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  1. I am trying to convince the new owner to blog the resto on this site.
  2. 1973 2002tii project. Started but still needs lots of work. Rusty but very fixable. California original blue plate, non-op. Starts, stops and turns. Partially disassembled. Complete. Here is the link to the Craigslist ad. http://ventura.craigslist.org/cto/5971081944.html
  3. I have 3 OEM new turbo fender flares, a new OEM front spoiler and a new rear OEM rear deck spoiler. The 4th fender flare (front left) is an aftermarket unit since they were NLA for such a long time. The front right flare does have a chip on the front corner. I also have a complete OEM turbo decal kit. I will not separate the set. $1000 (plus shipping) takes it all. Located in SoCal. Email me at bimmerfan02 at hotmail dot com for pictures and additional details.
  4. This Saturday. Meet at the McDonald's at Las Posas and the 101 in Camarillo at 6:30. We will leave promptly at 7:00.
  5. (see my post above.) We have done this run different ways. We have taken the 33 to Lockwood valley to Frazier Park and back. Lockwood valley has a straight sections with some dips, which, when taken a certain way, can actually get you airborne. It is then followed with a slow and very twisty section. Taking the 33 to the 166 will make the run longer, with a straight long section. But then, on Hudson valley, you get into a nice twisty road that gives you plenty of vision of what around the corner and allows you to clip apexes safely. We then take Lockwood back, through the dips, to the 33 back to Ojai. We have drivers who jump on the 5 at Frazier Park and head home. If the consensus is to the shorter drive, we can do that too. We usually stop at the ranger station at Lockwood valley. We can decide at that time which direction we want to take.
  6. We are starting in Camarillo at 7:00. We will be in Ojai at 7:30 at the intersection of the 150 and the 33. We then go on the 33 past Lockwood valley to the 166, take a right on the 166 and take a right a few miles later on Hudson Ranch all the way to Frazier Park. We then head back on Lockwood valley to the 33 back to Ojai. It's about 250 miles.
  7. Back by popular demand, the 33 is a road Car and Driver claims to best one of their favorite in the US. Lucky me, it's in my backyard. So join in and get to exercise your 2002 (or whatever else you want to bring.) Email me for more details.
  8. I'll be there for the drive and the open house. I just don't know which car I'm driving.
  9. Brakes on a tii are different than a 2002. Piston size up front and wheel cylinder size in the back are different than a standard 2002. Masters are designed to work with those components, including the proportioning of pressure front and rear based on the dimensions of those hydraulic components. The external dimensions may or may not be due to battery location. Yes, your brakes will still make the car stop. But pedal travel, feel and brake bias will change. Most people will never notice if you drive at a leisurely pace. But you start USING your brakes on a spirited canyon run and all of a sudden, the magic of a BMW tii braking system gets lost. From an engineering and marketing perspective, I wonder why BMW would make 2 different masters if one can replace the other? They could have installed the shorter master in both cars. They didn't. And if they went through the trouble to design a build a different part, I would not second-guess a BMW or ATE engineer.
  10. If it's a tii, I would definitely go with Jack. No one in SoCal comes close to his tii knowledge and expertise. (Jeff Tighe in OC and Rob Torres in SLO are the other two.) For a carbureted car, do a search on this forum about those shops and read up on people's experiences.
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