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  2. Looking for the torque value for the 4 small 10mm bolts on the crank pulley that hold it together. Could’ve sworn I browsed past it in a topic the other day, and now can’t find it. I’m guessing it’s the 10nM value associated with hardware of that size/grade, but double-checking. TIA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I just did this on my new upholstery that I installed myself. Needless to say I was careful! The strap is about 2 inches down +/- and the Seat belt is about 6 1/2 down +/-. You can feel the holes with your fingers. I just slit the vinyl with a razor carefully and it worked out fine. Nick
  4. 2002 Tii exhaust manifold -removed from '72 tii -no cracks -missing one downpipe stud -shipping within US flat rate priority - $25
  5. Congratulations! Well done and oh so clean with the trim and bumper choices. Hope you enjoy the fruits of your labors and go for a drive this Memorial Day weekend!
  6. Thanks for the kind words! I'm excited to see it all come together.
  7. The factory thoughtfully provided two holes to accommodate folks of different height. When the car came from the factory, the belt was attached through one hole (usually the lower one), and the other was covered by a plastic plug with a phillips pattern slot to facilitate removal. Pick the height that works best for you and use that one. Someone on the board will probably have the plastic plugs from a parts car, or you should be able to get 'em from Blunt. mike
  8. Used Stahl header. One valve has been fixed by previous owner.
  9. Thingiverse account up and running. I am still learning how to use it but the filter support and fuse box adapter should be posted. https://www.thingiverse.com/Mahakalah/designs
  10. You should be able to get the plain vanilla (i.e. Bakelite) standard (sealed beam type, used on US cars since the late 30s) three socket terminals at your local auto parts stores, complete with pigtails. If you get those, solder the wires to your car's wiring harness and cover the joint with heat shrink tubing. Otherwise you'll have a poor connection that will (cause your headlights to lose voltage) and the joint will heat up. mike.
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  12. Actually (again, IMHO) a Pacer built to 7/8 scale (i.e. 2002/E21/E30 size) would be an attractive car for its era. AMC just took a small car design and inflated it to ridiculous size...they shoulda kept it Gremlin size. mike
  13. Sorry, but maybe I have another ones later.
  14. Finally got a chance to drive the car after loosening the exhaust connections and transmission bracket and replacing the muffler hangers. Sound is gone. Not sure what causes the sound but it’s gone.
  15. It has the tach, correct combo-unit with clock, and double side-drafts. Not all TiLux's got the full wood interior treatment...I've seen many varying interiors on TiLux models.
  16. I think more people would be on board if the price was set to the $299 we expected and not the $399 it was originally listed for sale at.
  17. Yep. A good 'medium' grunt' should suffice. I'd assume these are tapered threads, no?
  18. FInally got around to swapping in 34mm chokes and binning my 32's I've had sitting in my DCOEs since my old motor... Was worried I'd have to do some crazy re-jetting nonsense, since I've been fiddling forever and even micro-steps in jets ended up with scenarios of too rich, or too lean. Mighta' just found my goldilocks combo thou! DIdn't touch a thing other than the chokes. Now she somehow idles better/smoother/leaner, AFR's are markedly improved across the rev-range, and she drives better than ever. Took her for test-run on the autobahn, looked down and she was happily just drummin' away at 160kph and barely breaking a sweat. Who'da thunk. Guess she just wanted to breathe deeper!
  19. Installed new intake gaskets on one of the webers, it would leak after you turned it off. Installed new 90° banjo fitting. Wired up signal relay, tried to match color codes best I could.
  20. Having induced valve to piston contact before, I'll echo that those marks are likely relief cuts for clearance. The material looks to have been removed, whereas if it had been a contact concern, not only would it have not run, but the metal on the piston tops would have been squished/deformed out of the way with some mushrooming to the edges, where what you're show is relatively crisp. At least that's what I see from this side of the internet.
  21. All your choices are great. I looked at that steering wheel and those wheels, love them. The seats look beautiful. Well done.
  22. would u take 60 bucks i would take it from u today i live near by u can reach me at 5107792301
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