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  2. yes its all recent, last 2 to 3 years, all linkage bushes, I will double check any connections, but it is quite noisy now as well. Not sure why it improves when its gets warm, theres probably a simple explanation, I would have thought that the oil would thin out when hotter I did have it in for some work recently, when i managed to cut my hand badly and couldn't finish a job, the guy Ive known for years and trust, felt it needed a rebuild but when I started reading I thought perhaps the layshaft bearings are buggered, and upon looking for the part started to hit a few brick walls, figuratively of course 🙂
  3. Phwar! looking good. Can i ask; would you be happy for me to use these pictures on my web site, or on an advert? and exactly which model is it? (does it have any t's or i's in its title)
  4. I will document it when I get there. Probably within the next month.
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  6. 1969 BMW 2002 On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-BMW-2002-2002/283525900100?
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  8. Your springs are a little weak (hence the early and greater advance) but that’s probably OK as long as you are not getting any pinging at high rpm under load. It is definitely advancing and that’s a good thing.
  9. Its a damp ignition problem, easiest solution is to replace cap and plug leads....you could try spraying some water displacer inside the cap for a temporary improvement.
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  11. Not the first, nor will it be the last time I admit that I have too many 1 and 0's floating around.
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  13. Have you eliminated other issues like shift linkage and platform?
  14. That’s it: “411”. Before 2000, the DOT date code was only three digits: two for the week, one for the year. Thus, “411” signifies the 41st week of 1991. I guess when they invented the code they imagined anyone could tell the difference between a 1988 and a 1998 tire — lots of luck with that. 😯 Regards, Steve
  15. For the square taillight era, we have window stickers that specify interior color names, paint and upholstery brochures that specify interior color names, and parts books that specify interior color names. For the round taillight era, we have only parts books that specify interior color names and I believe they only refer to Black, Marine (Navy) Blue, Gray, and Brown.... So not much help with this “Chocolate”, Saddle”, and “Tobacco” thing that befuddles me! Best regards, Steve
  16. Both sold. Here are other parts available:
  17. Yes still available. Leaning towards local sales. But if willing I’m open for shipping out
  18. Another PM coming your way.
  19. I know what the problem is! You got 2 confusers trying to run your engine. Install a mechanical fuel pump, a points distributor and a carburetor on it and see if that fixes the problem. Why do you want a bunch of ones and zeros flying around your engine bay anyway?
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  21. Blue on blue seems a little much but hey it was the 70's. I think we talked about this a few months ago Steve. The Nylon Brown was defiantly an option. I love this kind of stuff. This furthers your thought that nylon brown was the name that BMW used. What did they call the Tobacco color everyone refers too?
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