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    Closer to the final plan: 1) My 76 will need an exhaust system at one point, so I need a recommendation for a full replacement system with header (long or short ?) with a OX bung. 2) Install the OX sensor with readout. 3) Install the 123.Distributor and a new Bosh coil. I am running a stock Air Cleaner with the Ireland Engineering adaptor and a 32/36 Weber. And start the tuning ! Paul
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    Read a lot... then read some more. You’ve got the right steps but the devils in the details. Go to the MS site and read posts here. Sounds simple but it’s not. A lot to consider. You will wind up with a smooth, powerful(if you do it right) and an economical fuel system if you can keep your foot out of it. Or, save yourself a lot of headaches and bolt on a 38/38 Weber instead of your 32/36 and a programmable distributor. I have two cars one with each system and they’re both great in their own ways. One for its simplicity and the other for the ultimate tunable fuel/ignition system producing the most power and smoothness although with a steeper learning curve. You need some electronic skills with MS. Lots of wiring to do.
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    I'm using this write up for my own disc conversion, but wanted to add some information in case it helps anyone else. I'm also using Mk4 calipers in the rear, and pulled them from a junkyard. I went to get them powder coated, and the VW forums would have you believe that you cannot rebuild these calipers. This is simply not the case, as reman units exist. If you're looking to do powdercoating, or just do a complete rebuild of these calipers, you need the Centric rebuild kit. It is made by Centric, and is PN: 143.33037. This includes all the seals, and clips needed to rebuild the caliper. I found this on eBay, do not buy it from ECS Tuning. You can find a write up on how to do the rebuild here. It's a little more involved, but you can save a little bit over reman units, or get them powdercoated whatever color you want. Hope this helps someone, this was information that took a little bit to put together!
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    The image was not showing for me, but I tracked it down. It's below.

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