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  1. Good point jp5Touring. As a wise person once said "You can sleep in your car but you can't drive your house."
  2. I did exactly as Mike did & was pleased with appearance & functionality. I don't recall where I purchased the pod.
  3. My son's is about 1 hp per 10 lbs. too, with the a/c. The new driver probably weighs around 50 lbs. less than I do. As I've said before, living in eastern NC, you can have my a/c when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Yep, I handed it over today. Also met son's beautiful new girlfriend. She's prettier than the car. I expect son will post pics (of car, not gf) within a few days.
  4. He spun a crankshaft bearing about a month after I got it & I only beat him a little cause that gave me an excuse to have Henry Lawrence rebuild the motor and after that it has 214 wHP. I'm not so sure mine is nicer than Ray's, inverse is probably true.
  5. Selling it to my son. He's wanted it since I bought it 13 years ago & it's time to pass the torch. I'll still be lurking here in case I can occasionally contribute something useful.
  6. Seems that long ago I saw mention of Ford Pinto air filters working well with Weber carb & using Pinto filter & housing looked somewhat similar to OE.
  7. I live in eastern NC & you can have my AC when you pry it from my cold dead hands.
  8. I'm running 15" wheels & a 13" spare with my volvo brake upgade. I've had 2 flats on the front over the 15 years I've owned the car & the spare won't fit over the brakes up front so I get to play "musical wheels" when I have a flat.
  9. In 1975 I drove my Riviera '02 into a utility pole at about 50 mph. Does that count?
  10. Don't know if Mike Pugh here at 2002faq does PPIs but he's probably 15 miles closer to Fayetteville & certainly knows '02s.
  11. They're 80 miles from Fayetteville, but Shade Tree Garage in Raleigh would be a good choice.
  12. IIRC I've seen something about temps used for powder coating being detrimental to alloy wheels. I dunno, it was on the interwebz so it must be true.
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