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  2. In the marine industry the standard go to product is : OSPHO
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  5. ^ Crank is still available.
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  7. Need a rear seat, just the bench for my 1969 2002. The one I have is not worth saving, too far gone. I have new upholstery, so I just need a decent frame to work with. I’m in the Sacramento area and will travel for the right deal! Have $$ or parts to trade. Thanks in advance! Rich
  8. Hi, I just tried to send you a PM but FAQ says you cannot receive messages.
  9. Your car is setup like a Ti, why not use a Ti curve for your distributor. It has numbers close to what you are currently running. According to the Blue Book, all the Ti's were set at 25 degrees BTDC at 2200 RPM although the individual Ti curves didn't always reflect this 25 degree at 2200 RPM specification, ("003". "026" and "033" distributors). Your first 3 values are right in line with the "026" curve that starts with "026" Distributor Curve 1000 RPM - 18 to 22 Degrees BTDC 1500 RPM - 23 to 27 2000 RPM - 28 to 32 2500 RPM - 33 to 37 2700 RPM - 35 to 39 But the "026" distributor does not follow the 25 degrees at 2200 RPM spec., whereas the "003" and "033" distributors are close "003" Distributor Curve 1000 RPM - 3 to 8 Degrees BTDC 1500 RPM - 14 to 19 2000 RPM - 20 to 24 2500 RPM - 25 to 29 2700 RPM - 29 "033" Distributor Curve 1000 RPM - 10 to 13 Degrees BTDC 1500 RPM - 17 to 21 2000 RPM - 22 to 26 2500 RPM - 26 to 30 2700 RPM - 30 I run a curve that gets me 25 degrees at 2200 RPM and tops out at 35 degrees at 3000 RPM. In theory you can use your vacuum readings from your manifold to introduce more or less advance under two conditions (over a certain RPM and for a range of kPa readings). I tried mapping my kPa readings using the 123 app under certain driving conditions, but could not find a consistent way to add advance when I wanted it (cruising in 4th gear, cruising in 5th gear). So I final just disabled that feature in the 123 application. Mark92131
  10. Someone on here a few years back replaced theirs with a large server rack fan. I think it was Okay. You would need to upgrade your wiring and speed resistors but no reason why that wouldn’t work well.
  11. Some years ago I stumbled onto a Sherwin-Williams industrial anti-rust primer that is good stuff. You can paint it over wire-brushed, tight rusty metal and it sticks. S-W markets it for such things as bridges and ships exposed to salt water etc. I've tested it on my truck's trailer hitch (driven on salty OH roads) and it's holding up well after two+ years. And you can paint over it once it's dry. The only drawback is it only comes in gallon (or larger) containers--that's enough to do several coats all over a 2002, but you can always share it with friends... mike
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  13. The amp remote on is just a +12v. So you can just use a regular toggle if you want to. The only amp I have ever owned were it wasn't 12v was an old pioneer (1980's) , which looked for a load between two terminals, so I just put a 12v light, and a regular trigger wire. The internet is wonderful, it was this one.
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  15. Dang it! 🙂 second in line if OhGodNo passes on the rear bumper for some reason. Need to get rid of this diving board! (^ I’d be interested in the front bumper too in that case.)
  16. It’s only aluminum, you could fill them with any epoxy, or JB Weld, I would think. The paint directions say to lay 3 coats, fairly heavy, drying in between. I have found that, using the heat gun, I got better krinkle with a medium coat and even heating. If you heat it too much it bubbles up and makes a mess.
  17. There are options. I've never used them but you would need the interface either way for amp remote on. https://www.bossaudio.com/?post_type=product&p=134894&preview=true&from=search dlm ny country
  18. Great event in Los Gatos on June 15th. Weather was perfect and we had over 30 cars. Some usual suspects were missing, but we had some new cars and some new people.
  19. Been quite a while since I’ve posted! Hoping to find a set of brown (tobacco) or darker tan preferably leather, sports seats to match a tobacco brownish leather 02 interior with original restored seats. E21 Recaro’s, Corbeau’s, OMP or other as long as they look good! Please let me know what you have and if you’d be interested in a set of original reupholstered leather tobacco colored seats. Thanks
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