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  1. As best I can tell, all the (at least) US 72 and 73 cars, and possibly the Modell 71 (257xxxx VINs) from 1971 are so equipped. Earlier cars are not if they were sold in the US, but have the terminals on the turn signal levers to wire it up. This feature is why the left and right parking and tail lights are on separate fuses. mike
  2. Always happy to help fellow 02ers...I had to learn a lot of this stuff the hard way (or from one of the real 2002 experts, like Michel Poteau and Terry Sayther), so why should anyone else have to learn things that way when it's already been figured out! That's what makes this forum so good--I learn new stuff almost every day. And it was great meeting everyone at both Vintage and at Mid America back in April. mike PS I don't understand how David's car was running at all with that solenoid disconnected. Only thing I can think of was that it was somehow stuck in the open position and suddenly became unstuck, as they close the idle jet orifice when power is disconnected. One of life's little mysteries.
  3. Used to be you could buy colored caps for your small instrument bulbs; dunno if they're still available. You can always take a red Magic Marker and color the bulbs that way. Just remember that any color over the bulb envelope will tend to make it a little dimmer than if there was no color... mike
  4. If you use your quarter windows, I'm sure you've noticed by now that opening the passenger side quarter window gives the driver's neck a nice breeze--and vice versa. mike
  5. Put Mid America 02Fest on your 2020 calendar: late April, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Drive out to Dayton from DC, join our caravan and have a great time. mike
  6. I had a vibration/drumming on my '73 some years ago between 55 and 60 mph that drove me crazy (enough to keep the car 41 years). Turned out to be a rear tranny mount that had turned to black goo. Replaced it with the much beefier E21 mount (or you can use one from a Bavaria) and the drumming ceased. mike
  7. Model year '69s began with vin 16627xx, making yours one of the first 400 or so "first series" '69s--that is those produced before 1 January 1969 when some significant changes were made, primarily to accommodate new Federal regulations. The figures BMW gives for production years are based on calendar year (1 Jan-31 Dec) while cars in the US are (generally) titled by model year (1 Sep-31 Aug). mike
  8. The roundie bus wheels started out as a kinda matte--not flat black but not glossy either. However after a few years of steering, the rims became quite shiny from handling. If you were to look at the underside of the center, that's probably the closest to wht the whole wheel looked like when new. mike
  9. The Midwest contingent is off to Vintage tomorrow morning--gathering at Lexington KY to proceed down to Asheville--I=75 south to Corbin and then on old US 25 (Dixie highway). Looking forward to seeing everyone en route and at the event... mike
  10. She's lookin' good, Nick. Way to go. +1 on the seats, please tell us more. mike
  11. Those three holes on your inner fender are for the original round relays--one for the horn, and a second one (not on US cars) to hold the relay for the optional (in Europe) fog lights. Mike G's idea is a good one, except your relays don't have the attaching tab for a screw. Two other possibilities: find one of those relay holders from a squarelight parts car and bolt it in place on your '70 The relays you have will sllide into the slots on the holder. Other idea: velcro the relays to the inner fender. I've had a three gauge pod atop my dash velcroed to its base since 1987 and it hasn't come loose yet, despite numerous autocrosses and a driving school... mike
  12. Good point--I failed to notice that it's a right quarter panel he needs... mike
  13. Presume this is the tranny that came out of your '02...all the numbers you quote in your question are casting numbers, not the part number. From the outside appearance it's a 4 speed that probably came either from an E21 or from a 1600 as it has a 3 bolt guibo flange. '02s had a four bolt flange. However...see below for another possibility. Is there anything wrong with it now? Bad second gear synchro? That's a common problem on 4 speeds, especially the pre-71 boxes with Porsche-style synchros. In your last picture there appears to be a black bolt in silhouette in the 5 o'clock position. That's where the speedo cable would go, through a hole in the housing with a retainer clip held by that bolt. If the hole is plugged, that tranny is from an E30 318 ('84 or 85) that used the M10 engine. You'll need to see if there's a drive gear beneath it. If not, you'll need to rig up a GPS speedometer/odometer, or take the back of the case apart and install the speedometer drive gear. If you want a 5 speed (and can find a good one), it's a reasonably easy install--Lotsa stuff in the archives on that project. mike
  14. Eta block; 524 TD forged crank; is cylinder head for the big valves...old school receipe as originally (I think) thought up by Pete McHenry... mike
  15. Depending on how hard the hit was, if the damage to the quarter panel was just at the very rear and/or buckled the panel directly over the rear wheel arch, your body shop should be able to pull that out. Same thing happened to me last year and that's what my shop did--came out perfectly. However it was a low speed hit. FYI, the quarter panels on roundies and squarelights are identical, so you may be able to locate one for (or on) a squarelight. Expands the eligibles in your search. mike
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