selling a license plate frame from Vasek Polak BMW in Hermosa Beach, CA for $300. That's insane ! I've had one on my car all these years. That's a $5 frame. I got mine at U Pick Part for $1.00. It was sitting in the trunk of a 68 1600, the same car from which I pulled an old Blaunpunkt Montreal radio in working condition with the speaker. I still have it, and it works. It has a 6V-12V switch. In most cases the workers at the yard took the radios, but they let this one go because it was so obsolete. The radio cost me about $10. And this store is selling rear badges like the one on my car from $60-$120 ? That's crazy ! I think some of you guys are insane for buying into this crap along with those $8 seasoned fries.The Euro-flush turn signal / parking light lenses have been stolen off my car on a couple of occasions. I'm lucky I had replacements which I had bought at the same bone yard for $2 each. There was a guy back then who walked through the bone yards with a large sack full of parking and tail light lenses. It was challenging beating him at his game. Vasek Polak Hermosa Beach BMW License Plate Frame 300.00 Very rare Vasek Polak license plate frame in all-original condition. Metal construction with raised, painted letters. The chrome finish has a nice, even patina with no significant dings, dents, or corrosion. It could benefit from a light polish, but perfectly suits a “survivor” car as it sits now. Ideal for a BMW 2002, E9, Bavaria, etc… $300 shipped in the USA.
  18. I rarely sell parts. I've given some away or sold them for just token prices to people who need them. Are you still looking for the wheel ? It was the standard wheel on all 66-67 1600-2s and many 1600 Cabrios. They are great steering wheels.
  19. estsy, that is not a NK steering wheel. It is the very early steering wheel off the 1966-67 1600-2. And, it seems that you and some others here are buying into this crap. And, I'm not going to get into this "Free Market"- Economics 101 argument with NYNick. This pricing is an example of what I termed as the melon vendors from the bazaar selling old BMW parts. I bought a couple of complete steering wheels like this from Pick A Part bone yards just down the street from this vendor, for under $10, Yes, that was 20 years ago, But, so what ! The problem is that this unreasonable pricing is fast becoming the norm. And, that is too bad for most 02 owners.
  20. Bristol was one of BMWs earliest colors and was quite common on the 60s era cars, including many which were imported into the US. It's often associated with BMWs early "Sleeper" performance and race cars. The color is classic BMW. And I wouldn't think twice about repainting your car in it. My 66-67 1600 is Bristol. It's a nice classic color, and some modern companies such as Audi, VW and even Toyota are starting to adopt a similar color.
  21. No, most are trust fund kids from the US. Most people from the countries you cited can't afford these prices. They're asking too much for these cars in Western Europe, though. Most surviving 02s are in the US, especially the South -West where the arid climate helped preserve them. That's why it was disheartening seeing so many really nice 02s go to the crusher down here. They were just disposable and snubbed by most collectors who flocked to the Porsche, Alfa and British cars.
  22. This is an example of what I was talking about concerning people asking ridiculous prices for parts. This is just for the metal horn actuating piece, not the steering wheel. Maybe it's OK ! with some of you guys who have bought into it, but not for me. Around the corner they closed the old dive bar selling the $3 beers, and in its place they opened another bar, but this time selling beer for $10, "gourmet" hot dogs for $10 and seasoned fries for $8. Boy, you get a deal on the fries ! $28 for a beer, hot dog & fries + tip. And its packed with young "Hipsters" who have just moved to LA. And you can walk down the street and buy a single scoop ice cream cone for $5. The speculators have also jacked up the rents for tiny rat hole apartments. They even changed the name of the neighborhood to convey a more "exclusive" tone. "Supply - Demand" economics ? No ! this is a speculative sham.The real estate brokers and banks have driven up the price of housing, artificially, another "Bubble" about to burst. This is shameful. "BMW 2002 1600 E10 2002 M10 67-68 Steering Wheel Cover - $150" https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pts/d/san-fernando-bmw-e-m-steeing-wheel-cover/6883527753.html
  23. The e21s littered the Pick A Part bone yards during the late 90s. There were 100s of them. That lasted for about 15 years. During that time the 245 5 speed gearboxes were plentiful along with limited slip diffs and Recaros. I would buy the spare tire and wheel because it was usually in excellent shape. I believe the stock tires were Continentals. You could walk through the yard and put together a nice set of tires and wheels for your 02 for $60. The limited slip diffs and 4 speed gearboxes were $75 while the 5 speed was $100. I only picked up the 5 speeds from cars with low odometer readings. Most of the 245s and LSDs were crushed. Only a small number were saved by us. They were cheap, but it wasn't necessarily easy pulling them. If you didn't want to pull them, you could buy them for about $250-$300. The complete motors were $125, while the heads were less than $40. I've also seen a good number of 02s and even some NK cars including the 1800Ti and 2000Ti, complete with Solex PHH40 carbs and air filter cans. The 3.0 sedans were all over the yards as well. Some of the 02s were pretty clean with very little rust, and these included the early 1600s. A few still stick out in my mind such as that 66 1600 Turf Green with light aircraft grey vinyl seats and two tone, Grey and black, interior panels. It was sitting complete and original in an unpaved dusty Pick A Part in Santa Paula, CA. I sat in it for a while because I immediately recognized this was a very unique, clean early car with a rare color combination. It was the first time I'd seen this interior. And, it looked really cool and classy. The car had very little rust. It could be had for $600 at the time. Those days are long gone. And, look what we have today ? It's no longer as fun. Have you hung with the 356 Porsche crowd ? It's not very fun. That's where things are heading with the 02.
  24. Yes, my 245 shifts as good as a 245 can shift. It was rebuilt by BMW's master mechanic for gearboxes and diffs during the 60s and 70s. I was lucky to have found him still rebuilding these things from his garage, well into his 70s. But, the Borg & Warner synchroes feel too notcyh and mechanical compared to the older 4 speeds with the Porsche synchroes. One of my cars has the older Porsche synchroed box, and it feels so much smoother. In addition the 245 is a bad match for a car with a 2 liter engine and 4.10 diff. 4th and 5th feel OK, but 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears feel like I'm driving a truck. And, in 5th I'm just about where I would be with a 4 speed and a 3.64 diff. So, I don't see the point of having a notchy feeling gearbox. Even if I installed a 3.64 with the 245, I wouldn't get rid of the way it feels when it shifts. I may resolve the gear spacing issue for the first 4 gears, but I may render 5th useless. One of my old friends installed a 245 on to his 77 320i with a 3.64 diff, and it could barely pool, if any, in 5th. He had to replace the 3.64 with a 3.90. I have a longneck configuration, and longnecks in 3.90 are almost non-existent in the US. I do have, though, a couple of 3.64 longnecks I salvaged from 1968 2002s. And, there isn't that much difference between the 3.90 and 4.10. So, the best option for me is to ditch the 245 and go with a Porsche synchroed 4 speed and 3.64 longneck diff as equipped on the 68 2002. When I install the 1600motor, I'll simply switch the diff to the 4.10. I also don't like the position of the slave on the 245. Furthermore, I'm not a fan of short neck diffs, which I feel inferior to longnecks. BMW adopted the shortneck design because it was cheaper. It is certainly not better. And. it is less flexible as far as replacing seals and maintaining. It is much more expensive to service.That is my reasoning.
  25. Thank You, Mike, I already have a couple of NOS 118 heads with just the guides installed, as they came from the factory. But, I'll keep you in mind. I've been slowly collecting 1600 parts since they are getting sparse. There are a lot of great folks on this FAQ as there are in Beavercreek, OH. If you need anything, let me know. I may have it. Slavs ++

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