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  2. Was the pop-up deflector ever shown in any of the US accessory catalogs? I have a very early catalog (actually a brochure) that I got when I bought my car in May '69,and a couple of later ones from '72 or 73 and they're not shown--only the fixed plexi ones. Doncha love this trivia? mike
  3. Aaaaah, internet interactions. It becomes so real when no other physical person is around. But I digress
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  5. A very good price for that dash.
  6. Hmmm. Well, I confess that I wired a Bavaria wiper delay circuit into my 2000CS many moons ago. Now I can't say as I recognize any of the wires in the picture but I could scan my wiring diagram if that would help.
  7. @nate_williams I’ve been looking as well for a set for mine. Once you come up with a solution(not IE) let me know. Also will be interested in your CS set when time comes!
  8. Didn't know that. Luckily I haven't had any rattles or binding. Just a satisfying "snic" when it pops up. I'd be reluctant to drill holes as well. Think I'll stick with the status quo and enjoy it as is.
  9. But note, Mike, that Ted (Einspritz) found a pop-up unit at a dealership in ‘76, long after I could find found nothing but plexiglass deflectors at BMW dealers in southeast Pennsylvania. That pop-up deflector could have simply been hanging around in inventory for a few years, or it could be that some dealers were able to obtain a wider selection of factory accessories. Best regards, Steve
  10. coloincaalpine


    HI, Thanks for your interest in the Alpina. I will be restoring back to as close to original as it was when it left Alpina. Unfortunately Alpina didn't keep records before 1978 so, I have to go by what the previous owner told me as far as what was done at the Alpina shop. What I know so far is, it had a stock Tii engine,Sheel seats,auxiliary guage cluster and sway bars. I'm hoping to acquire the original sway bars and have a set of Borrani steel wheels for it. Stay tuned for anything else that I can find on it's history. Any help or advice on history would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards from Colorado, Dan
  11. Love this so much. The attention to detail and all of the fabrication around this car is killer. Rad that you went that far out of the box, but still looks well put together.
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  14. Thanks for all the kind words - yes, Singer is the benchmark and that’s what we attempted to achieve Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  16. Please call / text or email me at ... barney 512 789 3593 [email protected]
  17. The low profile euro front signal lights are mono filament and some of the early US cars had both the mono filament and a separate small driving light bulb, depends on the year of your car and whether it has been modified over time. Standard plug wrench from a kit should be deep enough unless something is on the end of the plug, like a detached fitting from a plug wire. If you have a mirror and flashlight you can play gynecologist on your car Sent from my STH100-1 using Tapatalk
  18. Originally these deflectors came with four plastic pieces that were attached to the four "bumps" on the underside, leading edge of the sunroof panel. You have to drill holes in the inner sunroof sheet metal to install them. They bear against the plastic pieces on the deflector itself to prevent rattles. AFAIK those bits are still available from Porsche. Steve--thanks for the explanation of when they were available from BMW dealers; I don't remember ever seeing a 2002 with one until I came across one in a 76 sitting in a country junkyard east of Oklahoma City back in the early 90s. And that's still the only one I've seen that actually came with the car. Both my '02s have deflectors salvaged from Porsche 911's back in the early 80s, and they fit perfectly with no modifications. mike PS--if yours doesn't pop up as you open the sunroof, a little lubrication will help. I have to lubricate mine every year or so to keep 'em moving properly
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  20. I save that stuff for Saturday mornings. Its been a while since I've unhinged at someone on the FAQ 😂
  21. To see if the previous ham-fist owner added jury rigged intermittent wipers, the quick way to check is to see if the wiper relay has seven terminals vs six. If you need the wiring diagram for adding intermittent wipers to a '72 or '73 with the turn signal stalk PM me as I re-created the original factory wiring on my '73 around 1987 and it's been working fine ever since... Remember that the right side steering column stalk on a '73 governs turn signals, wiper on/off, wash/wipe, and on-street parking lights when the ignition is off... that's a lotta wires. mike
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  23. You have his email address, sign him up for some unwanted spamming.
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