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  1. I read somewhere MSD is good for tii’s due to those motors tending to run rich? I’ve thought about installing one on my tii also. Any tii owners want to comment?
  2. 18 years ago my son found old honeymoon pics of ours where we were driving off in my '70 2002. He thought the car looked awesome, and me being dad thought it was a great opportunity to teach him how to wrench. We bought a '76, rebuilt the motor, he researched and sourced a suspension kit we then installed, and off we went. He's 33 now and his friends come to him for auto repair advice. Here's one memory. we sat across crosslegged from each other draining a dif into a plastic drain bowl. My son lost his grip, the dif hit the rim and cantilevered the full bowl of dif oil onto his head and chest. I watched a solid sheet of oil coming off his head and tried not to laugh, which I resisted for about 2 seconds, and then he started to laugh. That story now comes up once in a while after having a beer or two. And who knew but KB my daughter wanted to get dirty under the cars as well. Lots of quality time with both of them skinning knuckles on our backs under a 2002. And all of that led me back into working on BMW's, the '72tii, the 318is, 325i, 325ix, 325i again, the fan board, PNW 2002's, Blunt and general 2002 madness. Spend time with your kids doing ordinary things. Time flies by.
  3. Assuming the car is stock, block I.D. matches the vin, plastic intake runners, no fatal rust, you have the arguably most collectible year of the tii. I’ll buy it, many will buy it. Don’t short change yourself.
  4. Bad grounds are the most common problem on a variety of issues on 2002’s, including a clickie no startie issue
  5. yessir at the nose of the car. be careful though. It doesn't take much adjustment to hit the wipers with the edge of the hood as you close it.
  6. From someone that has been there Do it right. Take out the interior, take out the windows. take off the weatherstripping. All of that is a days work anyone can do. the last thing you want to look at is areas that were resprayed that you can see the diff between respray and new paint every time you drive your car. more elbow work yes, but better quality and no need to do it all over again down the road
  7. IMHO if you’re going to daily drive your car, I’d restore the suspension with stock rubber bushings and not urethane.. I have IE urethane on my tii and I regret not going stock. You don’t need the additional stiffness urethane gives you, they squeak, and there is something to be said for some comfort when driving the car daily. My car has HR sport springs and Bilstein shocks and my suspension is plenty sporty. first thing I’m going to do this summer is to replace the urethane on my car with rubber.
  8. Thanks! Now I just have to learn the terminology so I can understand what you’re telling me! Lol I have a lot to learn.
  9. Sorry if my question wasn’t clear, I was wondering how to tell the lockup percentage. To answer your question, I haven’t driven my tii a lot for a lot of reasons, not from lack of wanting to. I’m going to be buying a lift again for our new house and can again start getting my hands dirty. The tii’s driveline feels loose, like either the universal joints are worn, or the diff is sloppy. I’m competent mechanically to work on the tii, but I’ve never worked on a diff, let alone a LSD. I actually enjoy working on cars so if it’s a job that isn’t going to require all kinds of special tools I’d just as soon do it myself.
  10. I know it is a LSD thanks I’ve had it in the car for the last 10 years, all the way and back from Seattle to North Carolina so second question how hard would it be to rebuild myself, or am I better off thanking it to a competent shop?
  11. Some time ago I picked up a LSD for my tii off a seller on Ebay. The LSD is in an oem 2002 differential housing, but without the normal identifying marks you would expect on a 2002 LSD. That leaves me wondering if the seller, who was racing 2002's at the time, built the LSD from scratch in the oem housing. The diff is in my tii and was a straight out swap. My question is how I might identify if my diff is a 25% vs 40% or something else. And why I should care? And secondly exactly what 25% or 40% means? lol I should add the diff is a 3.90:1 and my car is a 4spd. Thanks for any help
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