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  2. I have no experience in body work, but it appears to his newb that you know what you're doing. Keep it up! Forgot to post over the weekend, but pops helped me deal with this
  3. @Flunder Great, now you have given me something else to want. Any idea who made that exhaust? It's odd
  4. That 1600 shown looks like it may have the after market rally muffler sold by Alpina and others.
  5. Welcome to central jersey with your diamond in the rough
  6. So it’s been about a week and a half which is the time I spent mostly working on the nose but I think I’ve accomplished enough to be satisfied with the progress. The reason I worked on the nose was because I noticed that the radiator was sitting proud on the passenger side by almost an inch. A little work on the D/S light bucket bracket and that tranfered to the radiator mounting area. Don’t ask me how this was the case but I managed to re-allign the radiator. So I’ve been working on the nose and window edges. I’m gonna remove the rear vent windows so I can complete the ass breaking work of sanding, prep. & priming all while not having taken the engine out yet..... Rear glass edge.... I want this gutter to NEVER rust again!! (Not that it was rusted before but...I). I’ve scoped out some of the other FAQ people’s rust after the trim was removed and...... well, Its not gonna happen here. I think this area is known as the plenum.... sanded and will be 2nd primered... I went thru alot to make this curved wall look great. And you’ll figure out why I POR’d the noses deck in the next photo. Remember, it’s all about prep and color coordination. I think this deck looks awesome!!! See how dark the Grille area is becoming? I POR’d the deck, the hinge brackets, the face of the hinges and the interior back side of the nose. I Think I’ve accomplished the “dark grill look” as seen particularly on the Rt inside grille area.... Still have work to do on the actual nose but...... Damn! That looks good! That wall and the whole nose will be painted in Still Water Blue Metalic Fjord... Now that’s gonna look awesome! Still have to do some smoothing out of the noses top. Next....removing the doors, trunk lid and rear vent windows. Mind you, I’m doing this work alone, dumb and blind. All I have are books and photo’s I’ve collected. If anyone feels they’d like to contribute some expertise I’m more than welcome to any help. If not, I’ll just have to keep pluggin away doing the best I can my way....
  7. I'm trying to figure out whether it's appropriate to laugh at this post ... Russ I think that is @tobyB 's story... Cheers,
  8. Hi there, i see these are still listed. I am headed to Denver in late march. if they are still available in the week leading up to that, I think we can work something out. they keep calling to me....
  9. The metal part of the key chain is 2 3/4" long, 7/8" at the widest part and the rest of the body is 11/16" at the narrow sides. Hope this helps...and I want one if you start making them! Eric
  10. Today
  11. I thought the same when I saw that on the boxes lol Cool though!!!
  12. Perhaps @Slavs knows. He's had some early cars and seems to be a stickler for originality.
  13. That's a good question-- I'm not a 100% sure what they look like. A little 'squarer' I think. If that car has a correct '68 muffler then it's not what I'm looking for. The '66 and '67's had a unique muffler.
  14. The '68 1600 that sold on BaT recently had an interesting looking muffler. Is this the style you are looking for?
  15. This thread came to mind as I'm still waiting for my injection pump service to be completed
  16. Also got an email from John34 directing me to Beathard for my WTB post. Thanks for putting this this out there. When I asked for a photo for what I wanted, there was no reply.
  17. I got a message from John34 as well, directing me to e-mail [email protected] for the part I was looking for. I did e-mail them, but knew immediately something felt off so did not pursue.
  18. I have an empty 26 foot enclosed trailer that needs a tenant...oh so sorry that thing is out of the country and on the west coast.
  19. This scum seems to be more active on the faq site than say on the early911S site, rennlist, etc
  20. Yesterday
  21. Really getting into the weeds here, but does anyone have, know of someone who has, or know someone making a repro of, the early 1600 muffler? Even one in bad shape to serve as a template would be great. Thanks, Michael
  22. Now that's a great reason for me to keep my set of bottle caps. Love your clean engine bay and trunk. Nice work
  23. I'm pulling the tubes on my car to get access to the injectors. I need to order new gaskets - is this the sort of place where I could use Hylomar M on the gaskets so in case I need to get at the injectors in the future I can reuse them?
  24. I'd buy that steering wheel right now if it were for sale.
  25. Introductory price for nose panels = $995 sending units are $130
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