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    Nice work - Once painted you won't be able to tell it was changed. Pro all the way. Jason
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    That's certainly more rust repair than I thought they would find. Glad you had it taken care of now.
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    Very nice! Underside of your car still looks like you and Jason recently refreshed it.
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    LOL, no, had templates to fit, cabrios are a lot different than 2002s.
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    wow...you brought a car to VSR to have floormats installed? 🤣
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    We're loving the house. Only problem is we're going to need more garage space. It was this house that first made me think I'd have to put either the 911 or 2002 up for sale. Fortunately, we'll be able to build another garage (oversized one car) next to this on the hill. So...hopefully I'll be posting about that soon enough.
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    Ha! The Trogdon house!? We very nearly put in an offer but it seems life had other plans for us. Glad it went to another 2002 owner! Don’t change a thing!
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    +1 on Tommy's comments. At the end I don't know if you end up with a salvage title (to some that counts, others not so much). With the frame alignment equipment they have now, they can pretty much do anything. It is a matter of cost, but if you can find someone that works on classics you might have better luck than a 'collision shop' - best thing to gather as much info as you can, call/talk to whomever in your area that has the gear and then make an informed decision from there. I ended up putting an entire rear clip on my race car. Expensive? yes. I had no choice with this particular car. It ended up needing some pulling here and there but given how hard it was driven, is pretty straight (now). Good luck with your car.
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    That house is gorgeous! We've been in our house now for 19 years. We will probably stay for a while, but we also know that we probably will leave it someday, and that will be a mental, physical, and emotional challenge. Scott
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    Nice going Andrew! Well deserved as always...
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    I have fenders if you need them Bruce Mtuner
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    those seats are so good! Great job!
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    The battery will be distributed in two areas. The first is between the rear fender wells in the forward cavity of the trunk space. The frame has been reinforced in this area to support the weight of the battery (roughly 240lbs). This will be the "rear" battery. The "front" battery will either replace the rear seat or be located up in the engine bay. I'd prefer not to mount it in the engine bay to keep that area looking nice and clean, but it may have to go there. Lots of pros and cons to work through on that one... Look for a future blog post on battery selection and location.
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