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  1. I need the whole shebang. Got a car with no air cleaner for the old standard solex and having trouble finding a substitute. Anyone upgrade to weber and have their old air cleaner lying around?? cheers -Zachary in Langlois please use the contact button or reply here!
  2. heh.. finally a use for my psych degrees. Should I make a 1-900 number? I could do it for maybe $50 an hour -- with a FAQ discount maybe $40
  3. likewise, when I did mine the car was on a lift. It was not a huge deal .. just had to wriggle it around a bit and it went in.
  4. just doing a quick search I found this service: https://www.escrow.com/ The fees are $0-$5,000 3.25% ($25.00 minimum) or we could bolt it into the site. I don't know if thats something we'd want to get into or not. Depends on how much trouble it would be for the moderators == like we don't have enough time to keep the dang site updated and spam proof much less keep track of who buys what or mediate disputes. Its something to consider though.
  5. yeah I agree.. a grand is a lot of dosh for a used engine of unknown quality
  6. I have the thule racks.. they do rule. I've hauled lumber and all kinds of stuff on mine They have them on http://www.bavauto.com/ but they are kind of spendy there. If you get on bav auto and select your car and year you'll find them. Part 324 I scored a used set from fleabay searching for thule 324
  7. Cinderella Story Nice one Blunt !!!!
  8. No this engine has always had the noise. This is a car I got from an auction so I don't know the history of it. It just was a tick tick tick noise that didn't sound good, and I decided it wasn't the valve or anything else till I took off the oil pan and the chain was really slack. It could be that the PO changed the oil pump and didn't shim it well.. the pump looks like someone had been messsing with it. So what about your water pump? Maybe its making a clattering. You can pull the fan belt and start the car and if the sound goes away you know it could be that. Naturally you don't want to run too long .. just long enough to see if the noise is there. Its a quick test -- a hell of a lot easier than pulling the oil pan!!
  9. Yeah -- you click on your name, select profile and set Topic Sorting (Thread "Bumping"): ON that'll get the threads with the newest posts to the top of the list. I assume you figured that out but just to be sure cheers -zachary
  10. THats pretty cool.. but yeah.. they should at least send you a copy!!
  11. my noise which I thought was a timing chain turned out to be a really lose oil chain. So you can pop off the oil pan and have a look down there -- especially if the timing chain *seems* tight. But first take the timing chain tensioner out and make sure the spring is OK.
  12. hey do you guys think it's be worth breaking the 'for sale' section of this site down to regions? like north america, south america, australia etc? Think there would be enough activity in the sub forums to justify it? Cos I know you guys probably don't even bother with the classifieds since most of the stuff is about a billion freaking miles from where you live. Just a thought -zachary sweet job btw bingbong.. looks like a nice one!
  13. now this post has been uber helpful. I've figured out the noise i'm hearing from this 74 is the oil chain being waaay too lose. Its almost slack. So just to recap for us mechanical idiots.. if you have an oil chain that is too lose you take the pump off and add these shims right? Given its so slack there isn't anything else I should look at to be the reason yeah? I mean its super slack.. been hunting this engine noise for a while and its got to be that chain slapping around down there thanks again -zachary
  14. heh no way man.. thats my tii!!! A few years ago I rescued this 1970 from a field and ran it for a summer: I'd be a fun ride back south!! I think all we need to do is get a fresh battery and bang on the starter.. but it did get pretty wet during the big storm. It leaks a LOT and I had it covered but the 120 mph winds blew off the cover nad it got about 8 inches of water inside. but it didn't drain out so the floor pans are solid! best of luck to you man.. i'm sure you'll 'happen' to acquire a new ride eventually
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