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    Love it, my next project is a 72tii Ceylon...starting in November.
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    Today I had the inspector out to have a look at Zouave, just to make sure heโ€™s rodent-free. He passed, but maybe with a little antenna damage.
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    First day back after 12 days away in Florida, took my favorite car on my favorite road for a 60 mile hill country drive...
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    My 2002 in the Alps in 2015:
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    With the salvage title of seemed like a better deal in July.
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    We (Ireland Engineering) are having the close ratio kits made. The left and drive should be done very soon and the right hand drive is in process (guessing 45-60 days). Do to development costs prices will be higher than the standard kits but still should be less than WN
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    Paul, At the Icon exhibit, they had the car raised on a pedestal of sorts, with a light and a mirror underneath, so viewers could gawk at the obscenely-glossy underside. Iโ€™m guessing you would have appreciated that! Iโ€™ll bet someone here has a photo of the setup and that shiny bottom! Oh, wait, I did photograph the car! Here are my two photos of the Ceylon VIN 2763852 at the Icon exhibit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I guess I got a bit distracted by that factory-correct Polaris in the foreground. Itโ€™s got filled seams, in all the right spots, if you know what I mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wow, that is one sick ride... ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿคฃ Oh, yeah, the Ceylon was fine, too. Best regards, Steve
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    Sorry, that went over my head... I get it.
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    I saw this car and its restomod twin at the famous Colorado CCA Ofest in the year 2002--the year that 104 '02s showed up and the first 100 received the little white commemorative badge that you occasionally see at '02 events even today. If you look at the Werkshop plate in the pictures, it's #1--the first car the Werkshop did, IIRC. It was a $40,000+ restoration back in 2002 (when factory front fenders were $90 and most beltline trim bits were $20-30 each). But Steve is correct in that the restoration is to a much higher standard than the factory's production cars--it would be more like what the factory would have prepared to put on their stand at a major auto show. Just too pretty to drive (witness the miles since it was done 18 years ago). IMHO an '02 is meant to be driven, not trailered to events--and driven on back roads around curves; that's an '02's beauty. This one is so nice I'd be afraid to drive it. Wonder what the asking price is... mike
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    Sadly there are likely more engines laying around than cars. This could be a good candidate for the 1600 on BAT out of Santa Rosa, CA. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-bmw-1600-3/ but what do I know. I too have a 1600 engine laying around in a driving parts car. So much easier to move an engine around when it propels the car.
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    Not recommended for anywhere in a car, especially in the floor between your legs ๐Ÿ˜„...Think Sydney tii means Dynamat. Sorry, just couldn't resist! And if you get items shipped in Styrofoam peanuts, bag 'em up and stuff tht under the back seats. Very effective sound insulation and the price is right... mike
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    Playing around with some flash photography green 02 is mine the the orange is a mates.
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    Beautiful shape. No damage. Has the horn button and adapter sleeve. Has the horn contact for 2002. Just bolt on and go. The leather wrap is long gone from the steering wheel. $200 plus shipping As always I take PayPal email me [email protected]
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    It doesn't matter, electrically. Switching ground leaves a hot wire exposed at the location (headlight, for example) whereas switching hot does not. Building codes require that the hot be switched, so that in the 'off' position, there is no potential in the box between hot and ground. Electronically, it's often easier and safer for the semiconductors to switch ground, which is why EE210 has you doing it that way. I usually switch hot, rather than lift ground, because I find it more intuitive. Also, less likely to short out hot to chassis. Or if it does, the fuse only blows when I turn on the accessory, which makes troubleshooting a lot quicker. t
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    Roy, Here's how I would wire the driving lights. The high-beam tap is located in the wiring harness near the left headlight and battery (see attached picture). Caution...do not use this tap for direct power to your driving lights! Use it only as the trigger source for the relay. This will allow the driving lights to only come on if the high-beams are on. If fog lights are used, they should only come on on the low-beams. The dummy fog light button can easily be removed. Pull out the instrument pod to gain access. Or...leave it for future fog lights and use a round lighted switch (preferably blue) on the console for your driving light switch. If you don't use the cig lighter, consider replacing it with a round switch and add a "UP" after the LIGHTER decal....(driving lights = Lighter Up). Good luck with your project! John
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    yes the regular/std from Argentina
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    Nothing is an exact match so... OK, going to fab out of stainless or aluminum. Will use one of the 4 mounting bolt locations as the raised bump, the others will be flat heads.
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    This is covered for the most part in the thread. Ireland is working with Ventas to develop a CR. However, looks like Ireland will have an exclusive so after development costs, markup etc. I would not be surprised to see a four figure price tag. Afterall, W&N sells the direct replacement for $700
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    Direct replacement for stock box is all they offer. I saw something about Ireland maybe producing a quick-ratio kit, but no knowledge.
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    Steve, yes, you subtly, but not too, expressed your opinion of e30 rims on 02's. But if we all liked the same rims or the same sneakers how boring the world would be.
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    I fucked up took out bad tach placed on work bench next to replacement...... reinstalled bad tach by accident
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    I like how there aren't any photos but we're implored to"not waste time" unless we are committed to buying.
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    Kind words, thanks. I've had thoughts of building a rental 2002 for track day events/schools, something folks with nice/restored 02's can drive a lot harder than they might their own car. The Hoonigan crowd has me wondering if drifting abilities ought be a feature (which would also be a good use for used-up race tires). The rugged/patina look will be an adventure. -KB
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    My 69 has open seams in the front. Iโ€™m ok with that.
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    If you want to get 'fancy,' you can also do it without any switch! I use a DPDT relay to run my driving lights in series (dim) as daytime running lights whenever the car is on, and then in parallel (full brightness) when I turn on the high beams. Details here, if you want to do something similar:
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    While youโ€™re hunting for upgrades for your VW rear calipers look at the MK4 calipers. If I recall correctly theyโ€™re alloy castings not steel (Lighter), perhaps less prone to seizing, and I believe they will mount up to the earlier carriers. I think the only real difference was the use of a bango connection for the brake line instead of an inverted flare fitting. I could be misremembering all of this, but it might be worth looking at
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    The seller here is clearly out of step with current CL ads for 02s. Let me rewrite his ad for him so it's more in keeping--sadly--with ones I've been coming across, especially here in the Midwest: "BMW 2002. Has some patina and needs a little TLC, but amazing opportunity to get a vintage classic at an affordable price. Rare Primerrot exterior with Zerrissense Sitze interior. These cars are appreciating rapidly! Get this one while you can, $7,000." There, fixed it. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™ƒ
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    A great example to go by when I re-Celon -ify my car, even if a there is little too much bling for my taste. Would have a hard time with the glossy air cleaner, but can live with everything else.... ok, who am I kidding.... would be a dream to have this in the garage!! Vince
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    If you are ordering rebuilt units from a place like RockAuto, just take note that the different brands may or may not come with mounting brackets and the E-Brake cable bracket that you mention. Just confirm the description and pics are what you need. Another note with these rear calipers. They have the piston that twists out to adjust as the pads wear so the pads are always close to the rotor giving you a firm pedal. If there is a lot of space between the pads and the rotor the pedal needs to displace more fluid to make contact and it may take a while for them to adjust. With Audi's and VW's that I have had in the past I have turned the piston counter clockwise during install to adjust them if needed (it may not be). Nothing worse than getting the car together, expecting an improvement, and then the pedal goes to the floor during your first drive.
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    I had a rear caliper go bad last month, My 02 has the conversion. The caliper has the correct fitting for the e brake, ended up doing both mine were looking pretty tired. https://www.autozone.com/brakes-and-traction-control/brake-caliper-rear/duralast-non-bracktd-brake-caliper-19-b1715/565802_1022008_5913
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    Seat has been sold on another forum.
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    Now that you have one, you'll question why you didn't buy one a decade ago. They're so useful.
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    I'll aspire to make my '73 Tii as clean as this one 0- that'll be a tall task.
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    You should also be able to use the rear calipers from a MK3 VW... about 20 years ago I had an 88 GTI (MK 2) and one of the upgrades that people would perform was updating to a MK3 rear caliper, and they were a direct bolt on. I think they were less prone to issues with the automatic adjuster, and IIRC the consensus at the time was to use a 95-99 rear caliper as they were better. If you search on Rockauto you can get remanufactured rear calipers w/bracket for a 95' jetta for $49 each without a core....or if you want to stick with the MK2 stuff they are $32each with a $14 core. That is pretty short money for some rebuilt calipers and probably the way I would go before spending money on used calipers. Actually if you go with the adapter kit from Classic Daily, they suggest using MK3 calipers. https://classicdaily.net/product/2002-rear-disc-brake-brackets/ Hope that helps.
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    https://www.iemotorsport.com/product/turn-signal-assemblies-2002/ should of sold them 6 months ago before these came out ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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    A really nice guy name Jeff Bowser gave me a diff. Another friend in Albany delivered it this weekend, while I was subjecting my rebuilt E9 to it first rain and I mean RAIN. Thanks guys. Nice to have some new friends for this adventure with "Rona" the Golf yellow Tii I am starting on. Thanks so much. Gary Beck Georgia
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    My car is back together thanks to the good folks at Korman selling me a single rocker and cometic gasket. Ready to race the ELVF at Road America this weekend. Korman shared the failure with Lester Owen and I guess is was a first. I have a set of KM rockers showing up at my door today. Not sure what I'll do with them but they are cheap and having something as an emergency backup in my spares box appeals to me. The Cat Cams rockers are $120/each plus shipping. $1,040.30 USD delivered to the U.S. In talking them, they seem interesting. I think I will use them on a 121 head building for a friend this winter. To purchase simply email them. Nice people. I've had this car for 4 years now and but still new to learning the little details of how to make an m10 race motor work. But I love the M10 for it's simplicity, it ain't rocket science! ho can't love an engine where the entirety of the nuts and bolts to put it together can fit in your cargo shorts! I also love the engineering brilliance of Weber DCOE carbs in particular. As well as the mechanicals, I've fallen in love with "B Sedan" racing with this 2002. I wish there were more 2002 racing folks in the Midwest. They are scarce. In 15 years I still hope to be doing this with a greater knowledge base to pass on.
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    Yes, High beam, Low beam and Horn relays are all identical. Switch them around to identify a faulty one.
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    Those are cool! Inspired me to 3d print some from thingiverse ๐Ÿ˜
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    Needed a mental break so I welded up some brackets and did a mock up install. This is at its lowest position, I'll lift it up a bit and tighten the nuts. I want to get the fitment so that I can utilize (and slightly cover) the existing side fender holes. Technically it matches the rear '73 bumper now. Not sure I'm sold on it yet. I'll stare at it for a while and see if it grows on me before painting it wrinkle black to match the rear.
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    First pass of some colour correction, and the first time I have used a mechanical polisher. The dull and sun damaged boot (trunk!) came up very nicely. Polish and wax to follow....and some decent pictures in a picturesque location of course!
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    Square and a roundie
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    Tii arms were boxed in while the standard arm was u shaped.
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    Went out for a drive yesterday and ran across this mural in downtown Clover, South Carolina. I had to stop to take a photo.
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    amazing price! I recall paying $250 each side a few years back when they were available! Edit .. never mind I think I read it wrong. Still great to have them available now!
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    It has been sold locally and on its way to getting restored!
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    I found out the cause of it getting stuck. It was in here No more "stuckage" and i also bent the pedal so that it hits the stop. Thanks guys Ryan

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