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  1. RacingAli

    DWA Coastal Range Rally

    Photo shot by Patrick Stevenson for Petrolicious
  2. Just make sure to match the stock Ackerman and you should be fine.
  3. Yes from Robin, super excited about it. I’ll find out more from MOMO and Alpina and respond. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So I just found this and had to pick it up. I paid top $$ for it, but i have never seen one like it before and esp in this good of condition. What do you think, do you know anything about it? It’s 38cm.
  5. I am looking for a good two piece or a three piece dash in any condition (for leather wrapping). Please email me racingali at gmail Location: Sunnyvale, CA
  6. Hello all, anyone out in St Louis able to take a look at an E30 for me? Please email msg me if you can or email me, racingali at gmail Thanks in advance!
  7. Anyone know where i can find an early (~1971) nose panel? I am also looking for an early hood that is in good shape. Thanks.
  8. I want it. Can you please email me with your number? Racingali at gmail dot com Thanks
  9. Do you have contact info for Ron? Or could you ask him to shoot me an email? Racingali at gmail Thanks
  10. Hello all, I have a pair of front tii struts fitted with Moton Motorsport single adjustable shocks, springs, and Ground Control camber plates. This setup will be great for the street, and amazing for a track or race car. If your class will allow it, you can add a reservoir and make these double or triple adjustable, very easy. These shocks were just rebuilt by PSI at Infineon and have not been on a car since. I can bring these to the swap meet in Brisbane next weekend. Oh yeah, the price, not cheap, but not over expensive either. I have about $2500.00 in parts and labor into these. I'm asking $1500.00 You can email me for more pictures and info. I am in Sunnyvale and work in Palo Alto, i can show the shocks any time.
  11. Very interested. Photos please. Racingali at gmail dot com
  12. hello, how do i get one of these headliners?
  13. Hello, i am looking for a hood for my 1971 2002. I would like one with the hood spring, in good or new shape. I am okay with a fiberglass or carbon hood as long at it will accept hinges and the hood spring. Please email me, racingali at gmail...
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