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  1. Hey Garrett, I will send the picture of the manifold tonight as we discussed, but in the meantime this is what I use on my 02 with the Stahl header. I believe it is an e21 gasket/shield, and I assume it would work with the stock manifold as well. Maybe something to consider if you can't find a good shield. Don
  2. I have the original manifold off my 73, if Grice's doesn't work out. Don
  3. DonP

    knee trim

    PM sent for #3. Thanks
  4. DonP

    S14 Engine Parts

    Hey Sheldon, I have the AFM. PM me if you are interested. Don
  5. DonP

    Beautiful Turbo in Calgary

    Didn't Tunerworks have one in their shop a year or two ago? Could be the same one? Don
  6. DonP

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Thought this was kind of a cool picture, taken by one of the guys at the BMW Club Cars and Coffee the other night
  7. DonP

    Rear euro bumper

    Agreed, not sure why it is a euro, it is exactly like my 73
  8. DonP

    center for bus steering wheel

    Hey Barney, just sent you a couple pictures. Let me know if it is what you are looking for. Don
  9. DonP

    center for bus steering wheel

    Hey Barney, pretty sure I have one from my 73. I will have a look when I get home and let you know. Don
  10. DonP

    Ronal wheels

    I have the Ronal's on my iX for winter wheels, and love them. A real nice change from the stock basket weaves. Don
  11. DonP

    Show me your garage/work space

    Thanks brbrian73! I lust after my son's 24 x 26 garage with 2 post lift, multiple welders, press, engine crane (mine), etc, etc. His collection of cars isn't too bad either! He is only a couple minutes away, so you can guess where dad goes when he has the bigger jobs to do ;-) Don
  12. DonP

    Show me your garage/work space

    Nothing fancy, but I guess it gets the job done. Would love a bigger shop like some of the others one here though
  13. DonP

    WTB long console ashtray and surround

    Hey Fredric, if you still need this I think I have what you need. Don
  14. Makes no sense at all. How would you change tires or put it on a balancing machine?