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  1. Compliments of Buckeye! Thanks again. VR_TSI_0021_EN.pdf
  2. Hi, Misplaced the instructions for Victor Reinz Head Gasket. Was part of a Top End Gasket Set (11 12 9 065 722). If anyone could scan a copy and post it up here or PM me with it I'd be most appreciative! Regards, Jeff
  3. Ordered a Stahl header from Bryce back in early November and give or take 3-4 weeks it arrived as described. A few txt messages and phone calls were placed to try and get it moving along.
  4. It's the big 30mm threaded pipe plug that requires a 36mm socket. The engine building book I have recommends teflon tape for sealing these. Thoughts on teflon tape vs rtv or some other sealant?
  5. Hi, Making progress on my M10 rebuild and the block coolant screw plug/gasket ring has me stumped. Machine shop removed it from block prior to bake/blast process and I believe that it contained an inner and outer washer or crush ring however when I got it back only the inner washer ring was included. It looks to have been glued to screw plug. A couple of well placed taps and remaining brown crud gave way and it was out. Searched through Reinz lower gasket set and nothing to be found. Quick look at upper gasket set yielded inner and outer gasket rings that appear to fit. Just want to confirm these are the correct gasket rings and should I use rtv or some other adhesive on them prior to installation? Thanks, Jeff
  6. Just confirmed that they only fit one way inside the combustion chamber. Now on to wire clip installation.
  7. I will check the fitting with combustion chamber. No other markings or details besides generic instructions that were same as website. Worst case I will contact TEP on Monday or run down to machine shop. Thanks Jeff
  8. Just want to confirm that my pistons are orientated correctly before installation. These are JE 9.8:1 dome pistons being mated to an E21 head. In below picture I'm assuming that bottom/larger relief goes to intake. Is this correct? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Hi David, I'm an active member of NorEast 02 club and located about 15-60 mins away in Fairfield depending on traffic. PM me and I will get you all the club links and info. Jeff
  10. Good to hear. Contact your Gov't sponsor agency and let them deal with it. They will have the resources for recovery and can investigate whether or not you data exfiltration took place due to malicious code.
  11. Did you DAA authorize you to work on classified docs in an unclassified environment and issue you a property pass?
  12. BMWCCA.org site appears to be down...
  13. Interested. Email me through FAQ. Jeff
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