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  2. So I’m running a resistor rotor, but assume that’s okay with the standard red coil. But, I was running a resistorless rotor with my former MSD ignition, and seem to recall high rpm issues with the resistor rotors. Any thoughts on that regarding my 5500-6000 rpm misfire?
  3. Two I like One is a two stage silver and clear wheel paint kit by Dupli-Color The other is a silver metallic sold by Mercedes Dealers as a touch up
  4. Thanks everyone, part on order. Looking forward to figuring out how many more parts I'll need to order :-)
  5. I remember that line from a gag parking ticket one could buy at Spencer Gifts to fill out and leave on another's car if they parked in an offensive manner. Oh the back room with it's black lights and glowing posters, good times.
  6. Sold Sent from my SM-J327VPP using Tapatalk
  7. Although this antique post arrived at a correct answer — thanks to hopper123 — the engine in question was certainly a factory-remanufactured turbo engine. The numbers stamped onto the engine at the time of the remanufacturing, however, were not de-coded. They can be de-coded with Technical Reference Information (T.R.I.) 11 02 84 of October 1985: “22T” signifies a factory-remanufactured turbo engine “1078” is the serial number of this remanufactured engine, reset monthly according to T.R.I. 11 02 84 (As with other remanufactured engines, the breadth of the serial numbers is not entirely clear — 1,078 turbo engines in a month? I’m guessing, rather, 1,078 M10’s of any sort rebuilt in a month.) “A” is a remanufactured engine. ”029” signifies February (“02”) of 1979 (“9”), or is it 1989? “1269506” is not stamped, but is a cast-in casting number original to this block, and seen on some other M10 blocks. I suspect that “22G” is also not stamped, but is a cast-in date: July 22nd. Missing is the two-digit year associated with that July 22nd. Here’s a link to the T.R.I., which only works sporadically for me — sorry, I can’t locate a better link. There’s also a good thread in the turbo forum relating to identifying factory-remanufactured turbo engines. Regards, Steve
  8. He visited the FAQ (while signed in) six days ago, but his last post was back in June, 2017. Here is a similar thread with 46 posts -- I liked Sal's approach in that thread above -- I am surprised he only has - 3 in his feedback rating.
  9. If you still have the tii manifold? I definitely interested. Thanks, Tom
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  11. Couid this be the same car? (Starting grid at Pasir Gudang)
  12. Harry Please email pictures. In particular send pics of both sides of all rubber accordion mounting studs. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will assume that the studs are all in good condition and solidly connected to the metal plates inside the accordion and that both of the metal plates are included with all four accordions.. Closeup pictures of bumpers and accordions would be helpful. Jim
  13. Mark: You've been a great caregiver for this rare specimen with your tasteful mods. Hope it stays in the US but I bet it goes back to Europe. Don
  14. If you want to end it all and have a heart attack also, try the CO Bryce the anything you want guy, you are on the way what they call Battlefield religion, thanks I am making a list who's good vs bad, I was looking for trans and got "see pic", may the force be with you and may the fleas of 1,000 camels get in their pants, axx o jerks .. Trump them …. L
  15. If you are traveling through the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, any of the drivers up and doe either sides of the big lakes like Seneca, Cayuga, or Keuka. However. The best road is at the base of Seneca Lake in Watkins Glen. Take adriving tour of the original 6.6 Mile road course that went around the state park. It is beautiful, (AND FUN) with all the green in the summer and the the colors in the fall. Then try to imagine how fast those guys were going in those old cars on those same roads! Crazy!
  16. Le Tran recently posted that PMB-6525 from Prismatic Powders was a very good match, if you prefer to powder-coat. https://www.prismaticpowders.com/shop/powder-coating-colors/PMB-6525/bmw-silver
  17. Sorry to hear about his Nathan. If there is something I can do to fill in what you need please let me know.
  18. looks fun. and some clutch work
  19. It seems Bavarian Klasse has turned to the dark side. I recently ordered a bunch of door glass parts, agreed to a price and was assured the package would be posted the next day. Now 4 weeks later - no package and no communication. I alerted members of the 2002 Classifieds group and several people responded with the similar bad experiences. It is so easy to be honest.....
  20. After some investigation into what I have, I am passing on the passenger side armrest so it's still available. Thanks, Gary
  21. Well.... good news bad news. Good news. I got the TBI back Bad news. Still stalls if I stand on the brakes. I don’t have any more time to mess with this. I will just have to drive it like this. I don’t think the crank trigger will solve the issue, but I will try to get it hooked up this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Hey, thanks, eventually I probably would have got there (or gone crazy trying), I love that the 123 is so adjustable, I also hate that the 123 is so adjustable. !
  23. Anyone want to sell me their Clips so I can install my headliner - can easily buy new ones but thought I would check here first. Thanks Dion
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