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  1. The column's vin plate in addition to the plate in under the hood has always been fine for me in the past at the DMV. AAA would be a sure bet, but probably unnecessary unless you need other services ( you do have your Real ID compliant DL, right?)
  2. Piece of cake. Easier than the older E21 log because there is space under there that the rounded runners take up in the E21 system. Longer arms do help though. Having used both with EFI I would say where do you want to drive/what cam do you have. The e30 manifold has better low-end, but the volume is a bit small and constrains the top-end (overall HP) a bit. Reverse for the E21 log with a more favorable manifold volume.
  3. It's not like Dr. Schrick has been working on the 292 or 305 anytime recently either. They are all "old" tech and depend heavily on the set up. Ironically I think the greater velocity afforded by the smaller 118 ports may actually benefit the OP in balancing low-end and top-end performance. Your going to be reving up there anyway with a 1600.
  4. WVGranat


    That's because the KBA is 48235 which comes up as Ronal.
  5. Hi Enoz, Sending you a PM. _Walter
  6. I'll take one as well. Thanks for doing this!
  7. I will chime in on this front. I am not sure about the later Megasquirts, but in my experience V1 needed clean power, once we got to v2 (v2.2) the key was a good separate ground for the ecu and sensors, I would hope that later versions continue that trend. I have a trunk mounted battery and just bring a single feed forward to a distribution block, all engine electrics route from that single point, including the MS. No noise problems and I have over 10y on this system now.
  8. I agree with the 118 being sacrificial. Notice in the second video with the head build they are using an E12. The exhaust ports also look more conservative.
  9. Bit late to the party I know (had reply ready yesterday, but accidentally deleted it). It's all a risk, you decide. But pay attention to what data points we have: there are crash and crash testing pictures and insurance information(note what Allan from Canada reported on page one, it's the usual advice) which pretty strongly suggests that the front seat is the right place for survivalbility. That's a touring up there in that picture, so a little less rigid than a sedan, but honestly they are not that different, that back seat is heavily compromised. If you roll over, the B-pillars are usually the only ones not severely compromised. Don't just assume that because modern cars suggest the rear seat, that it is somehow the best place. Only the doors got side impact beams, the rear metal just has the one triangular gusset down low by the wheel. So if you need the room sure, but if its just the two of you,well I have always opted for the passenger seat. Having said that, yes I my toddler rides in the front in his Recaro seat, and my 8 yo sits in the rear if I am taking them both out, and I generally DD mine 3-4 months of the year so it happens. Just understand the risks. Much like Abe I can remember awesome times in the back seat of my friends dad's 2002 and 2002 turbo in the 70's ripping down the autobahn or around the alps, the lap belts loosely fastened around us.
  10. Remember it's Germany, TUV and other regs. limit what you can put on a street driven car, and expect the manufacturer's agent to work on. So, probably not only OE, but not much more than OEM.
  11. Really great find. The rear wheels are early 80's Audi, like from the body shell behind the tii in the first pic.
  12. The nuts securing the front carb are loose in that picture. But maybe you were doing some work?
  13. So Sorry Daniel. I wondered what was up when I hadn't seen the car around recently. It will be missed. -Walter
  14. There is a heat shield along the gas tank in the center (even on earlier cars). They would have needed an additional heat shield along the section leading out towards the side exit. Easier to just go out the center. (And we have no restrictions on center exit unlike some Nordic countries at the time)

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