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    looks like an amazing project! love the work done so far ... and yes ... the inspiration is 100% spot on. we are also deep into the conversion process on two '02s in the shop ... a slightly different spec ... but the same challenges for sure shoot me a PM if you want to chat more. can't wait for more content! cheers geoff
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    I will be posting more engine pics during Monterey car week! 😊
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    I love this, and I'll bet you can do a lot better than stringing 12 car batteries together! (In fairness to BMW, it was 1972...)
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    Congratulations Lisa. You are the best ambassador of our shared passion for these cars. Now I only wish you had posted more pics of the engine etc., in all it's showroom glory. Cheers to you! Paul
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    Way to go Lisa! Now us East Coasters and Midwesterners wanna see Derby! Mid America next year! mike
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    Congrats Lisa!!! You and Derby definitely deserve a round of applause!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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    Thanks so much Steve! What's that saying...? The harder the battle.. the sweeter the victory! LOL! πŸ˜‰
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    This is so great, Lisa! And what a terrific story about the prep for it. Congratulations to you and Derby! Best regards, Steve
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    Onto more pretty-fication. New independent ground for the turn signals New dual filament bulb holders retrofitted into US bases And because I'm dumb I put new Hella's on (instead of Cibie's or something nicer). They're okay, I don't do much night driving with this car. Signals were sporadic at best and I needed to change the flasher relay anyways for the LED's Dash indicator still doesn't work no matter what I do, but at least I have working signals all around. Don't mind this, just seating deleting. The car is too small and too underpowered to have more than two people in it and it looks so much more tidy. Might as well build my own center console too.
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    Absolutely, and it was a point of consideration for me. Ultimately this won out, as I figure it was better than the previous setup and still let me reasonably service this car in the future. My plan, at least for now, is to keep this car for a very long time. So I’m trying to make things easier on future me haha. I think in the future, if I were to want to track this car or something, I would revisit this and weld it in. But for now, I’m good with the trade off.
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    That’s a very impressive front support structure, nicely done! However, it would add a LOT more functional strength if it were welded-in vs bolted, no different than with a cage. Yes, I do fully understand the benefits of making it removable. In any event, thanks for sharing! COOP

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