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  1. DonP

    Dropping front subframe

    Thanks guys, help and comments always appreciated. I have the engine support bar as well and it worked great on both of my e30s, just wasn’t sure about the 02, and where to hook it up, super easy on the e30 m20. Guess I need to get busy and I find some time now to do the 02! Don
  2. All my searches are turning up threads with dropping the subframe and engine, or with the engine already out. Found some cracks on the left motor mount bracket, so just wondering if I can use an engine support bar to hold the engine in place while I drop the subframe. Did this on my e30, so any reason why I can’t or shouldn’t do it the same way for the 02? Thanks, Don
  3. Hey Garrett, I will send the picture of the manifold tonight as we discussed, but in the meantime this is what I use on my 02 with the Stahl header. I believe it is an e21 gasket/shield, and I assume it would work with the stock manifold as well. Maybe something to consider if you can't find a good shield. Don
  4. I have the original manifold off my 73, if Grice's doesn't work out. Don
  5. DonP

    knee trim

    PM sent for #3. Thanks
  6. DonP

    S14 Engine Parts

    Hey Sheldon, I have the AFM. PM me if you are interested. Don
  7. DonP

    Beautiful Turbo in Calgary

    Didn't Tunerworks have one in their shop a year or two ago? Could be the same one? Don
  8. DonP

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Thought this was kind of a cool picture, taken by one of the guys at the BMW Club Cars and Coffee the other night
  9. DonP

    Rear euro bumper

    Agreed, not sure why it is a euro, it is exactly like my 73
  10. DonP

    center for bus steering wheel

    Hey Barney, just sent you a couple pictures. Let me know if it is what you are looking for. Don
  11. DonP

    center for bus steering wheel

    Hey Barney, pretty sure I have one from my 73. I will have a look when I get home and let you know. Don
  12. DonP

    Ronal wheels

    I have the Ronal's on my iX for winter wheels, and love them. A real nice change from the stock basket weaves. Don
  13. DonP

    Show me your garage/work space

    Thanks brbrian73! I lust after my son's 24 x 26 garage with 2 post lift, multiple welders, press, engine crane (mine), etc, etc. His collection of cars isn't too bad either! He is only a couple minutes away, so you can guess where dad goes when he has the bigger jobs to do ;-) Don
  14. DonP

    Show me your garage/work space

    Nothing fancy, but I guess it gets the job done. Would love a bigger shop like some of the others one here though