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  1. I've heard from a Lotus collector that they were made in both, Magnesium and alloy. He was offering to buy my wheels,
  2. I have the same wheels on my 67 1600 (5 1/2 " x 13" Cosmics at ET19 offset. I found the center caps at a VW parts vendor below: I paid $4.99 / each for metal caps with retainer clip. But, now they are asking a little more. And, they seem to be out of stock. But, these center caps are used on many cosmic wheels which are popular with the VW crowd. https://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=C32-COS-5515-CAP I love my Cosmc MK 1 wheels, and they look great on these cars. I've attached a pic of the wheels on my car before I obtained the center caps.
  3. I wouldn't pay $5K for that car. The mods include a lot of the tautology expressed on this forum, which are not very impressive. Urethane bushings, bent struts to -2.5 degrees, a Weber 40/40 carb, someone's cam- probably a regrind, those Top End Performance strut braces with the front one braced to the valve cover and the rear one serving also as a battery trey (Sorry Steve and Top End, but your strut braces are overkill). And, for this money we're not getting a thorough quality paint job, but blended sections with orange peel. The 38/38 is bad enough, but a 40/40 is an awful carb for these cars. These carbs were designed for 6 cylinder motors. You're better off with twin Weber side drafts. And, those Recaro seats ? What is that upholstery ? Cracks in the dash ? E30 wheels with Falken tires. Those Falkens are not going to last very long with that much negative camber at the front. How desperate are people to be bidding $26K (the high bid as of this post) on a big bumper 74 with these flaws. The car appears to be a clean driver, but it is worth nowhere near these types of bids.
  4. No affiliation, but a pretty clean and stylish European 60s era sedan. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/ctd/d/marina-del-rey-1969-alfa-romeo-giulia/7015482585.html
  5. Nothing against Porsche, but there is a Yahoo located in the warehouse district of Downtown Los Angeles who's been marketing heaps of rust with the Porsche logo and asking $$$$$$ for them. He is well known in the Porsche community, but I don't even care to remember his name or the name of his outfit. I believe he has contributed to this phenomenon. And, it's also happening with the 02s and classic BMWs in general.
  6. This is what you can get for just under $10K in the Porsche world. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/los-angeles-1968-porsche-912-targa-soft/7010393991.html No wonder the Porsche crowd finds the 02 a bargain at $20K. How can they even think of asking this much for this heap of rust ??
  7. Confi Dent Solutions - Manuel Orellana (323) 901-9132 confidentsolutions@ymail.com
  8. The smooth horn pad 3 spoke wheel of 1968 is of much higher quality as the horn actuation buttons in the spokes are metal, vs. plastic as in later years. The polished bezel surrounding the smooth horn pad is a part of the steering wheel structure vs. being just a piece of plastic and part of the pad itself as on later years. The difference in quality is very noticeable even in the pics above. The 68 wheel is also the largest of all the wheels I've seen on 02s, but it makes for effortless steering. I’ve also had a factory wood wheel that was otherwise identical to the 68 wheel. In addition to some E3 and E9 cars, I believe it was fitted to some 02s in Great Britain. The 1966-67 1600s were fitted with the smaller and more elegant single spoke steering wheel. Horn actuation is a little awkward, but instrument visibility is unsurpassed. It mates well with the 66-67 trim and interior.
  9. I don’t want to start a war with some of you Tii commandos, but the tii is a more complex car compared to the standard 02, especially an early single carbed roundie. I can set the timing without a timing light, set the fuel air mixture and idle on the carb and change the plugs on an early single carbed 02 in a matter of minutes. Try doing that on a tii. Some of us here have a lot fatter wallets and don’t consider the extra expenses associated with the tii as relevant. But, if you’re on a lower budget, it makes the difference between driving your car and having it sitting for months or years until you can save for the additional parts and/or repairs. I got my first 02 on a student budget back in high school. And, I was agle to drive it and maintain it through my college days on a student budget. A tii would have been out of the question. And, it still doesn’t make any sense considering its price. Sure, I can buy both, the E9 and the tii now, but I’d much rather buy a couple of standard 02s or a standard 02 and a 2000 Coupe for the price of a tii. If you must have a Big Six, go for the E3. It feels stiffer, safer and lighter compared to the E9.
  10. It's good you brought up the 2000 Coupe. It is certainly more elegant than the later big six coupes which followed. Yes, it's a little heavier than the 02 which uses the same engine, but you can always get the 2000CS with the Ti motor. It's certainly more economical and easier to maintain than the big six or the tii. They spared no expenses in making the 2000Coupe; all the wood and chrome trim etc.
  11. I will be the Ney- Sayer, and my answer is, "NEITHER". I once had a Hungarian friend in the Hollywood Hills. And, every time I saw her I jokingly asked, are you from Buda or Pest (The two parts of Budapest divided by the Danube, with one side having a higher status). And, she always answered, "Neither" So back to BMWs, Both, the Tii and the E9 coupe are cliche BMWs, recognized by people outside the BMW realm. When I drive my 67 1600 or my other car, a 69 1600, the ley men often ask, "Is that a Tii", because that's all they know. From the perspective of someone who's been turning a wrench on my own cars and occasionally on other BMWs, and driving my cars since 1982, I can confidently state that both, the Tii and the E9, are not worth the hassle. As far as the E 9 coupe is concerned you would be much better off with the sedan which is a more practical, roomier and better handling car. It is also cheaper to maintain as coupe specific parts are very expensive. The Tii offers good performance, but the cost outweighs the benefit. Again, tii specific parts are expensive. And, there is more maintenance associated with the car. The injection pump is very expensive and the same holds for the tii specific water pump. If you work on your own car, you won’t be happy with the cramped engine compartment and layout compared the standard 2002. The tii has an additional 20-30 horses over the standard 2002, but you can easily build an 02 to get comparable performance. The tii is often 2X or 3X more expensive than the standard 02. I’m not a fan of the tii or the trim associated with the US spec tii. Now, if you’re a die hard gearhead who’s not afraid of turning a wrench and modifying your tii with the addition of the Alpina injection system etc, then by all regards get one. But, a used Alpina injection is about $5,000, although I don’t think the Alpina slide throttle design is very practical for the street. You can spend $$$$ with any of these cars, especially the tii and E9. So, that’s my Ney-Say for the day. Slavs
  12. A fellow 02 pilot from my hometown of Burbank. This is a pretty small town, and I've never met you. Surely you must have seen me putting around in my 02s. That is just about all I drive.You really seem to have your car dialed in, and you are obviously a good driver considering how smoothly you're negotiating your way around that track at those high speeds. I've seen both, Kevin and Jeff out there, and they are very good drivers as well. Watching all this, I'm motivated to get an 02 race car, even at my age. The 02s race cars are a good deal compared to some of the other stuff out there like the $250K+ 60s era SWB Porsche 911s. I'd like to check out your car. Hitting 115mph with a 4.11 diff ? I didn't think it would be possible with a 1:1 ratio in top gear, if that is what you have in that car.
  13. If your strut and stub axle are from the 68 1600 and haven't been replaced with ones from a 2002, your inner bearing is different from the more readily available bearings for the 2002. The outer bearing is the same as on the 2002, though. The stub axle on your inner bearing is 2mm larger in diameter compared to the one on the 2002. Yes, it's actually beefier. But, not as beefy as the Tii sub axle which is 4mm larger at this point compared to the standard 2002. The last time I changed my bearings on my 1600, I looked everywhere, and in the end I found them at the local Pep Boy. None of the familiar BMW parts vendors had them. And most weren't even aware of the difference. I believe the 68 2002 with the single line brakes also has this larger inner bearing stub axle diameter. I have no clue why BMW went with the smaller inner stub axle diameter when it changed over to the duel circuit brakes in mid 69.
  14. By 1971 the 1600 was in most respects identical to the 2002 of same vintage except for the smaller displacement engine, smaller rear drum brakes and different gear ratio for the diff. An early 1600 (pre-mid 69) is a different car with respect to many things including the interior.
  15. $699 for a used center grille ? Come on guys, this is getting crazy.
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