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  1. This thread needs a good lesson in HP , or rather how it is calculated. HP = Torque x RPM / 5252 Now, torque is generally a function or displacement (in non-turbo bars), therefore the only thing you have real control over is RPM in this equation which then results in how much money you can spend. Spin at 9000rpm vs 6500rpm and it's clear the effect on HP. Hope that helps your thoughts, to spin fast, you need LIGHT strong parts......or parts that don't last long =)
  2. beast02er

    She drives!

    What are you doing for your Alternator? Stock? If so, how do you have it wired up? Mainly, do you have any wires besides the B+ connected?
  3. Dude, fix it up and drive or sell it. Way too nice to part out, 320is like this are finally getting appreciated. If I had a spot available i'd be all over this! Post in the cars for sale thread BTW....
  4. Name: Cortina GT Category: Non BMWs Date Added: 2017-08-01 Submitter: beast02er Cortina GT
  5. Damn, regretting every day of it! Did the car stay in State? In Seattle area? Send me any questions you have, we'll see if I remember!
  6. Looks like the guy that bought from me 1.5 years ago sold it off to whoever this was selling it. Mileage was not stated correct (I contacted them about it and they never replied). It was 177K+ miles, turned over of course. I should have held out for more $ when I sold ($6300), but had a 535is I was trying to buy for more family duty. I had owned this 2002 for 16 years, did all the 'upgrades' to it etc etc. Ended up selling it back to the buy I had bought it from......was 'buying as a project for him and his 16 year old son' , as my Dad had done for me 16 years prior (though it wasn't a project per se). Rust is why I sold it at what I did......had it on local CL at the time for $7500 and went down from there as interested parties passed it up. Good luck to whoever bought it, curious what happened to the car and buyer from me as it sounds like this seller purchased at Auction. -Bryan nomore 73' =(
  7. Is BMW really the featured marque next year? I was trying to look this up on Sunday (apparently its announced after the races are over?) Trying to make plans to drive my 535is down with my (then) 4yo son and my Dad (sold my 02 in February to support Family expansion etc) -Bryan no more red73
  8. I need an E30 318i fuel rail, contact me with info and price Thanks, Bryan
  9. Bought one, sweet! Now I just need a 318i fuel rail so I can modify the manifold / get things ready without tearing apart my current set-up
  10. What intake version? Older tii style with curved runners, or 318i style?
  11. I think an 80' has the wrong manifold (the one I already have, i'm looking for the tii style), and I already have a working engine. Thanks,
  12. I want to make my megasquirt car look more period correct and put the 320i early manifold on it. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks, Bryan red73 Location: Seattle, wa
  13. I want to change my 318i intake (megasquirted) to the 320i (tii style) intake for the looks......there has been VERY little 320i's up here in Washington as of late and i'm getting impatient. There are a few in the yards in Cali right now it looks like, so maybe if someone is near one of these yards and wants to pull the manifold/runners/fuel rail etc for me, i'd be willing to pay. These yards currently have the right year 320i's: Pick-n-Pull - Chico Pick-n-Pull - Rancho Cordova (Main Store) Pick-n-Pull - Fresno Anyway, probably a long shot, just seeing =) Message me if you are interested and we can work something out. Thanks, Bryan red73
  14. Mike, where would this "backwards wiring" be, at the turn indicator stalk? Or? Is the flasher relay the roundish relay with about 6 connections under it? That it? Also, by grounding at the mount screws, you mean what holds the actual turn signal to the body right? Thanks.
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