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    I thought I would share a recent 'DOUGH' brain-fart moment I had, and just comment on a most excellent customer service experience with a BMW dealership in the middle-of-nowhere-Germany I had a while ago. A good friend of mine from back home in California was on a work trip to Amsterdam, where I coincidentally bought my car 5 years ago. It was kinda a special reunion roadtrip, because when I bought it up there and drove it back to Freiburg 7 hours into the night... It ran pretty poorly, had shockingly shot shocks, no working gas gauge, no working headlights, and was overall a mess. The return voyage she was a completely different car. Anyway... I got up at 4, and was out the door by 5am (not normal for me). I was also out of coffee. No bueno. I need coffee to function like Brunhilde needs gasoline. I checked my oil level, and was maybe a quarter liter low, so I topped it up, and got on my way. Maybe 1.5 hours down the road I decided to stop for a coffee at a rest-stop, and as I walked in a polite gentleman asked if the car was overheating, saying there was a touch of steam or smoke coming out of my car, to which I balked, 'no way, she's dialed, but I'll take a look'. Sure enough, there was a few wisps of something coming outa the hood... and when I popped it open I was mortified. When I had topped up the oil in my groggy coffeeless state, I hadn't twisted down the oil cap, and it was now long-gone and had been puking oil outa the valve cover all over the engine bay, and was dribbling into the header. There had been no telltale signs of anything, no weird smells... Upon checking the dipstick, it was now 3/4 a liter low... Thank god not much, so there was no risk of engine damage... but I was nowhere near a town, and wasn't about to drive any further without a way to cap it, and risk an engine fire. Thankfully I have ADAC+, and they got there in 45 minutes and towed me red-faced to a BMW dealer in a tiny little village nearby... At this point I was feeling about as dumb as dumb can be, and was pissed at the likely reality that there's no way they have an oil-cap for a 2002 in stock and I wouldn't be making it up to Amsterdam that weekend. And of course they didn't. Or anything else that would be a substitute, and they told me they would have to order it... At this point I was feeling about as low as could be, and was about to lean on ADAC's rental car policy (also why ADAC here rocks. Free rentals for breakdowns) but I was really looking forward to driving the car. So I told him, go ahead and order it... I'll call for a rental car, to which he replied "but why? it will be here in 1 hour." 1 HOUR. For an exact match part-number correct, 2002 oil cap. In a TINY village, an hour away from the next biggest town. I don't know how that works. There must have been a distribution warehouse down the street. Oh, and the cost? 14 euro, and a walk down the street to their sister BMW motorcycle dealer to get a liter of 20w50. Cloud 9, so stoked. Hell yah. Sure enough, by the time I had cleaned up my engine-bay of oil, DHL had arrived with my oil cap, and I was on my way :) That was the only hiccup for the entire trip. Just thought i'd share. Thanks BMW! :)
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    Nice! Granted this was in the Subaru, but using what I could get at the only gas station within walking distance, this rubber kitchen glove super-glued over the crack and reinforced with duct tape the help handle the pressure of expansion effectively stopped my cracked radiator tank leak for the full 200 miles it took to finish getting home!
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    There have been a couple rear vent window threads here in the past few days, but I thought I'd start a new one rather than burying this fix three pages deep. For $9.99 plus the cost of four 8mm Nylon washers, this works pretty well, and isn't terribly obtrusive. I bought two bicycle seat-post clamps on Amazon for $4.99 each. I used silver because I have chrome latch hardware. They also come in black if you have the black window latches. Since I didn't have any 8mm Nylon Washers, I bought a box of assorted Nylon washers from Amazon, but if you already have these, they're super cheap. I paid $10 for the 600pc box. That makes the 4 washers total just under $0.07. 😉 The clamps needed no modification and I didn't even have to remove the latch from the car. I removed the old bolt and slid this in its place. They are a perfect diameter for the hole (~6mm). I was a little disappointed at first because when I pushed it down all the way it actually loosened up rather than tightened. The clamps were overcentering a bit too far. Once I had the nut adjusted correctly, it actually worked out better. I just pull up on it rather than push down to tighten, and it doesn't need much travel. Here's a video of how it works. Please forgive my dirty headliner. I need to give it a good scrub. 😞 IMG_20190823_144016.MOV
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    are there date codes on the underside of these? here are six pages on the topic https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/163313-can-you-date-valve-covers-by-type/?tab=comments#comment-1025705
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    I have a March build '67 1600 with ribbed valve cover but no date stamping.
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    I've seen the little bits of steel wool cause rust on metals. Brass or bronze wool prevents this.
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    I don’t think the top one belongs on a 67’ Haven’t seen a valve cover date stamped 67’ yet. Most date stams I’ve seen start in 68’ I believe 67 should be no ribs. there are like 10 different M10 valve factory covers
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    It does look great, Paul! Best regards, Steve
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    Thank you very much for posting this. Great stuff Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Yah... I contemplated just shoving a rag in/over it, and taping it up, but I didn’t have any brake cleaner to clean it up enough to make it stick, and didn’t like the possibility of having a rag somehow get pulled into the valvetrain, or be blown off and now there’s an oily rag on the header [emoji51] The folks at the dealership were awesome, it was in a little village called Achern and I wasn’t expecting to be able to get a replacement so fast, or be that cheap. Not the view you wanna see when ya pop your hood... But finally made it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Although 205's, the vredestein tires are a great period option if you want a little more rubber. Adams Autosport, on Flickr by Adams Autosport, on Flickr
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    We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.
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    Yeah, I've NEVER done ANYTHING like that. Gatorade bottles used to jam into there pretty well. But I think they're bigger now. The valve cover cap's not super critical- the rag's only a bad idea because it'll act like a wick if it drapes all the way down to the exhaust manifold and catches fire. Otherwise, almost anything works. well enough. Still, that level of dedication on behalf of a dealer is probably only seen in der Fatherland these days. t
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    Man, that's awesome. Good job. Archiving the thread for future use. As for the headliner, go buy yourself a $4 tub of GOOP hand cleaner at HD or Autozone. Put some on your headliner, let it sit a few minutes and then wipe off with a damp rag. Works wonders! Nick
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    Is it "rust free" with a little rust, or "rust free" with a lot of rust. For sure it has some☹️ What part of the Country was it parked in for 30 years?
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    that crazy old koot of a woman knew her shit about metal rubbing
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    Also remember when electrical troubleshooting, the clever Germans tried to help you out some: all SOLID colored wires are unfused and can be traced back to the battery (usually via the ignition switch) and all STRIPED wires are fuses and can be traced back to the fuse panel!

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