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    I started my journey with my car. I picked it up in Sausalito, Ca and drove it 500 miles home. It was the first of many journeys with the car. So many emotions are tied to this car. Its truly a part if me. Soooo many here have helped me on this journey and I am glad to call alot of you friends that I have met on the way! Thanks to everyone that here on the bmw2002faq for giving me advice, keeping me pointed un the right direction, helping me out with parts or just making me laugh!!! Looking forward to many more years with this one and maybe anither build starting in 2019. Thanks!!
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    just got back from a track weekend. (summit point shennendoah circuit) tried putting the camera in different spots. first..on front bumper right in front of left headlight. this is less than a foot from the engine intake... next up was a mount on the rear license plate. this was about 6 inches above the exhaust....crank up the volume! this was the in car view from another session. (friend in right seat...)
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    I had a 72tii many years ago and ended up selling it once we started to have kids. I've always missed the car and over the last 10 or so years I have been keeping my eye peeled for another. A couple of weeks ago I came across this one, originally from Texas so rust is super minimal, interior is great, looks like one respray. The best part is the kid couldn't get it running or even to crank so I was able to buy it at a very good price. The seller seemed honest in that he has driven it over the last four summers with no issues... until now - I rolled the dice, bought it, and trailered it home. I got it home and it seems to be an intermittent electrical issue to the starter. I changed the oil, got it running and drove it for about a half hour. Everything seems to be mechanically sound as it sure drives great. I'm excited to have one of these again but since it has been many years I hope all of you will bear with me as I am sure I will be asking a bunch of newbie questions as I work to get this dialed in.
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    Another one of our own has become a little more famous. See if we can make him blush @pichos1
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    Out for a drive during a brief break in the weather here, going 35 in a 35. I’m heading through a T intersection and have the right of way when a Subaru station wagon decides to pull out into the road with no possible hope of making it into its lane without hitting me. I suspect the driver failed to look both ways. By the time I braked I was maybe two car lengths away from t-boning this guy. I did brake though, and turned so as to miss the other car, getting pretty close to full lock. I didn’t hit the guy, nobody got hurt, and my ‘02 didn’t leave the road. Thanks to the steering and brakes, all stock , on this 45 year old machine I avoided an accident that probably would have killed or seriously injured me and may have killed the two little kids in the back of that Subaru (one was pressed right up against the window, didn’t appear to be belter in). This was the closest I’ve come to a serious accident in a classic car and my ‘02 performed far better than I could have hoped. What a machine.
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    both of you...go sit in the corner
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    Ludwig was assembled 46 years ago today, at the tail end of calendar year 1972 production but a '73 model. Sold new to an Air Force captain in Mill Valley CA, he made two cross country drives when the original owner visited family in North Carolina. I'm the second owner; he's been under my care since June 1978. Current mileage is 264,300. Last weekend's rain washed all the salt off the roads here, so they're dry and salt-free, so I'll take him for a birthday drive today. Hibernation time is coming up. While the previous owner had him rustproofed when he moved to Ohio, he's had no exposure to road salt since 1984, and only a few years before that--and I want to keep him that way. mike Upper picture taken atop Mt Mitchell NC in 2015, during Mike Pugh's (in)famous '02s & Brews tour of western North Carolina. Lower picture is the 1999 Ofest Autocross in Indianapolis--before I fitted Ludwig with big sway bars and H&R springs. No door handles were harmed in this autocross 😉
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    Chehalis, Washington. May 18, 2002. I was able to pull this from my VHS and old camera. We were living in Corvallis, Oregon at the time and this was by far the largest number of '02s I had ever seen. Such a great event.The Famous David Lumbra from '2002 Restorations in Eugene, Oregon had two beautiful cars on the lawn. Great memories!! May 18 2002festwest.mp4
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    it is clearly due to the "Ridiculous Pricing for Parts". supply and demand economics....demand there, supply short. easier to steal the parts than pay the high prices these rare cars are drawing.... 🤑 😎
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    Which is better? It depends, based on your tastes, goals, and restoration “philosophy”. Which is less expensive? It depends, based on your location (re-plating costs vary), restoration philosophy — are you happy to replace an M6 x 22mm bolt with an M6 x 25mm bolt? — and how or even if you are dealing with the many plated components that are no longer replaceable — brackets, bars, etc. If you’re doing a batch of brackets, bars, etc., you can generally throw in a whole bunch of fasteners — and a bunch is a lot of fasteners — at no additional charge. Hey, that’s free re-plating! 😉 I don’t view re-plating as a “fastener thing”; I view it as a “plated parts thing”. When re-plating, you pay to have a “batch” of items — fasteners, brackets, etc. — re-plated. Typically, in my experience, a “batch” costs $135 to $150 to have re-plated (Atlanta prices). But, despite having re-plated dozens of batches, I can’t define a “batch” for you, as I’ve never exceeded the limit for one “batch”. Why? Because a batch is big and I like to pull apart and re-assemble a vehicle by sub-components, allowing me to either place the re-plated items immediately back into service or, at minimum, keep fasteners and brackets with the “fastenees” and “bracketees”! A batch is really quite large! And, as I collect a batch for re-plating, I generally have either a burning need or simply a burning desire to have some particular parts re-plated and I drop off whatever I’ve collected at the platers, well before I’ve reached a full batch. When I’m working on a vehicle, I accumulate separate “clear zinc” (emulates silver cadmium) and “yellow zinc” (emulates yellow cadmium) batches. I make this determination based on the items’ original finish: it varies, largely from part to part, but even car to car — and replacement components don’t always have the same finish as original factory pieces. You generally have to pay for two batches to have both clear and yellow zinc. But clear zinc is a finish that yellow-zinc components pass through on the way to yellow zinc. This means that with the small-ish batches I might take to my favorite plater in Atlanta, as long as he could easily re-call which items were clear and which were zinc, he would charge me for one batch, and simply pull out the clear zinc pieces when that step was completed, leaving the remaining parts to become yellow zinc. But this plater was clearly oriented towards the retail “hobbiest” market. Most platers are not. As to prep, the two platers I used in Atlanta had the same viewpoint towards re-plating: if you want a finish closest to the original, chemically clean your items before dropping them off — e.g., Simple Green — but do not media-blast the items as it produces a duller finish than the originals. Of course, not everyone wants more originality: some prefer a slightly duller, but more-uniform finish. If I did not adequately remove grease and old paint overspray, my favorite re-plater would send me home to try again. Many items that look terrible before re-plating — corroded, pitted, or rusty — come back looking amazingly good, and shiny. Other items that look pretty good before re-plating, conversely, might come back in “meh” condition. It’s not always possible to predict. I’ve always had amazing results with headlight buckets. I don’t know why: perhaps they were higher-grade steel from the factory and much of their bad appearance relates to post-factory overspray, even though it looks like corrosion....😯 My favorite plater in the Atlanta area was Metal Finishers of Atlanta in Lilburn, GA. Cheaper or more expensive than re-placing all the fasteners? I have no idea. But I like the idea of restoring originals and placing them back in service. I like when fasteners have the original manufacturers’ marks. But I also willingly replace old with new on critical safety-related components, such as steering. The variety of fasteners used on a typical vehicle is very broad: I’d bet some lengths and styles of fasteners — and certainly many of the brackets and such — are simply not available, or not available in the correct finish today. BMW, like most auto manufacturers, frequently used sizes not readily available today in the original finish. Bel-Metric, for example, generally offers bolt lengths in 5mm increments, such as 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, but there are so many different lengths used originally: 12mm, 18mm, 22mm. Perhaps Walloth & Nesch’s kit addresses this. I don’t know. But you cannot buy new headlight buckets or hood hold-down bars today, for instance. And originally these items were a combination of clear and yellow zinc, if you’re attempting to emulate the original appearances. So “new fasteners” won’t be available to replace items that are not fasteners. In short, re-plating for me is reflective of my vision of “restoration,” whereas many car restorers’ vision of “restoration” is to use as many new components as possible, and to “improve upon” the factory’s work. Those people are probably happier with replacements than with re-plated parts. Below: headlight buckets, hood hold-down bars, and my ‘76’s engine, showing a combination of clear and yellow zinc re-plating. Regards, Steve
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    This may be obvious to some of the long timers here, but as a PSA to others please proceed with caution when buying items from the Classifieds here or on any site. Of course the overwhelming majority of folks here are 100% reputable, but it sometimes can be hard to tell. Ask me how I know... I got burned by such scum, (not on this site but on a 2002 Facebook page) - however I've noticed what I'm reasonably sure is the same parasite posting here. I'm providing this message (and on the other sites too) so you can be informed and proceed with confidence. The easiest way to immediately know if a potential sale is legitimate is to ask for a picture taken with the item and your name written on a piece of paper inserted into the pic. There is a good possibility you're dealing with a criminal if when you ask for this, they claim the item is at a different location. The moment you hear this your antenna should be at high alert. DO NOT exchange any funds until you see the pic with your name in it. It also is a good idea to ask for a 2nd pic of the item with either another item added that is unique to your exchange (a newspaper with the current date is the classic). I'd bet a high stake that you are dealing with a fraudulent individual if they also have a very low post total (under 10). Always take that into account. In fact I would ask the mods to only allow posting onto the Classifieds with no less than an accrued total of 50 posts - I've seen this done on other sites and it is a very effective safety screening. These parts and cars are becoming quite expensive, so I humbly suggest a more thorough screening to protect us. As well, it's a good idea to do a search as to what sorts of posts the seller has created in the past to ensure they aren't just trying to up a tally to look legitimate. If the seller passes the pic test, transfer funds so that you are protected. Generally this is done via PayPal, so never, and I do mean never send money through the "Friends & Family" option which omits the PayPal fee - if something goes pear shaped you will not be protected. Pay the extra fee, and as added insurance link the funds to your credit card (not your bank account). You will then be protected by PayPal as well as the bank that issued your credit card. Let me say I love this site, it is a remarkable resource and of special value to me - I browse, post and window shop daily. It is with this affinity that I'm posting to protect and hopefully maintain the high standard of this community. Of course if anyone has any additional tips, please chime in. Cheers all.
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    Finally, after my years of blog neglect… some useful FAQ stuff - especially for new owners! The "to go" emergency tool kit! http://paulwegweiser.blogspot.com/
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    Probably the most valuable, yet minimalist BMW ever produced, a side project of BMW's top engineers who hand built only two of them. This was their hot rod creation, unlike the small purpose built salt flats speed cars built from surplus WWII era drop tanks by American Hot Rodders in the post-war years. BMW even outdid Porsche's 550 spyder in minimalism while adhering to the Bauhaus dictum; "Form Follows Function". It is the Anti-BMW, BMW because it represents everything that BMW is not, today. BMW has devolved into a heavy, comfortable sports sedan that is a "Jack of all trades, but master of none". They will never produce a car like this again, as they barely dared to produce it in 1960. But, this car is telling of the mindset of its creators, Alex Von Faulkenhausen and Ludwig Apfelbeck . Left unchecked and uncensored by BMW''s Board, this is what they were capable of creating. This car represents pure, unadulterated motoring. It is similar to a thoroughbred, lean race horse, bred for just one single purpose at which it excels. http://www.stanceworks.com/2014/08/the-collector-part-ii-the-1960-bmw-700rs-chassis-1-of-2/
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    On May 4 1969 I took delivery on a Nevada 2002 with the following options: sunroof, Michelin XAS tires, and of course all Hoffman's "non-optional options"--bumper guards ($8); tach ($59), chrome exhaust tip ($2) etc. Picked it up at Bavarian Motors on Northern Blvd in Queens, NY. Wolfgang still graces my garage...a little more information about 50 years of ownership is in the May Roundel magazine... Wolfgang is spending his golden anniversary year at the BMW CCA Foundation museum as part of the Passion exhibit--if you're attending Vintage this year the exhibit's grand opening is on 17 May at the Museum in Greer SC. cheers mike
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    Just returned from a 3,670 mile round trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The 19th Mid-America '02 Fest was the largest one ever! 74 2002s, if you count the one on the trailer, an NK Sedan, a Bavaria and an i8 also attended. Doug Riparetti, from Seaside CA, drove 1935 miles and I presented him with the prestigious Iron Butt Award on Saturday night. He travelled 90 miles farther than my 1845 miles. The event weather was perfect, cool and sunny. Friday we had a delightful drive to Rogers for lunch and back to the hotel, about 85 miles total. Terry & Deb Sayther sponsored the Saturday BBQ Dinner. Saturday was show, workshop & how to day. Ben Thongsai & Keith Kreeger were able to get Noel's Golf Tii to run much better. Keith taught Larry gray how to use a timing light on his Inka Tii. Many engines were fussed over, none more than Travis Brint's 2002, going through 3 radiators, he received the Hard Luck Award...their 2002 was eventually flat bedded home as they were headed home. Saturday was also the group shot with and without people. Sunday everyone headed home. The caravan I was with did numerous back roads to get to I-57 and spent the night in Mt. Vernon Illinois. Then as we headed North people peeled off until I was solo outside of Dayton Ohio. Spent the night in Clearfield PA. Tuesday I stopped by VSR for an oil change and a few other repair/replacement items. I arrived home at 6pm.
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    You think “their” prices are “absolutely dumb?” Umm...It’s an auction site. The prices are determined by the offers of competing bidders (i.e. the prospective BUYERS), not by any figure set by Bring-a-Trailer (their bidding activity starts at ZERO). If you want to stamp your foot about the market reality, that’s fine if it makes you feel better...but don’t blame it on an auction website, that’s just not very astute! Things are worth what people will pay for them.
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    A personal 3D project i've been working on for a while now whilst my car was being recommissioned. Now i have my car back, I've finally got around to rendering out a few test images. For those interested... 3D modelled with Maxon C4D Rendered with Octane I think the wheels are too large? i'll take measurements to check.
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    I just posted this on the E9 site as well... I drove over to Basel to pick up parts just over the border in Germany. A friend of mine has a PO Box at a place that specializes in receiving shipments within the EU. Saves me tons of Customs duties! There's an auto Museum nearby, so I took the opportunity to stop by. They're holding a BMW exhibition until April. https://www.pantheonbasel.ch/de/willkommen.html OK, there were a lot of beautiful cars there, but the 503 was the star of the show for me: Just beautiful lines on this car. I guess I'm a sports sedan, sports coupe guy at heart And of course a beautiful 507. I remember reading about these back in the '80's, when they estimated that perhaps 9 had survived. A lot more around now! I've read that 3200's are desirable and highly collectible, but I like the 503 better. So has anybody ever seen this bad boy? Four cylinder one-of-a-kind: Hurricane All in all, well worth the stop-by!
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    On the way to the “Great Car Show” (creative name) in Kansas City this morning. Many other FAQ members in this shot but I don’t know their usernames.
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    Best tow her home. I have no experience with the IE dizzy, but have heard mixed reviews and occasions of failure. Could just be the condenser but you won't know until you replace it. Chalk it up to a huge argument and don't hate her too much. Take a short break and make up. It's amazing what a little time apart will do for the relationship. You'll find the problem, probably quicker if you step back for a while. I get mad at my car for failing me sometimes (usually for things that I've done), and we don't speak for a while, but we eventually get back together, better than ever. Good luck and trust the counselling from the FAQ. Ps. I used a blue coil and resistor for years with my 008 dizzy. I have since changed to a red coil (the new black) and resistor because someone told me I should.
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    Or more precisely, what’s left of it. Went to the other side of the island today to check out a friend’s newly built garage/shop and his cars. He owns to ‘70 2002s, a NK an E30 318is and an E30 325i convertible. On my way back, I stopped halfway for lunch and check out some cars owned by a gentleman I had corresponded on and off for a few years. This is what I found: The owner said that he had left it at the family farm stored in a barn after it was hit in the driver’s side fender. He didn’t bother to go back for years and when he did, it had been picked up with a loader and thrown in the middle of a field, where it rotted away. Here are the photos I took today: He bought this one, also years ago, to transfer all the tii goodies: He doesn’t really want to sell them, but I don’t think they will live again if he doesn’t. On a brighter note, another friend sent me pics of this Granatrot tii that is being restored: I need to update my list, but I believe I have already identified 100 2002s here in Puerto Rico! Cheers, HarryPR Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just picked up my car from the upholsterer. New Headliner installed. A few slight issues with the seams... Needed new sunroof gaskets.... But overall a much nicer place to be now...
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    A few images from MidAmerica 02 Fest 2019... 1-3: traditional all-cars pose (~74 cars) 4: lunch in Rogers, Arkansas 5: one of many such trunks 6: pollen: every day, all day long 7: one of several tech presentations: an '02 being being equipped with an electric motor; connected directly to the transmission; gears will shift as usual (really).
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    I have started a GoFundMe to hopefully raise enough money to ship the mirror back to the seller and settle this once and for all. https://www.gofundme.com/shipping-for-mirror&rcid=r01-15450930934-d84810200ae641bb&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m
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    I'm grateful for all the info I've mined from this forum! What a resource...Thanks all! Just made my first drive today with a '74 that hadn't run in 17 years...most systems up and running, interior and paint in the offing... : )
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    Some of you must have known Bob if you live in the greater LA area. Sadly he passed away suddenly this March. Him and his wife were planning on moving before the sudden occurrence, so Bob had a lot of '02 parts we picked up that he was planning on selling, and it gave us a chance to talk to his wife for a bit. We know its a bit early but this year's Socal Vintage meet falls on Bob and Cheri's anniversary so Cheri wanted to attend the event and do a kind of caravan there in memory of Bob. She will be driving Bob's car from Little Rock near Palmdale. Not sure how many of you would be coming from that way, but she did mention there was one other '02 owner that she knew who lives in Little Rock. If you are interested PM us and we'll get you in touch with her. If you can't drive there with her but will attend and you knew Bob make sure you stop by and say hey, his car is pictured below. We post this also because she mentioned she want's to get in touch with Bob's friends and she will need a mechanic to perform regular maintenance on the car. And we weren't sure if she knows about this website or not.
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    Quadriplegia. It's not just a Who album any more. t HANS, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.
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    13 inch wheels are the best.
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    Tyres rubbing bodywork or suspension at any point is unacceptable and a sign your wheels don’t fit.
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    Deleted trim looks way better.
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    Here are some of the photos I got of the MidAmerica '02 Fest in Eureka Springs. This was the largest gathering of '02s in quite some time, with at least 72 '02s and a few other vintage BMWs. Enjoy!
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    I am still counting my lucky stars. Just came across a set: 56mm, brass alloy, raised letterings, enamel/paint, Campagnolo blue, italian flag stripes.
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    Here's what I've been up to this week. And in the immortal words of Ringo Starr: I'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!!!! https://zenwrenchpaul.wixsite.com/maximillianimporting Enjoy! I welcome feedback and suggestions! You guys are the ones that make it happen! Have a great weekend!
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    You mean these now in my trunk? 🤣 Sorry Max, you can't have all the good deals in the Bay erea.
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    I'm not crazy about stock cars but I'm bias to that Derby! Maybe because it is in it's simplest form! My year end just lit up when I opened that mail. My heart starts beating faster and my palm starts sweating. I had no idea post cards could do that.
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    Hey guys! It's my first post here and I'm just a newbie in these things, so don't bee too harsh if I get something totally wrong. However, I have been lurking around these forums for a couple of years now, doing slowly my research on 02's and similar. And guess what - I have one. A 1970 BMW 1600-2/1602 (however I should really call it), type 114 (not 02 technically, I know). I bought it few months ago and have been learning about it ever since. They always said to get the best possible car you can afford to make life easier down the road. And I think, overall I've done pretty great. I'm going to leave the link to the gallery below. But I'm still not satisfied and some of the stuff hurts my eyes a little bit which I'd like to fix to make it factory-rolled-out-perfect BMW. I have noticed few things that are missing and that are wrong about my car, which I'll probably at one point slowly will fix and find. Some things I'll probably leave alone (new type oil filter bracket). But what I'm really looking right now is opinion of some guys with more knowledge than I have to just rate honestly anything you notice about my car that seems out of place or wrong. Just like you guys usually do for those BaT auctions here. Then I can put together a more comprehensive list of things I need and then prioritize what I can do and when. So here goes the link to the gallery: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOS5B4j_Orqst9lrIZWAQYvQJr-FUv6Vis2g1TZDhkUWu5xlaEpOPPrD6EnptUJAg?key=NFFFeXpWSHlTMzFfT01BUW1sb3ZQWG1abTROdzJn Oh, and I'm based in Europe, from tiny country named Estonia. Hope you'll all be very warm and welcoming and help me to get the near-factory-perfect 1600.
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    in my worthless opinion, this is the best site for buying and selling...nothing but BMW owners & far less BS caveat...BE CAREFUL regardless
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    You couldn't build this car for 40k. While some might think the price is high; I don't. Not for what you're getting. It's basically brand new. Full restorations can cost close to or over 100k. If you're looking for a fully-restored 02, this is a good deal. Everything is done!
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    ….Says the guy peddling crusty turds for ridiculous prices in the parts for sale section...
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    My wife and I followed up our great trip to 02 Fest with an autocross at Heartland Park, Topeka, our first true competition event in the car. We ran in SCCA's "Heritage Classic" class but were the only entrants. Bummer. I really hope to see old Alfas, and 510s and P-cars someday on grid with us. Anyway, I finished 37th out of 102 drivers. In our e36 autoX car, I would typically have finished in the top 15 or so drivers, maybe the top 10 on a good day. So I was thrilled at the outcome for the first effort in the 2002. The car is a freakin' blast on course. I'm only starting to get a handle on it. Turn your volume down for the video. The wind noise was bad out there. midiv.mov
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    The new elbow grease isn't as good as the old stuff. That stuff really got things done! I'm using up the last of my old tube... sparingly. We all want to dip it in some magical chemical and have it come out in mint condition. For me, it is a hands on process using a variety of chemicals, brushes, picks, etc. Bamboo skewers. Slice the end like a chisel. Smash the end it becomes a little brush. Put 0000 steel wool on the tip to get into the corners. Shorten the bristles on tooth brushes, using scissors. Shorten acid-brush bristles too. This one's been plumbed with carb-clean-R-injection. Puts the solvent where you want it and rinses the brush at the same time.
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    Picked up my motor from Ken Blasko, it will be sitting a bit while I prepare the 71 1600 it will be going in which I will post pics of soon. CD9B49A5-EE48-4520-A1CD-BBB634D3C423.MOV
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    a sheet of plastic kept the mess under control
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    So its been a while since I've added anything to the blog. The car was finished in October. Just in time for winter in Ireland. With crappy weather and salted roads here, I've only managed 200 miles in 5 months. Though the weather is finally starting to get better and the car is finally being driven! The car was lucky enough to be featured on the cover of Retro Classics magazine. (Irish car mag) I plan to take it to plenty of shows this summer. First show is this weekend, me and my dad are taking the car over the Irish Sea to the Practical Classics Magazine show at the NEC centre in Birmingham, England. The car will be featured at the BMW Car Club GB stand. https://www.necrestorationshow.com The car is driving great though there's a few niggles to sort out before the long drive, including its running in service.
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    On this reliable, performance-oriented street* engine we saw 127 HP at the wheels on 91 octane. *I’m never-quite sure what a ‘hot-rod’ is...? What we did: Selected a custom camshaft for usage/RPM-range desired, built custom 9.6:1 pistons to match, added light-ish valve springs, a bit of port clean-up on head and manifold, then topped with a Weber 38/38 carb. -KB eric-dyno-pull_0318.mov
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    I just went through a major tool reorganization (both garage and car) this summer, and arrived at most of the same conclusions regarding the trunk essentials that you did, Paul. I will offer one additional development with which I am particularly pleased: tool rolls. After struggling with several box arrangements, I decided to search for alternate solutions and came upon a near-perfectly sized tool roll (I'm still using a small box for spares). I filled mine with a mixture of old German and American tools, most of which became available as a result of the garage reorganization and some new tool purchases. I went with 3/8" sockets (they're in a dedicated set of pockets on the right side of the roll), but otherwise it's pretty close to what you've got. Rolled up it tucks nicely into the corner of the trunk where the jack used to reside (I carry a scissor jack I scavenged out of an old VW). Here's the link in case anyone's interested: https://www.amazon.com/1173-Pocket-Socket-Tool-Pouch/dp/B000KKUTCY

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