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  1. all this talk of engine swaps on a Tii makes me ill. obviously OP, you haven't driven a well-sorted Tii. first thing to do is verify your "spare" long block and see if it matches the chassis of the car. if so, your goal is to fix the mess the PO(s) left. do whatever you want to the current motor while spending the big money on the correct one. after 40 years on you can expect the K-fisch needs attention.
  2. thank you for the kind words, sir. i appreciate your expertise and will preserve the set-up until someone pries this car out my cold, dead hands. not for nothing do i use it's chassis # as my ID. on every forum i've used since january 2003.
  3. hth let me know if you need another angle. robert w.
  4. having decided there is value in the Treebeard approach, i waited until the february issue came out to e-mail satch. perhaps i was hasty after all since there is an article about a Tii in the March issue. or maybe my thoughts had some effect. he put my missive at the top of the section 'New Roundel Bad' in letters this month. it may be surmised i had no thought he would publish it since it reads awful harsh. i just wish he had used the old school German letter for the "ss" sound. robert w.
  5. here she is 40 years ago, a simpering traitor with her friends eewww
  6. we can deduce where this guy is coming from by his post, sherlock holmes- style. as a 74 y/o former Marine we may presume he saw service in Viet Nam. where he may have killed people who identified themselves as communists or he may have had friends killed by people who identified themselves as communists. he himself is disabled, which may or may not reflect personal injury at the hands of communists. he only was on here for three days, which means he made a judgement based on his previous life since there was no time for Steve to personally offend him. he does not know Steve and may have simply lumped him in with Hanoi Jane merely based on Steve's avatar bottom line, the poor guy deserves our pity not scorn. hth robert w.
  7. you must be driving to the shop in costa mesa hey? there's a guy in mission viejo who's not tough to see and knows '02's well. he knows all the carb setups for them and built my tii motor.
  8. hey cheater- thought i'd resurrect some feedback from the day to show you've always been a P.O.S.. at least for the last ten years, which is good indication it's who you really are. nice to hear you wish tkent02 dead; it just shows how pathertic your rant is. anybody with a brain in their head will see you're a fuckbag. my feedback for you- LIAR & CHEAT- NOT THE ITEM PICTURED- BAIT & SWITCH- email me for details & proof Seller: Member id 02monster ( Feedback Score Of 509) No longer a registered user Oct-05-02 13:55 -- (#1856368731) my response to your feedback- Very quick...great ebaYer A+ Seller: Member id 02monster ( Feedback Score Of 509) No longer a registered user Sep-26-02 05:04 ■Reply by possumpatrol (Sep-30-02 19:14): I refuse to accept this positive- 'gmiguy' is a liar and a cheat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- (#1856368731) notice the seller id- you changed to 02monster then reactivated gmiguy to avoid the hassle of your corrupt selling. bye now, robert w.
  9. he may have a been a power seller but he RF'd me in an ebay auction and i gave him a negative. HE is the person who shattered my "2002 brotherhood" myth. when i related my transaction to tkent02 he told me "any asshole can buy a 2002". robert w.
  10. damn you're a long-winded bugger. it wasn't sarcasm but self-righteous petulance that made your original post so off-putting. hth robert w. p.s. are 4 hole e21 flanges really that valuable? i've got one floating around someplace.
  11. like most 'best' questions, this answer depends on your perspective. as a mature adult i have been very satisfied with the e30 M3 springs i bought used off craigslist. obviously, if you want your car 'stanced', these won't do. it would seem quality of spring would remain consistent by manufacturer- i would buy h&r over eibach any day. and of course many people still cut springs to get the ride height preferred. i was recently driven in an e30 touring with coil-overs and was shocked how horrible the ride was. even the owner admitted coil-overs were too much for a street car. if you can handle the immaturity, search at r3v. m42club is also a great resource. my car is a '91 318iS. good luck robert w.
  12. serious, heartfelt advice- put a bullet in the head of that '02 and find your basic $800 '83-84 318i to swap your s52 into. good luck whatever. robert w.
  13. no apologies needed for me- i always thought the search nazis were self-important jerks. your user id was familiar; ive been away awhile now too. good luck with your car. robert w.
  14. next question... how do u think the k-Fischer is gonna play with the built top end? Or would I need a new head? wow, things have changed here. back in the day you would have been chastised about killing kittens for not using search function to answer these questions. a kinder and gentler FAQ has emerged. when i built (actually paid eurotech to build) my motor in 2004, it was the consensus(almost) that kugelfischer mechanical injection works best with stock 264 cam unless the mapping cone was modified. there was one cat who claimed his schrick 284 was the shizzle but admitted he never ran a 264 in the car. the people i listened to were gus at pacific fuel injection, rob torres at 2002haus, curt ingraham at silicon garage(RIP) and tim at eurotech. the premise i used to increase power over stock was to raise compression ratio. i was able to source 10:1 bathtub pistons from maxmillian. today i think that window is closed and you would need custom pistons from like JE. if you have a running car with dcoes, it would only make sense to convert back to k-fisch if you want restore it to be a real tii. last but not least, dcoes are less offensive to a purist like me than any EFI setup. hth robert w.
  15. congrats on joining the club. no, the diff won't work. no, m30 is not a 'bolt on' replacement. in fact, such an installation would change the basic nature of the car. m20's are more easily used. blunttech.com is your resource for parts. hth robert w.
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