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  1. Hey Jeff, $20 for the late cluster? I'll take it. If the sunroof hardware is in good condition, I have a friend that needs that.
  2. OMG! With the "improved" diving board bumpers and late nose. What else can I ask for?
  3. Are the others in the Raleigh area?
  4. This is what I have. Came with a roundie I bought, and I don't have a need for it. The center grill does have a couple of minor dings. PM for price if interested. Very reasonable.
  5. Are you looking for new, or would you consider used because yours is beaten up?
  6. Speaking of.front tow rings, someone use to sell them. Anyone remembers who?
  7. Looks like that frame rail has already been repaired. Depending on how bad the rust is, just cut the rusted section and weld a piece of sheet metal to replace it. The other option would be to replace the frame rail, but that involves a lot more work and expense. New frame rails are available from Restoration Design and Walloth & Nesh
  8. My only observation is that the first batch of tii nose panels were stamped with the snorkel hole pressed into the metal. Also, the letters "MVP" are stamped on the horizontal panel by on top of the right headlight bracket. Just make sure you are ok with that prior to purchase. Can't speak to the fit of the panel.
  9. Great project! I too had a pastelblau 76 back when I was in college. Sold it because I didn't have $400 for a repair.😭
  10. What are you using for the bottom of the door? W&N has replacement parts for that.
  11. Welcome to the board! I am guessing the car is still in Yugoslavia? Add the car to the Registry, when you can.
  12. That car has been posted in Facebook marketplace several times. The ad appeared saying the car is in Florida. Owner took a lot of heat, it was posted higher than that. It's a pile of rust being held by single stage paint.Now the car is in Nashville? Buyer beware! Actually, anyone buying this deserves to get their head examined.🤣
  13. Safe travels. Sorry to see those two 2002's leave NJ. Never got to see the e30 M3.
  14. Cruzr

    Mini Cooper

    Hello: Friend of mine took me to see a Mini his son in law acquired from a shop owner who just wanted it out of his shop. I have tried to search for classic Mini forums and posted asking to help identify this car. The forums I found don't seem to have a lot of activity like the FAQ. Hoping someone can help me identify the model. All we know is that it's apparently a 1965 model. I noticed there is an "S" attached to the rear panel and although I didn't take a pic of the instrument panel, it seems to have several gauges, not the standard speedometer tachometer on standard Minis. Can someone help me get more information? THanks
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