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  2. Tyson-87

    Original BMW 02 tank filler cap with logo, nice

    Why is my BMW logo in the bottom of the handle compared to yours?
  3. this has me wondering rick, if the first event is informal... are you planning a second one that is going to be a black tie affair? I'll head down if the kid's softball tournament schedule for that weekend allows it.
  4. JohnP_02

    Door brakes

    Set of used door brakes. I believe they are a later style and are a bit stronger. I bought a set of Henry’s door brakes so don’t need these. $35 shipped for the set
  5. Simeon

    Thoughts on Weber 38/38

    You don’t *have* to alter the manifold to fit the carb. You will fit the carb with a phenolic spacer and as long as that is the right diameter to allow the throttle plates to open fully that will work fine. This will space the carb far enough away. Yes you are restricting the carb but I doubt you would notice the difference in real life driving.
  6. Guest_anonymous

    Intake rocker shaft NLA?

    A run on the bank of rocker shafts
  7. bimbill

    Intake rocker shaft NLA?

    Excellant. Placing an order now.
  8. Where are you located? Would I need anything else for the 5spd conversion?
  9. Son of Marty

    Intake rocker shaft NLA?

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that, although it wouldn't be that hard to cut a new one if you had to.
  10. Yup. Wish I had $14,001 (plus I was in a different country, my wife was on side, etc. etc...)
  11. Stock setup, from a car I sold. $150
  12. Guest_anonymous

    Intake rocker shaft NLA?

    Except the cam lock slots would be on the top
  13. I have decided to downsize some of my collection of Cibie items and have this very rare and beautiful wood Cibie shift knob for sale. It is threaded, not sure what it fits though but it was such a unique item I bought it. Maybe it was a promotional item, but I have never seen another. I know there are some of you guys that also collect Cibie items and this could possibly be redrilled to be used. Either way it’s a beautiful vintage and rare wood shift knob. $150 shipped.
  14. AndySals

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    I fit both my doors tonight and started on the seals. Moving it in and out of the garage as coked up the plugs lately so it was running on 2-3 cylinders. I had them out cleaned them up and boom! it runs like a dream 😁. I can't wait to get some miles on the clock.
  15. Came with a car I sold. No idea on condition.
  16. jireland2002

    Intake rocker shaft NLA?

    We have plenty of the rocker shafts. Both sides
  17. Forrest_KoogleWerks

    Original BMW E21 / 02? ALPINA Purolator Air Filter Housing

    This is correct. the box top is same for both 2002 & e21 application, but the bottom is completely different. this will not fit the 2002 chassis. e21 only.
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  19. PaulTWinterton

    Fuel tank sending unit - now rebuilt!

    That would work on a unit without wire, but I'd hate to try fitting an abrasive in between the contacts and the wire. I was thinking that soaking the float (at the bottom position) in Evapo-Rust and then rinsing with brake cleaner. That would clean up the metal surface if there is any rust, but Evapo-Rust tends to dull rusty metal surfaces (that were previously shiny) and I'm not sure that is a good thing at the contact points. Does dull metal give less conductivity than shiny metal? I'm not sure. I wish I had a sacrificial unit to play with. Another option might be to just use spray cleaner for electronics. Just a thought: Evapo-rust would clean up your whole unit nicely. It's amazing and very friendly. Rust be gone! For some reason my unit has very little rust. I should use a magnifying glass or a high rez photo to look at the float contacts. That might answer some questions.
  20. Son of Marty

    Intake rocker shaft NLA?

    I guess I'd get another exhaust shaft and drill/remove the end plug for the o/p sender, as far as I know the shaft it's self is the same other than it's plugged on both ends.
  21. Safe travels! We’re heading out of the Austin, Texas area Wednesday morning. Barney, Ed, Todd, and I will leave out of Cedar Park around 9:30 and meet up with David and Terry Sayther’s group along I35 just north of Austin. We’ll drive to Arkadelphia, Ak and stay the night. We’ll finish up the drive Thursday with the plan of rolling into Eureka Springs around 2:30. Houston on group is making the drive up on Thursday. Believe there are 10 H-Town 02s making the drive up together. Pretty sure they will be meeting up with a few 02rs along the way. Definitely look forward to putting faces to the names! Greg Resa
  22. Someone got a good deal... t
  23. I searched the forum and found no discussion by anybody? I've checked all the usual sources for part # 11330634100 and they all show it NLA. What are folks doing when it comes time to replace?
  24. You wanted a hit? 😀
  25. '76mintgrün'02

    Need (!) Door/Window Trim with Squeegee

    The part that looks like a rubber squeegee does not touch the glass. Plus it is typically plastic, although I remember PW recently saying the new ones he saw were rubber. Just the fuzzy strip touches the glass. I recently pulled the fuzzy strip out of a new piece and slid it into the one in my door, since the old fuzzy one was crumbling. Had to pull it in in four pieces though, due to friction. The plastic squeegee looking part is just fine on my old one. I worry more about dirt down inside the door holding moisture, than I do about water getting in there. Especially back in the corners. I made a little scraper tool and dug a surprising amount of dusty crud out of those corners. Should have done that years ago.
  26. West Palm 2002

    Bring a Trailer: Experience and advice

    What is it, where is it and how much do you want for it ?
  27. james cont

    1970 BMW 2002 2D

    unfortunately i didnt made it on time for bidding. was it sold already?
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