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  1. why the people against M20 swaps can't read the topic and move on w/out spewing disengaged garbage is puzzling. Who made the Getrag 245 the "proper" gearbox? the stock E30 M20 tranny fits in the 2002's tunnel with no more massaging than required for an E21 5spd. I've done it. An M20B25 delivers low-RPM torque, comes fuel-injected, and is more common in the states as far as parts and spares than the M10. I've bought 2 running long-blocks for under $500 If you'd driven a stock M20/Motronic 2002, we wouldn't be arguing about this Why don't we just stay on topic? ..hope Andrew doesn't mind
  2. Awesome work on that dash! FYI.. grip tape floors eat through expensive driving shoes fast
  3. pluses? yes. To get any of them though, you have to have to have to get it dyno tuned. There is no other way, that I know of, to get the timing tuned better than a stock Motronic tune's balance. You need to be able to load the engine consistently and measure output as you add timing. Which means the MS will do WORSE than the Motronic if it's a stock motor. Some say their butt-dynos or G-meters are just as good, but no.
  4. that's what the joint at the end of the shaft is for.
  5. 2yr degree in electronics on Oahu while managing a small pizza joint. Got a gig off the rock in OR as a "bunny-boy" for Intel. Worked day-shift lithography tooling for 4yrs before I got fed up with the weather and the craziness of working for a major corporation in a cleanroom. Moved to sunny Socal in '04 to work for Los Angeles METRO as a light-rail tech for the Blue Line Division. I love this job. I work as the fill-in supervisor 2-days a week, and then as a tech the rest. I work with some majorly sharp individuals who are eager to teach and we do both electronic and mechanical work.. and the occasional damage repair lol. pays well and it's public service. I go through life like I play Zelda.. just keep going until you find something worth keeping in your satchel.
  6. If you mount the motor really low (like an inch off the crossmember), you can use the 260 trans w/out cutting the tunnel. You might have to bang a little in the clutch slave area, but minimal. also, don't run 3.91 gearing in back unless you want to turn the car back into a 4spd.. because 1st will be un-useable. North Hollywood speedo can sell you a vdo speedometer with a hall-effect sensor that you can fit into a standard '02 cluster. just ask for Kevin.
  7. If you're filling the coolant up correctly, there shouldn't be much question of the water pump working correctly. leave the cap off the rad and let the car heat up and thermostat open. Is coolant gushing out of the there once the car heats up? That would be bad. If not, you should see some coolant start to move into the radiator. If you don't see some good flow, it may be your pump. If your pumps good, but rad is plugged, you'd have popped hoses or bubbles by now. I think it just has air trapped somewhere If you suspect your rad is plugged, you want to check temp from side to side (horizontally) not top to bottom. If it's working correctly, it should be hot on top and cooler at bottom. edit: oops, just read your last post
  8. Does +12V feeding the injectors come straight from the battery? Is MS fed with a relay?
  9. I think that tape is gonna give out in the first turn
  10. love the pre-schooler photobomb.. and the car! if you sticker that Wink, make sure to sand it down flat first
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