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  1. Could someone please post pics of the wired connections attached to an early clock (1972)? Thanks in advance
  2. Have fun, I'll join in next time. The 2nd is the first day I'm home from a 2 week road trip.
  3. Maybe I missed something? Did the group take a drive? LET’S GO !! I’m out of town the last two weeks of July, so let’s do a St.Helens drive (great idea roadhog0) in August. Who’s up for it? Maybe meet up at Alki boat launch as in years past (or somewhere) around 8:30 and leave about 9:00 for the volcano. Have lunch somewhere and home by 5:00 or so? Who’s up for a drive? We used to do this 2 or 3 times a year. Let’s go show off our cars and have a fun day! George b o n n e y s @ c o m c a s t . n e t
  4. Hi stu how do I get you my email?
  5. so here's a question I run HR springs with billy sport shox. I like the ride and it, for me, is not too stiff and I've never thought of it as stiff, sporty yes, stiff no. I thought we had this discussion years ago that HD's are designed for a longer suspension travel, ie standard springs, and sports are for lowered cars with shorter springs. sports thereby limit suspension travel so the springs don't self dismount from their perches if you happen to go airborne or unweight from a big bump. my suspension setup is 10 yrs old too, but only about 30k miles
  6. hope this works.....and helps tii fuel injection manual.pdf
  7. having owned more than a few of both, e30's have weaknesses but for a DD they're built like a tank. the only issue I ever had in an e30 was the fuel pump. plus you can add a suspension kit and they are really fun! that being said I'm going back to my tii as a DD. 2002's are generally reliable if sorted mechanically.
  8. you didn't mention where the leak is coming from? forward around the cover plate on the tranny/motor area? Common leak is the rear main seal which cam be replaced with a little effort. or towards the rear of the tranny up higher? the sector shaft seal is a common area for a leak and can be replaced without taking the tranny out. FIX THE FUEL LEAK from the carb. 10 to 20 drops of gas on a warm/hot motor is asking for trouble. and do what testy suggested, plus the fuel lines get old and crack plus ethanol gas can be an issue with old fuel lines.
  9. like the title mentions I need a trunk lock brought my car out of storage and the trunk key is missing would like a lock in really nice shape if possible TIA George
  10. from 2007, my son Greg (benetton) with his non-stock Avus blue 2003 hot rod. Car was eventually t-boned by a drunk, nobody hurt, and purchased out of auction by someone in Napa Valley where it resides today. Sooooo many new parts and things on that car is kinda hard to look at it. Probably the best wheels i've ever seen on a 2002. Compomotives that Greg restored. And that's my tii next to it.
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