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  3. wasnt that happy with the look so i changed it up again
  4. Thanks for all the feedback. i will adopt the clean cycles, refill with Redline MTL, and bleed everything anyway as a belt and braces approach. I will also check my prop for play and see if that or the diff I’d adding to any noise or vibration issues. i will report back in a few weeks, off for a new knee tomorrow so crawling around under the car will have to wait.
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  7. Redline MTL is great stuff with slow synchros, the ATF wash is well worth doing. The wrong TO bearing means the biting point will be close to the floor and cannot be adjusted. Clutch 'bleeds itself' if the slave is installed correctly (bleed nipple down, drilled internally to the top of the cyl).
  8. You know it's funny it just occurred to me that I didn't finish bleeding my clutch when I just redid all my hard lines, however it wasn't any different before the hard lines. So I will get onto that. I must admit I don't understand why it's much better when the car is warm, and it gets that way quickly once moving. yes my car is a Tii, but it came with the box when I bought it, what's the deal with the throw out bearing? Would that be an issue as it would impact the ability to change gear? As in part of the process in pushing the pressure plate (if that's how it works) enough to change gear? i definitely think it's worth getting the box through some form of cleaning cycle, I should check the oil for any metal fillings I guess as well. Be interesting to see what the oil is like. Looks Like I will be spending some time under the car.
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  10. Based on your name I’m assuming this is in a tii? Did you use the taller 323 throw out bearing when you did the swap?
  11. I’ve copied this from c.d.iesel from an early thread. Redline MTL is also highly recommended. "Drain & refill with Dexron ATF (at any gas station) it is high detergent & will clean the sludge on the slider hubs & internals parts.." drain refill, drive 100, drain refill, drive 100, drain refill . buy a pressure brake bleeder to flush the clutch and brake fluids completely - you might find that all your gear crunching was caused by just nasty hydraulic fluid. Brakes and clutch always work better after flushing - once a year! and when everything is normal - still give the gearbox a break! shift slowly and feeel the lever into the next gear, especially until the oil and metals have warmed up.
  12. Thanks for the pointers Ted. As I look at my photo and think about fixing the return line, it does slide on too easily, so I will add a sleeve of heat shrink (far away from the tank!) of some type of plastic, whatever I can dig up.
  13. When cold first thing in the morning, yes both 1st and 2nd very hard to get into gear, for a couple of minutes, downshifting from 3rd to 2nd is not as bad, but still a little “stiff” cold, but it is pretty ok/fine warm, if I pull up to the lights and put it in 1st from 2nd, when cold, its stiff, but better to Fine when warm not sure what oil is in there, had it topped up a couple of years ago, I only really use it usually at the weekend these days. i should drain it and refill it really. What’s the best oil?
  14. 1st is hard to get into from neutral while stopped or are you trying to downshift into 1st? What oil are you using.
  15. This is on a 73 tii USA spec VIN 276xxxx. I've set timing, replaced wires, plugs, cap rotor, and upon further inspection I've found that btw the positive side and negative side of the coil, with the ignition set on run (I can hear the fuel pump running, but without the car running) I only get 7 volts. With the car running, the voltage is all over the map. I've also just put in an AFR guage which I wired to the hot terminal of the coil to the guage and it rarely gets up to temp to operate, also indicating that the voltage is low on this terminal. Engine hiccups at a regular interval at idle but smooths out at 2500rpm, where I can accelerate nicely. At lower rpms, I get a backfire when I shift gears, thinking that not all the fuel is burning with a no spark situ. I had it out last night and running at 3k and up on the highway to try and tune the fuel ration at the tuna can. Ran great at the high rpms... With the higher reving the AFR guage was working and I could dial in the wide open mixture to burn around 14.5. Right now I'm trying to resolve the low voltage at the coil and have looked at the wiring diagram on what provides power to the coil and what to check. So far I've found that the main feed comes from fuse no 12 with the red green wire, but it also shows a wire going to the starter. Anyone of you experience this low voltage condition at the coil? I'm thinking that I'm not getting a proper spark at lower rpms giving me my hiccup, but sorts itself at the higher rpms.
  16. Need to read up a bit more on gearboxes. i can push it in and out of gear nice and smoothly without the engine running. But when I drive it especially cold 1st and 2nd is tight to get into gear. i noticed today when driving it, that once warm it’s quite good into both gears. im ok with most things, but gearboxes are a mystery to some extent. Can anyone explain why the box does this, it might just be buggered, or could it be something else??,
  17. lol hey neighbor! I'm home after 5 most days. I'm on Glen Oak Dr, off E. 37th between Donald and Willamette. text or call me for my address 541-915-six-one-six-one
  18. This Talbot mirror is sold, thanks
  19. Thanks, but glad I checked BTS here in Europe... $100 less! Got the sender, O-ring, engine gasket and others for less than rogerstii sender.
  20. Scored some new shoes cheap on Craigslist. Seem to fit well. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  21. But.... the notched cowl wasn’t a tii-specific item: it’s simply “a cowl”, and then someone cut a notch in it. I’ve always assumed this happened after the body was fully assembled but before paint was applied. The early one’s tend to be a bit more freehand, but then they appear to have invented the “notch shears”.... Best regards, Steve
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