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  2. Longstone Tyres

    13" performance tires?

    I don't know how the CR6ZZ got the reputation of looking classic, because they just aren't. they weren't invented until really quite recently. the CN36 However is double cool and so '60s. they came out in 1968. they were one of the first 70% profile tyres. XAS a bit earlier in 1965. the first asymmetric radial I wouldn't want you to get the impression that i'm knocking the CR6ZZ. I'm not, they are definitely great tyres for racing or Rallying, and unlike everything else in the size 185/70VR13 (Except CN36 & XDX) they have a carcass designed to mimic the features of the CN36 and XDX in that they have the rounded shoulders of a period tyre that helps little rear wheel drive cars like a 2002 handle in a progressive manner. Personally i would go with 165HR13 XAS FF. because i like my tyres thin because i rate handling with classic cars, above grip. ( I dont have too much wheel spin. and i don't lock up my wheels braking in a straight line.) However if i had the wider wheels i would fit CN36. they are so much lighter than the CR6ZZ and they look loads better and are actually period. Our options are on here
  3. goodkarmech

    Manual Pedal box for 1973

    P mail sent
  4. billonthehill

    after 22 years I now have a 2002 again

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I am certainly looking forward to getting my hands dirty and driving this is much as I can.
  5. Littleeagle28

    1602 Brake mst cylinder

    I have sourced a replacement MC, however the mounting holes for the bulkhead are at 3 oclock and 9 oclock, whereas the original MC is at say 11 oclock and 5 oclock. If I were to mount the new MC, holes would be rotated somewhat. Would this be a problem, would the gravity fed pipes leak when joining the MC at this angle, or is it no problem? The copper brake lines are not an issue, just the feed in pipes. Cheers for any helpful notions.
  6. slowpoke

    Carbon Fiber Hood FIRE SALE - price reduced

    What’s the weight savings? And “no ship” makes it a smaller audience...
  7. Rastadog

    Fred's first drive

    Nick, Congratulations! The look out the front window, including the NYS registration sticker, the motor sound, the budded out trees and green grass was a lot of fun to watch! Timely. Thanks for sharing! Alex
  8. Longstone Tyres

    What is it about 13" wheels

    Have you tried these
  9. I have been on the buy and sell side twice (four "experiences") and, while the platform is far from perfect, it is the way to go if selling an honest car and wanting to maximize dollars. Yes, the commentators will nitpick every imperfection and bring attention to things that most buyers don't care about, but all-in-all that's what I want to see when buying a car. How does the seller respond? How well does s/he know the car? Are they making excuses for the lack of detail or are they putting in the effort? I'd guess 90+% of BaT buyer buy sight unseen, so they want a thorough vetting. You need patience with BaT staff - many of the specialists are managing a dozen auctions and yours is not a priority 9 times out of 10. My advice is to submit the best possible pictures and videos you can on the front end - don't wait for commentators to ask for compression test or PPI - have one done and post the results in the original add. Also, be prepared for a two-month process from submission to go-live. One of the major things lost, however, is the connection you feel to the new or current owner of the vehicle in question. After the wires were executed on each of my transactions, that was that. There's something to be said for creating a lasting relationship with other enthusiasts, and that has never happened when I've used BaT. Happy to share more, just let me know.
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  11. kbmb02

    Thoughts on Weber 38/38

    In my opinion, a Weber 38/38 adds more fun to an M10. You’ll need to remove and modify your intake manifold for the 38/38, and then re-install. Electric choke model is DGES, water a/k/a automatic choke is DGAS and manual choke is DGMS (?) - you’ll need a custom cable and some fab work to install the manual choke version. -KB
  12. Dudeland

    It is about time.

    A quick update. I got the wheel done, I will try to install it this weekend. I am interested to see if this sort of control makes any difference. Regards P.S is the crank pulley bolt reverse thread?
  13. dirving

    Various bits. TII and others.

    Hi Jason. Is the shift surround a metal piece? I'm not all that knowledgable but if it is and still available I will take it. If never available in metal I will take it. Thanks. Duncan
  14. goodkarmech

    Rear Drive Axle

    Boots are weathered but not torn. Joints are in good shape. If interested, please pmail with zip code for shipping estimate. I take money orders and paypal (friends preferred)
  15. To close the loop on this, Here is the finished product with a flying magnet wheel and the pickup. Now one thing that might be alarming to others, Tom from 02 again only has 23 hubs left, and after those are gone there will be no more. So if you thought you may need one, then go now or forever hold your peace. If you are interested in doing one of these wheels, then please PM me. I can get you in touch with my fabrication guy and he will spin one up, but you will need tom's hub and pulley to do so, and the sensor holder. Regards
  16. j.m.

    Street Build Starting

    There are two grounds, one for the signal and one to valve cover, a +12v, and the spark signal itself. I believe they are the 2.0L TSI coils, can find pigtails all over the internet. The signal wire is a smaller gauge than the rest and will help you orient pin 3
  17. Today
  18. Bmoreindy

    Nice Neue Klasse Steering Wheel

    I'll take it!
  19. Spyke

    KoogleWerks cast aluminum dead pedals

    Definitely going on my list of stuff to get from you!
  20. Harland

    after 22 years I now have a 2002 again

    Congrats, Beautiful car.
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  22. Good morning, Thanks everyone. I’ve come to realize that BaT isn’t as pain free as I thought. Mike I replaced the stud in the front of the motor prior to starting last summer that that was involved in the alternator replacement. Last winter, raised ranch unheated garage I cleaned the mold out of the interior which took a long time. Advice: don’t leave chicken wings in a car for 6 years. Then I got underneath her and worked the fuel system back to front, all hoses and filters. Even did compressed air to clean out the solid line. I took the front wheels off to free up the rusty rotors from the brake pads. The alternator has been cockeyed for years complete with squealing belt. That’s why I first parked her. Replaced the alternator and bushings successfully. New antifreeze too.It’s was cool to see everything lined up. Once the weather warmed up I dealt with the old fuel and tank. I dreaded that job for no reason. When I put cleaned fuel sender back in with a new rubber gasket I was a happy guy. Clean oil, filter, plugs and points some encouragement from my friend and old mechanic Gunther and eureka she not only started but ran the way she had when parked. I forgot to mention using MMO in the cylinders and rocking her in fourth gear prior to starting her. I also pulled the suction valves on the injection pump and gave the pump a little MMO love too. She ran great. We let her run almost twenty minutes. I saw the oil drips, said,” oh shit” backed her in the garage and got discouraged. I’m not mechanical. Just a guy who wanted a 2002 since I saw a friends brand new 76. Love at first sight. So everyone thanks for the advice, experiences and listening to me ramble on. I’m not sure what to do. My wrench skills are limited. My brother who is mechanical and has two lifts in his 3 bay garage has offered to help. He’s three hours away but does have a truck and trailer he uses for his race car. He knows more modern BMW motors. Maybe I’ll run this by him again. I’ve owned my tii 44% of my life. I’m 63 please don’t check my math. Again I’m grateful to all FAQers and this board. Alex
  23. I have been tracking this car for a week or 2 in south Florida and have not been able to verify any of the claims made by the seller about the modifications. I contacted Little Germany in Tucson, AZ and spoke to 3 people that have been there for years and they say they do not build or modify engines. So the statements about all the mods done to the engine by Little Germany, is false. Please be careful if you are considering this car and make sure you verify everything stated, in person.
  24. ray_

    Fred's first drive

    I shift when the little needle on that gauge on the right hits the red area. (thanks -- I'll be here all day. Tip your servers!)
  25. germancarguy

    Getrag 245 bearings needed

    Looks like I need another bearing for my Getrag 245. Found a bearing from a member on this site (kbmb02) and but need another cylindrical Roller Bearing Radial 52x27x14 BMW part number is 23121209422 Fag # 541974 Found the following info when I called Atlanta BMW and referenced part number 13 in the page below
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