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  2. Electrical part of the ignition switch is faulty. Easy to replace. Hard to find a good replacement (used may be your only choice). Don't think new ones are available (unless you buy the entire steering lock). I've been wrong sometimes🤔
  3. Where are you in any?
  4. Before that record store, we would buy LP's from the large music department of Montgomery Wards (aka "monkey" wards). Mall cruising was a cool thing to do back then. Time Out! Game emporium got lots of kids' money.
  5. Recently, My o2 has developed an awkward issue, when I turn the ignition on, only half way I can here all my accessories and aux turn on, but when it is fully engaged, everything turns off. Sometimes I have to finesse the key in slightly to start the car. The starter is good as the alternator as well. The 2nd reason why I think it might be my ignition switch, There has been a couple of times where the car will just shut off while I am driving. it completely losses all electrical power. I can start it right away after that. Any thoughts? Ignition switch or possibly bad wiring?
  6. . . . to help Swizman along (and because I own a ‘74 granatrot) here’s what this car could look like some day (this is an Alpina that sold a few years ago at auction.)
  7. And when you go to sell it, you’re going to get “dinged” for the.... inauthentic Malaga... 😉 Given Les’s photos, however, that new paint is hiding a lot of... stuff! Best regards, Steve
  8. Mine has a hard time retracting so if anyone has one that's smooth, please let me know via IM. Thanks.
  9. lol your right and I commented on the color at that time.. i text' the owner last nite and the first thing he says is he'll only accept cash or a wire which I thought was a slightly aggressive response right off the bat. Seems like he's frustrated 'cause it hasn't sold like in his dream..
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  12. FS: Set Cibie 45 Iode yellow fog lights and a set very rare hard to find covers Racing Team, included are the boxes, instructions, wiring and bulbs. Lights are working. These lights are never been mounted on a car. One cover have a very tiny crack, see last picture. Price 245 euro + shipping.
  13. Looking to raise the seat height in my 1600, before I start to fab up something does anyone sell them. Thanks
  14. where are the best online forums/markets to source used 4x100 wheels? they seem to be harder to find lately especially in sub +40 offsets. cheers
  15. Are parts available to pick up in FL to save shipping? Thanks
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  17. I have a short style original front and rear bumper set. Very minor dings and only light rust. They are the ones without the rubber strips or over riders.
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  19. I bought them from eGauges, but a quick check reveals they may be out of business. The auction has been entertaining so far, people have been mostly kind like @dbower above. Thanks, Mark Mark92131
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  21. Preface: If I wasn't looking for staying period I'd have used some radial mounted Brembos with a neue Klasse upright and 14" or 15" wheels If you're using e21 hubs and Discs you'll have to set the caliper pretty much centered over the disc- i did this by machining. The caliper is made for 20.5 mm thick discs and e21 323i are thicker so you want them perfectly centered because you have to shave off your pads so they will fit. Radial I took ca. 0,9mm in diameter from the "hat" off the e21 disc. The previous owner was grindig a bit off the calipers where the forging splits were I surfaced them to make it nice. If you go for ti hub and alpina repop disc it should be near to plug&play. BUT: these calipers are very light on the one hand but they are not up to the power of the historic lockheed calipers. I had alloy e21 hubs and 911 S calipers already so I used them. If I had to buy them I'd probably have gone for the Lockheed for the 21 mm thick disc and used the alpina 20mm repop discs. - which would not necessarily be more expensive. They were used in a lot of Porsche cars in different variations Basically 911s from 68 (very early without the stamped X- then with the stamped X, then the more modern caliper with a different look) until 73 including RS and Turbo As well as special 904, 906, le mans quick change, magnesium etc. etc. derivates. more info can be found here https://www.pmbperformance.com/lwb-early-911-brakes/Early_S_Calipers.html https://www.pmbperformance.com/lwb-early-911-brakes/Late_S_Calipers.html
  22. Trunk floor is pretty much not there anymore. Completely rusted out.
  23. How is the trunk floor pan? Can I get a picture?
  24. Interesting. Pretty sure mine didn’t have a gasket there and when I reassembled it with a new diaphragm and pushrod I just relied on the diaphragm to act as its own gasket (plus it looked like that was the plan all along. I wonder if it varies by age? My carb is actually a Bresol made by licence from Weber in the Spanish factory that Weber now use full time.
  25. I drove this in 2010 (part of my honeymoon) in a ‘reasonably priced car’. It was slightly spoiled for me by my darling wife telling me to slow down all the time.
  26. You can get them new but hold your nose when you buy.
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