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  1. Anyone here recognize it? Does it belong to somone here? https://ventura.craigslist.org/cto/d/1976-bmw-2002-sunroof-is/6692822921.html
  2. Pierre

    WTB: affordable driver

    Did you find one? Check out the one I am selling. It's a 74. It may be a little over your budget but will not need any additional work. And it's in SoCal.
  3. 1974 2002 in nicely redone condition. See Craigslist ad. https://ventura.craigslist.org/cto/6635699610.html
  4. I will be coming up Saturday for the swap and show. I will bring with me Kamei repro air dams and auxiliary lamp brackets. (And a bunch of other 2002 parts.) I will have a swap spot in the parking lot. Air dams are $250 up until that day. They are going up to $275 after the show. Brackets are still $40 a set for either size. Cheers,
  5. Wow. Way to revive a 5 year old post. It's been 5 years ALREADY??? I am happy to report that the paint is holding well. I am getting some rust bubbling though a couple of sopts which means I did not clean the rust ALL THE WAY THROUGH. I fact, over time, the surface has become smoother and the paint is looking better. Last summer, I painted my purple Z3 with a roller. This time I went with Behr enamel exterior paint which can also be tinted. https://photos.google.com/u/1/photo/AF1QipMyCwGfv85wrWH2wbGeOeWuUILP2csJ3JaJZD1_
  6. Eat Thursday, shop Friday and Drive Saturday. This is a SoCal event. 2002s preferred but not required. BMWs recommended but not necessary. Meet at 6:30 AM Saturday in Camarillo, Las Posas exit off the 101, north of the freeway at McDonald's, on Daily (they have coffee and restroom.) There are two gas stations at the intersection of Las Posas and Daily. PM, email, call or text for additional details. The weather forecast looks fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving.
  7. Pierre

    Who is in Oxnard?

    Call or text me at 805 807 1four four four. I'm at work in Ventura and get done at 3.
  8. Pierre

    Who is in Oxnard?

    Call or text me at 805 807 1four four four. I'm at work in Ventura and get done at 3.
  9. Pierre

    1974 2002 auto in SoCal

  10. Pierre

    Show me your Blue 2002

    Is the car blue?
  11. Pierre

    Show me your Blue 2002

    Another Fjord
  12. Pierre

    Show me your Blue 2002

    My 69 Pastelblau being followed by Jack's Fjord tii.
  13. Pierre

    1974 2002 auto in SoCal

  14. Pierre

    Complete OEM (almost) turbo body kit NEW

    The kit is sold.