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  1. Not mine/no connection to seller. Just FYI https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-BMW-1800-Neue-Klasse/153941941542?hash=item23d7a79d26:g:i5AAAOSwD3dehfpS
  2. Congrats but, you're moving to Florida? Who will lead the brethren to Mid-America?
  3. CORRECTION: The VIN Register at the colombian page https://www.bmwclasicos.com/foro/threads/595/ shows that as a car built sometime in 1967. A total of 32,062 were built in that period. Can you get a pic of the VIN plate attached to the inner right fender, or the number stamped on it and post it?
  4. I'm not sure you need that measurement. The 681 mm is the one you go by. That measurement is to the center of the frMe rail and not the outer edge. The shape of the frame rail will really determine where to weld it. There are dents on the floor pan that will guide you.
  5. Sounds healthy! Not sure I understand. Are you just rebuilding the drive train and engine, but not the body?
  6. Looks like you are going to need more than the outer skin. The bottom part of the door's inner structure is gone. What are the plans for that?
  7. Hey Marshall: Did you get rid of the under dash panels? How far away are you from Jim's place? This might call for a road trip, unless Virginia is also blocking out of towners from traveling like Delaware is.
  8. Hi: Not sure if this is of any help. If you can print the correct size, it should work. console template.pdf
  9. Very nice job! what is the VIN, if I may ask?
  10. Yikes! The sun really did a number on that paint. At first I thought it was Sahara. You are saying it's a 71, but it looks more like an early 72 tii. What is the VIN, may I ask?
  11. Count me in for 1. Thanks for your efforts.
  12. You probably will not have a problem, as long as you maintain the distance between the bumper mounting points at 681mm
  13. Just overpriced. The seller doesn't seem to know enough for a proper description of the car. Non refundable deposit would be enough for not bidding.
  14. Terry Sayther is there. He will check them out😆
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