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  1. It’s been so long (10 years ago) that i’d have to do the research all over.
  2. I can’t make it this time but thanks for the effort, and I’ll will attend in the future.
  3. I’m going to rip the fuel injection out of my tii and go with side drafts for better performance and value
  4. Going with the title of the thread, and maybe outside the box the best tool for repairing a car I’ve ever bought is a 4 post lift
  5. Oval’ing the pin holes defeats the purpose of the pins, alignment.
  6. What is the purpose of the O2 sensor? N’mind
  7. Just found this I guess I’m amazed at such a big price for a non tii car, with all its obvious flaws And as the Sotheby’s add says, it’s the last year for roundie taillights LOL You’d think Sotheby’s could do a little research before auctioning the car
  8. Drill holes. Center consoles parts are not rare and last I checked readily available. infact, unless you’re a purist, it’s a great opportunity to design your own center console incorporating such nice things a gauges and cup holders, a modern head unit for a radio, and eliminate the useless ashtray.
  9. I run Cibie headlights. Is there any advantage to the Hella Supers over traditional H4 headlights like Hella, Bosch and Cibie?
  10. These cars are old. Insulation dries out, wires crack inside old insulation, etc. a relatively common issue.
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