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  1. 1969 1600 COMPLETE PROJECT CAR WILL NOT PART OUT YET UNLESS THERE'S NO INTEREST IN THE WHOLE PROJECT I messed up and put it in the parts for sale section.... I want to sell it whole. comes with the usual rust and damage as well as some wear. Doors are crap, a little california rocker rust (not east coast rust) shock towers are good, driver's frame rail is a bit soft, nose is okay but not welded on prepped and ready to go, or pulled for another project or your liking. body is rough but can be saved. Euro flush signals-- fair Not an original car. Chamonix with an old and failing white repaint of some sort M20 Swap This was another M20 swap car, so everything that I have for that swap is included M20b25 from a 91 325i conv. Engine was complete and running when I removed it with good compression, all wiring, ECU, Starter, and accessories are present for swap 91 318i fuel pump for the M20 swap, slides right in. 240 five speed out of 91 318i new-ish clutch and pressure plate/ throwout bng/ new pilot bearing E36 short shift kit Engine mounts (required from here... fabricate fuel lines, drive shaft, transmission mount, shift tower mount, pick a radiator, rig a speedo and tach-- smoke tires.) Chassis parts and mechanical Big sway bars, front and rear. e21 big brakes in front. Disk brakes in the rear. NO BOOSTER-- has been deleted and was going to put on the early 1600 style brake pedal box and bigger master.... go ahead and do whatever you want here. Front adjustable camber and caster plates S. T. springs braided stainless steel brake lines E21 3.64 limited slip 1 set panasport wheels minus some center caps 1 set e30 basket weave wheels, white with center caps with nearly new tires Two instrument clusters, one tach missing Extra lightly cracked dash Shorty center console Shorty bumpers front and rear, not great but with a bunch of love... not very rusty but a few little dings Many trim pieces-- various Extra switches (lights, wipers, etc...) Extra 121 head, will need to be resurfaced Set of NEW OEM door seals Extra 1600 tail lights Seats are Acura Integra seats, mounted and quite comfy rears stockers are there but crap, integra seats are there for your modification I can include stereo equipment to get you rockin' including a deck, subs, amp and some wiring enough sound deadening material is included to do the entire car headliner is in decent shape two very nice fenders are included as is a replacement deck lid and the hood is not installed... BFD Glass is okay included are two extra rear qtr windows with tint Stock exhaust Car has e21 rack steering that'll need to be dialed in, or you can buy a stock subframe and convert it back and sell this gear. Comes with a steering box and some other stuff just in case that's what you wanted to do. I'm inviting all offers... honestly you can't insult me-- I want it gone to make room for my airplane project. The parts are hard to value... what would you like to pay for them? Really it'd be best for any prospective buyer to come take a look first as pictures are not going to be good enough to see what is here. you can't drive it away, so any buyer will have to work out shipping/transportation I've probably forgot some items. Call me Bill 415 246-3164
  3. that's the radiator I used and it did fine in the high desert, full throttle tahoe climbs, and summer sacramento roasts... hmm is your fan turning on? Is the car actually overheating? I'm baffled really.
  4. 87 325i pump, scirocco rad, 325i expansion tank, hybrid of 02 and e30 hoses and one hose from napa auto parts that fit my needs on the upper hose coupled with a copper fitting Radiator fits with the hood supports intact No oil cooler. Used eta screw on fitting that screws into the spot that the cooler housing used-- plug and play
  5. mail me for contact info How many participants are required for the group buy and what sort of discount can be expected?
  6. I used two front manifolds and fabricated the downpipe to mate to the lower portion of the 02's exhaust ahead of the break at the transmission. Welded a bung into the exhaust to accept the o2 sensor after the collector
  7. just like the others say... the grommets another way though is to "sheath" the lock rod ends (or even most of the rod for maximum effect) with silicone vacuum tubing. Works great lasts long time.
  8. am I missing something here? I thought that non shouldered studs were actually stronger than shouldered ones. a shouldered stud, if tightened to where the shoulder bottoms out is not grabbing on all of the thread surfaces, and will tend to shear at the end of a thread cut at the shoulder. While I know that a non shouldered stud has the risk of being threaded too deeply, but these ones with the hex head on the end can (when there is access) keep that from happening. I know there are bottom studs whose ends will crowded by the header/manifold but the top ones will not have that problem. Is this the reason for the shoulder?
  9. you also need to clean the ever-living-crap out of the holes in order to get a good seal with the loc-tite I use q-tips and carb cleaner, then run a bolt in and out to clean some more cleaning the bolt each pass. Let the carb cleaner dry or blast with compressed air. The result is a clean, smoke/leak free exhaust manifold.
  10. I like the idea of the swap I'm always for the bastard child implant idea. That being said, I don't just have nice things to say and I never did learn to keep my mouth shut when they taught it in elementary school. Now in my mid thirties I have to watch it most of the time to keep myself out of trouble. But Okay, this is what I really think... the nose line at the hood looks SUPER effed up... not to mention that the whole nose is fugly. My assumption is that the core support is punched out to fit the radiator/intercooler and then glassed over to smooth it out. I'd rather see the engine pushed back into the firewall before doing that sorta number on the exterior bodylines... das-jus-me-dough
  11. A couple of specifics that I can recall Alto Off-Road park Prescott, AZ. with a limited slip and cut springs I was able to take it to the highest points of the park and through all but the most technical parts of the park. I did crush my center resonator but never high-centered. Prescott National Forest Another primitive road... went to a Bon-fire party in the middle of nowhere. There were two creek crossings, the water was past the door sills and spilling into the car a bit past the seals. At the deepest I was told that my headlights half dissapeared. Where most people without four-wheel drive stopped, I walked the heavily rutted hillside road, picked my line and then proceeded to take my car where most Pre-runner style two wheel drive trucks got stuck. I got a full standing ovation and several people asked what alternate route I took. At one point I had to have a friend sit on the trunk to get both wheels to put down power to keep going since the car was teetering crossed-up with one front wheel and one rear wheel up in the air.
  12. you know... you're right. an M10 equipped e30 tranny.... yes will fit. but I don't know shite about the shift linkage or mounting on those. I don't know if its close to e21 or more like late e30 stuff Time to climb under at a pick and pull
  13. how about NO. the bellhousing is wrong for an M10, but if you did an m20, m40, or m42..., No speedo drive, too big for the tranny tunnel, driveshaft customization required, shift platform fabrication necessary. the best way an e30 gearbox will fit would be from a 91 only 318i or 318is but only mated to a non-m10 engine.
  14. I'd like Coop to chime in... some people may recall that one year from Davin's house to Palo Alto for the SwapNShow. My M20 vs. Coop's M2 vs. Coop's M-Coupe and a bunch of other 02's as well Davin in a busted ole truck-- err I mean a great part's hauler. I remember having the Speedometer pegged for quite some time. With Modern car with an accurate chase speed that day too. I do seem to recall a bunch of modern cars looking like they were standing still too. Anybody remember that day?
  15. I'm there on facebook.... who else is there? Mail me at the link here!
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