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  1. id like to see a 1971 tii VIN
  2. It’s been so long (10 years ago) that i’d have to do the research all over.
  3. I can’t make it this time but thanks for the effort, and I’ll will attend in the future.
  4. I’m going to rip the fuel injection out of my tii and go with side drafts for better performance and value
  5. Going with the title of the thread, and maybe outside the box the best tool for repairing a car I’ve ever bought is a 4 post lift
  6. 99% of the time it’s the ground strap
  7. happy they got you to the ER quickly, all the best and wishing you good health gb
  8. You do not need nor is it advisable to go to bare metal if there is no rust involved What ever happened to the search function here? The under coats/primer used from the factory are high quality and going to bare metal is a waste of time and energy
  9. Free - YES you read that correctly - FREE you know you need it, and if you do it is FREE!! EMAIL ME at bonneys at comcast dot net
  10. plus an engine hoist and engine stand we sold our house and no place for these going forward for a while. $2000 for the lift firm $100 engine hoist - cherry picker design $30 engine stand b o n n e y s @ Comcast dot net first come first serve
  11. too bad you'll be racing at Watkins Glen? I'll play my violin for you LOL Thanks for the headsup though. Now I have a reason to get the tii finished.
  12. here's a few from over the years
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