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    I bought my car from Peter Gregg MB/BMW in Jacksonville, Fla in November, 1978. I'm the third owner. The second owner, Jim, was one of their mechanics who only owned it for about 6 months, selling it when he left working there. My Dad met Jim at Robert Overby's shop in Jacksonville and he told me all about the car. What had been done to it and what it needed. He also told me that he'd teach me particulars about the car. It was originally a daily driver, then in '81, it became a second car when I got a company car. It has remained as my fun car ever since. Being a '74, it burned oil. Jim had moved to the dealership in Tallahassee and rather than rebuilding it, he suggested an exchange motor in 1981. Also the original paint wasn't great, so in '82, just before moving to South Carolina, it was repainted. A 5 speed was added in 1983. In '85, it suffered some body damage, so all of the Florida salt air rust damage was repaired and/or replaced and it was painted again. Since then, it's lived in a garage, had regular maintenance and various upgrades. Like many others, I had some frame rail rust around the gas tank. And the 30 year old paint was showing its age plus there were some dings and dents, so I decided it was time to tackle the job. Of course, paint and some rust repair has turned out to be a several year restoration process. When the job is done, it'll be way over budget but worth it.
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    Has a factory double VIN # with 2588521 crossed out. As far as the lineage, I am told that I am the 4th owner. Has spent its life in SoCal.
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    Last for sale by Luke Greenwood (sale discovered on Facebook Marketplace) in July 2019. Cross-posted here:
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    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I was contacted by the owner and inspected it for him. I am not the seller's agent, nor can I purchase this tii for myself. I'm including this tii in the registry because I feel it should be documented here. Dear Mr Gerock,Thank you for your email.The BMW 2002 tii US VIN 2763966 was manufactured on May 14th, 1973 and delivered on May 17th, 1973 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in New York City. The original colour was Golf, paint code 070.We hope this information is helpful for you.Yours sincerely,Julia Oberndörfer Original owner vehicle! Purchased in Columbus, OH. Car currently has 112,7xx miles. Replacement new nose and new front fenders installed during a respray in the 90's (replacement BMW nose does have a snorkel) New 72 front bumper assembly (installed by the body shop during the respray) Black interior (recovered front and rear seats) Momo Prototipo steering wheel (original wheel kept). Solid State radio with single speaker in console, red tip antenna installed on the driver's side A pillar). Pop-out quarter windows have black knobs. Stahl header with stock resonator and muffler. Missing the original ignition coil lead with diagnostic plug. Appears the ballast resistor has been replaced. Autoflug seat belts Currently for sale (by the original owner)
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    This particular 2002 has found its forever home, and is currently undergoing front and rear subframe restoration including a set of Ground Control coilovers, Wilwood big brakes, Ireland Sway bars and bushings and a limited slip diff. The engine and transmission are tired and from another local '02 fan, and are eventually destined for a rebuild and 5 speed swap. Dear Mr Wray,Thank you for your email.The BMW 2002 US VIN 2370672 was manufactured on September 17th, 1975 and delivered on September 30th, 1975 to the importer BMW of North America. The original colour was Golf, paint code 070.We hope this information is helpful for you.Yours sincerely,Julia Oberndörfer-- BMW GroupJulia OberndörferBMW Group ClassicArchiv, Sammlung, Classic Brand Management (AK-50)Historischer InformationsdienstMoosacher Straße 6680809 München
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    My first car, formerly Sahara with tobacco interior. Car has been fully M20 swapped with 323 5 speed and 3.91 LSD. Carpet and custom length console by @esty , Cup holder inserts by @koogleworks and parts support by @BLUNT She is sitting at 5200 in the 2 years after the swap - 3200 of which was a road trip from Texas to Athens GA, then Jacksonville FL, and back to TX when she had only been driven 300 miles post swap. She and has yet to leave me stranded (knock on wood for me after typing this) If you are thinking about doing the swap, it is ALOT of work, but the pay off is more than worth it, even on a tii. What good does a "valuable car" do you when your dead. "Genieße das Leben" Upgrades include: Engine: Miller MAF and WAR Chip 2000 Toyota Celica Racing Radiator New front body electrical, run through fender instead of engine bay Re-loomed M20 wiring harness Custom dual pipe header back exhaust Magnaflow muffler Interior: E21 Recaros Esty Square weave wool carpet kit Esty extra long console Koogleworks cup holder insert Custom 3d Printed button panel Speedhut Primary Gauges VDO Secondary Gauge Ireland 3 Gauge Pod Ireland Billet Shift knob Ireland Billet Gas pedal Eaton 12 relay and fuse box (in glove box) Exterior: Ireland Turbo Flares BMW OEM Turbo Air Damn Koogleworks rear spoiler Avery Gloss Grey Metallic Wrap Rota RB Satin Black 16x7 ET4 Custom LED Tail lights Suspension: Bilstein Sport Shocks Ireland stage 1 springs (1 coil cut off front and rear) Ireland 22mm Sway Bars front and rear Urethane Bushings front and rear Tii Brakes retained (rear disc coming soon) Fixed Camber Plates 3.91 E21 LSD Always be improving!

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