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  1. Cruzr

    Not my car, not related...

    I knew we could count on Les to bring the truth out... And of course, that changes the picture on the pricing. 😄
  2. That's the reason I am not posting it in the For Sale section... I I didn't see it there.
  3. Hi: Can you share the VIN? Matching #'s?
  4. Chris: Please add it to the registry. Reading through some of the project blogs, I find cars that have not been added. What better way to find out how many are out there? Regards,
  5. I can't speak specifically for any one dealer, but I have heard from board members who have purchased NOS parts from "european" parts dealers for pennies on the dollar. One of those parts ended up in my stock not to long ago. If you have purchased parts from Walloth & Nesch, you will notice that they have BMW parts labels in addition to their own label. I have heard that they do get some of these from old stock they find at dealers. If you talk to local enthusiasts, they might be able to point out european parts dealer and be lucky enough to find parts that are NLA sitting in a dusty shelf. Good luck!
  6. Cruzr


    This 1972 Sahara 2002tii resided in Puerto Rico. Very rusty, the nose, tail panel and engine were sold and used to restore other tii's.
  7. So whatever happened with this project? Was it ever finished?
  8. The emblem is anodized. It will not polish properly if it's been exposed to the weather. Here's an article on how to polish them.
  9. Cruzr


    This was a 1972 Inka tii, built sometime in January 1972. Sat on a field in Virginia for years. Too far gone to be saved....
  10. Cruzr


    1972 BMW 2002tii, built December 1971, featured in Road and Track magazine in 1981. Presently residing in PA.
  11. Sports Car Restoration is the place. Dedicated enthusiasts that will get it running right....
  12. I'm in East Windsor, exit 8 of the turnpike.
  13. I have tried to organize drives. Few people respond, or cancel at the last minute. Anyways, I know of a few who are not regulars on the FAQ. Let me know if you feel like getting together. Robert (cruzr on this board)