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  1. Did you ever find a replacement for your 240? I’m looking for a blown up 240 to use for parts
  2. Have you tried fitting the new m42 radiator yet??
  3. You can make it all fit with out cutting any radiator sheet metal,you just have to make everythign really tight in the engine bay and use a thin radiator. But yes you do have to remove the Battery tray.
  4. Looks great Jim, But i have to ask after all your going through why not rechrome the vent window frame.
  5. Rich can you email me if your serious about selling that kit? [email protected]
  6. Ha ha I dont have any pics currently but I know the team will get some this weekend. Wish I could make it but someone has to go to Canada and keep that audi fast for skeen
  7. Hey skip check out the Hawk garge with the Vette and Camaro and porsches over by tech. Mark skeen (mike Skeens Father) Will have his 2002 race car there to race.
  8. You also say you recently adjusted your valves. Are you sure there all correct and you dont have a losve rocker making noise? Obviously though like everyone else has said is you need to comfirm your ignition timing first then go from there if it still knocks.
  9. Need an early short console for my project. Any leads would be great nicer the shape the better but dont mine re-triming if needed. Im In NC but dont mind shipping thanks Dylan. Location: Charlotte NC
  10. Hey manimal hey you tried your engine mounts in a car with out a cut nose panel?
  11. So I dont have any pictures right now but this is a very easy fix. I can get pics this week if anyone wants them. First you remove the switch from the center console or where ever you have it mounted. Next you will see around the body of the switch several small square openings that appear to have a clip in them. These are what hold the top of the switch and the bottom together. You just have to gently push those tabs in while gently prying up on the top of the switch. I know this sounds tedious and it is. You may have to have several tries at it till all of those tabs are out together. When you get them all together the switch just pops in two pieces, watch for a spring under the red part of the switch. Now on the side of one half you will see a little spring tab with a tong off of it. You just bend that tab in to tighten the Switch. Now try it to make sure everything is tight.
  12. The last car I did that trim on we ran into the same problem. The clips look a little different but work the same and fit well. Just look different that is all.
  13. Great job and awesome car. I was the guy in the Black hawk performance shirt that came by on sunday. Great looking car and wish I wasn't busy with our cars to have seen your race. Hope to see you there next year.
  14. Hey Marshall, is that a second stock line you ran or did you custom bend it from something? T hanks Dylan.
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