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Found 154 results

  1. Hi guys. Most of you already know this, but I recently sold my 2002. Now I need to clear space, and empty out all my spares. Some of these are big/heavy, and people won't want to ship them. So - Texas 02-ers. Here's your chance to get some big iron at small prices. Plus - if you are in the Houston area - I'll deliver. If you are in Austin, I'll meet you in Columbus or so. Heavy stuff for sale: 2002 crankshaft - mileage unknown M10 Engine block from an 84 318, but has all the correct bosses for a 2002 Flywheel for a 2002 Head from an 84 318. I didn't take this head apart. It came with the whole engine that I bought. 5 BMW aluminum sport wheels, 1972 manufacturing date. Some curb rash, but still solid wheels. Stock open differential from my 2002. Has a 320 cover on it because needed the original. Anyway - diff is in good shape, could use a cleaning and re-seal probably. And a new cover plate. I've been reminded the stock diff was 3.64, which is what I think this is. I'll dig through the crust to get a number if there is interest. Completely rebuilt Italian casting Weber DCOE carbs. Carbs were rebuilt by Jim Inglese a few years ago. They are perfect. Comes with Korman intake manifold and Pierce Manifolds linkage. Finally - the nicest piece I have - 2002 E12 cylinder head (casting date 1983). Will work on a 2002. This head was machined by the late Mike Perkins of Bavarian Machine, a few months before he passed away. It is perfect. Mike made sure the head was true, and then line bored the cam journals. Mike also installed all of the valves, and each valve opens the exact same distance. The head has a Schrck 292 cam, titanium spring keepers, and rocker locks in stead of springs. Also, when he milled the head, he milled the front timing chain cover to match. Pics on request. For prices, make me an offer. The only things I have pricing on are the DCOE's ($1500 for the whole setup) and the really nice head ($3000). Otherwise, let's discuss.
  2. 1dollar93

    OZ Alpina 15x6 ET12 with Tires

    I’d like to sell this setup of 15x6 ET12 OZ Alpina wheels with 195/50/R15 Yokohama S.Drive tires. I had them powdercoated in February of 2018 and painstakingly masked and painted the centers satin black. These wheels are date stamped 1984, as shown in the photos. This is a square setup at 6” wide, and has the E21 offset but can work on the 2002 with the fenders rolled. Centercaps are decals. The tires are date stamped 05/17 and have less than 2000 miles on them. They show some wear on the shoulders of 3 tires, with one tire having a gouge in the tread approximately 3/4 of the circumference due to the rears rubbing before I switched to 3-Dot spring pads. Tread is still very meaty, but this damage is worth noting. All wear is shown in photos. I’ll include 3 of the original centercaps with broken tabs (not pictured) to the buyer, I believe Roger’s tii has reproduction caps for sale if you want more originality. These wheels are incredibly clean, you could eat off the backs of them. Asking $1500, willing to meet in the Northern CA area or discuss shipping with serious buyers. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions!
  3. thomas grayling

    Buying Wheels 2002

    I'm having the hardest time finding the wheels I want online. Dream wheels superlite or panasport style 14x6. Is there a place that carries a large selection of wheels? Is superlite out of business? Panasport you can't order online I will give them a call but this is the most expensive option and not convenient. Thank you
  4. I have a beautiful set of four 6" x15", 29 ETA, 4 x 100 Rota wheels designed to fit perfectly on our 2002's for the Alpina look while running more modern and more affordably priced 15" lower profile tires. I purchased these for my tii, then decided to stick with stock wheels and tires... The Rota wheels are painted with black centers and have small hubcaps for the Alpina look. I purchased Alpina logo inserts to replace the Rota inserts. They look great. You can run 195-55/15 tires without interference without rolling the fenders. Lots of high performance summer tire options in the $100 range. The wheels are in original boxes, so you can pick up at my house or I can ship to you and charge you the actual shipping cost. Contact me for a shipping estimate based on your location.
  5. 2k2tii

    13” alpina wheels

    authentic, not reproductions (3) 13"x6" (2) 13"x6.5" $1300 + shipping
  6. Can any of you detail geeks decipher the date code if there is one on this wheel? Thanks, Mike
  7. 14x6 +25 Panasport Z Light wheels. The tires are Falken Azenis in 195/60 R14 and have been used for around 1000 miles. I didn't have any rubbing issues with my lowered for street driving set up. The wheels have no damage to them, no curbing, scratches, bends or discolorations. The tires have not been repaired in any way. Will include center caps. $1200 picked up. Not willing to ship at the moment.
  8. Hi all, Happy Holidays!! I have a question. I bought a set of ATS 4x100 6Jx13" wheels off of eBay for another car of mine. They are in really nice shape but they do not fit my needs. Here is the data I could get from the wheels. They are 4x100 with a 30ET, I had difficulty measuring the center bore as my calipers would not fit the opening and shape of the back side of the wheels, so I measured from the front and got 52mm which as a similar small lip as the rear center bore opening. My question to the collective knowledge of this group will these wheels fit the 2002's and or even the E21 3 series? Thank you for your help from a old, BMWCCA member and current owner of a 1989 Z1 and 1995 540i 6 Spd with the M Sport Package. Thank you all for your help!! Steve
  9. 2k2tii

    cromodora CD40 wheels

    going a different direction $150 + shipping, each
  10. Need room in my garage! Up for grabs are a set of (4) 15x7 (maybe 8?) ET20 Enkei 92's that originally came off my '68 1600. They come complete with ancient BFG Euro TA's in 205/50/R15. Wheels are in pretty rough shape but streetable. Tires are unusable. Asking $60. Local pick up only. Thanks!
  11. 2k2tii

    WTB (3) 13” Alpina Wheels

    Looking for three (3) 13” Alpina 6Jx13 ET12 wheels (3611109) 4x100 I have two (2) 13” Alpina 6.5Jx13 ET6 wheels I am willing to trade (3611104) 4x100 (pictured)
  12. Looking to order a set of Beyern Mesh 15x7 wheels with 195/50R15 tires. According to the shop, TSW (manufacturer) says they need spacers to fit. Looking through the FAQ, I can't find any mention of those wheels with spacers from people who have installed them. Anyone have this wheel and can confirm one way or the other?
  13. Syzmond

    I Need To Identify These Wheels

    Hello, first, i'm sorry if i write something wrong, my English is not at the best level I recently bought four FPS rims, i checked them, they are 4x100. But i can't find anything about them in the internet... I saw some similar sets, but they was different than mine... First i want to send the photo here, then we can start the discussion about them. So.. i can't find any set, that looks like mine.. Are they some limited edition, or concept? Thx for any anwsers, bye!
  14. Hi All, I'm looking into some new wheels for my '75 2002 and came across these BBS RG-Fs (RG 359) that seem like a nice fit. Haven't seen anyone running them on a 2002 though. Does anyone have any experience with them? If so, I had a few questions: 1. Do you need the PFS rings and clips, like these 70mm to 57.1mm? 2. Did you need spacers to bring the 33mm offset closer to 25mm? Anything else I need to consider? My car is mostly stock but it came to me with Ireland Engineering Stage 1 sport springs and sway bar set and Bilstein HD springs and Rota 15 x 7 wheels on 195/50R15 tires. Thanks in advance!
  15. Steeletj


    I have little to no storage space so these bits and bobs need to go to someone who can use them or at least tuck them away. I removed the air condintioning system this summer. All the parts are there I believe. I have the console as well, but would need a replacement to let it go. Free for pick up. Tim
  16. Is anyone familiar with 5 1/2"Jx14" NK wheels? They appear to be standard NK wheels otherwise and have a manufacturing date of 1 68. I thought that they were 4" for NKs except for 4 1/2" on ti, tilux and cs. Alex
  17. jim_9

    Stock wheels 13x5 steel

    Want 4 stock steel wheels 13 x 5, Lemmerz or Kronprinz (shown below) to replace my newer, bottlecap style 14 x 6's. Seattle area.
  18. gearheadgreg

    13x5.5 Factory Mesh Wheels ET18

    From BMW 320i E21 4x100 Bolt Pattern 13x5.5 ET18 Good wheels, not perfect, but good. Have good tires on them - I can remove to make shipping easier/cheaper.
  19. gearheadgreg

    13x5.5 Factory Mesh Wheels ET18

    From BMW 320i E21 4x100 Bolt Pattern 13x5.5 ET18 Good wheels, not perfect, but good. Have good tires on them - I can remove to make shipping easier/cheaper.
  20. i looked at several machines and options on how it is done "normally" here is what i came up with tested on one bad wheel of my winter tire set for my E60. 60$ worth of material, a rod at mcmaster, i use the cones from my tire balancing machine and a 20$ 2ton botle jack. oh and i made a radius support with a piece of hard wood. brought the wheel within 0.010" which is very good imho.
  21. Swiznooski

    Bric-a-brac: 2002 e10, e30

    SOLD 2002 OEM battery ground strap, almost new: $35 Stock 2002 alternator, almost new, maybe 40 miles (not shown): $60 SOLD 2002 Voltage regulator, nearly new, solid state, black plastic enclosure (not shown): $20 SOLD 2002 blue coil (not shown): $35 Passenger door vent window, clear glass (not shown): $40 e30 battery cable for trunk relocation, smaller wire has a cut: $40 SOLD e30 325is bbs wheels, 4x100 14x6.5 et30, so-so tires mfg 11/2014 195/60r14: $500 2002 seat rails, kinda chunky feeling, but both move: $60 for both sets US rear/side marker lights and reflectors: $80/all SOLD US blinkers, need one new gasket: $20/both URO window gaskets front and rear, new never installed, chrome strip not included: $50 Looking for/ trade/ WTB (want to buy): black early passenger door card w/out speaker hole, 3 bolt output flange for 320i transmission, period correct driving lights clear, rear vinyl seat material black (to recover center section of drivers seat cushion) DM for total with shipping, PayPal or Venmo. Thanks!
  22. Stuart

    Rim Widening

    All – I would like to take a set of stock Kronprinz 4.5x13 et35 and widen them to 6x13 keeping the face the same so I can use stock hubcaps. Instead of new barrels, Stockton Wheel says it will add 1.5” of material to the middle of the existing barrel section of the rim. Doing this will move the inner edge of the rim and the tire closer to the shock tower both front and back. How can I know if I have room for that addition if it all goes on the back side of the rim? If it ends up too close, can I use longer lug bolts and spacers? Thanks, Stuart
  23. benzintinte

    Wheels Part Two

    So this is a pretty small update, but there's a change in plans with my wheel selection. Originally I was planning on building up the OZ Vega faces that I had sitting around. Given the 2002 was already converted to 5x120, I figured this would work out great. While I was told that 30-hole RS parts will bolt up to these faces, I have some concerns about the "how". After breaking down my RSs to steal the barrels, I realized that the back of the Vega face doesn't have a machined lip for the barrel to sit on. My worry is, this would put a lot more stress on the bolts, as there isn't a surface distributing the weight evenly. There isn't a lot of information on this, so maybe someone can speak to the safety aspect of it, but it didn't sit well with me. Note the lip on the back of the face. The RS barrel sits snugly on this. The Vega lacks this lip. If anyone has more experience with this, let me know. I'm still fairly new to wheel building, but I didn't want to risk this and have the wheel bolts snap on me. In any event, I've decided to put the Vega faces back on the shelf, and instead swap the 2002 back to four lug and run my RSs. With a one inch lip, they're the perfect spec for a 2002. I already have a line on four lug hubs, so I'll be trading for those to run my RSs. I originally picked up these RSs in horrific condition. I blew them apart, put a two inch lip on them, refinished everything and threw them on my E30. I then sold the E30 about a month later, so they saw 0 road time. How I first got them. Post-restoration. So I once again tore them down, I'll send the faces off to get powder coated (again) this week, and reassemble them with the original 1" lips (which are already off getting polished). This will put them back at 15x7 +25. With a 195/50 tire square, the car will be sitting perfect. If anyone is interested in buying some OZ Vega faces, let me know Irrelevant to the above, my new license plate came in. The default Arizona license plate looked horribly out of place on my car, so I went with a copper historic. It's the little details that make a world of difference. The car is due for a photo shoot here soon, just posting photos of the car in my driveway is getting a little boring. I always forget to clean up these damn newspapers. I'm going to Stance Wars Las Vegas this weekend, which will slow progress on the 2002. I have some parts coming in this week, but likely won't have a chance to install them until the following weekend. So that's all I'll have for a while.
  24. benzintinte

    Parts Collecting

    Parts Collecting Things have been slow with the 2002, it's taken a lot longer to get in parts then I had anticipated. Not many big updates in this post, mostly just parts collecting. The first guy I had arranged to trade hubs with flaked out, and it took a few weeks to find someone willing to sell me a set. Fortunately they have arrived. I also have all new wheel bearings ready to go when it's time to do the swap. I've also ordered all new brake components, including braided hoses. Figured I might as well upgrade while I'm in there. My RS faces came back from powder coating. Although nearly identical to the OZ Vega faces, these are finished in Prismatic's Spanish Gold. It's just slightly lighter, but works well with the Sahara beige on the car. Frankly, it's impossible to tell the difference in photos. How I got them, to where they are now. I also (finally) got my 1 inch lips back from polishing. It took well over a month, but the wait was worth it.The two inch lips are for sale, if anyone is interested. I had debated running the two inch lips in the rear, but I'd rather have a square setup. The last bit of parts hunting came in the form of some VW Mk2 GLI Recaro seats. I actually used to own a GLI with identical seats, and they were easily my favorite part of the car. A pristine set happened to pop up on Craigslist a couple hours away, so I went to grab them before I could convince myself I didn't need them. I actually ended up getting two sets of Mk2 Recaros while I was down there, the second set was free, but absolutely destroyed. The plan is to eventually reupholster these seats in the factory tobacco brown when I redo the interior, however in the mean time they'll just go in as is. It's not the prettiest solution, but I'll get there eventually. Right now Function>Form. I also got a Jetta rear bench and a second set of destroyed Mk2 Recaros while I was there. In terms of actual wrenching, all I have done is fuss with the rear coilovers. The right rear spring has been making some horrific noise lately. I got the car up in the air and disassembled everything on that side. A quick look shows the the CAtuned spring is a little picky about how it sits. If it isn't clocked just so, it rubs on the body. Yikes. I realigned everything and it is definitely better, but still not perfect. There are a few other things I want to tackle (mainly having my rear strut brace welded in, vs. bolted in), but if the noise persists then I need to rethink suspension in the rear. The goal is ultimately handling focused, so I know I can still get the car on rails with a divorced spring and shock setup. Right, so not much else going on so far. Tentative plan is to have the car four lug swapped and on RSs before the end of May. I've been slacking on reassembling my wheels, but I'll take care of that shortly. I also will have a garage space for the 2002 soon, which will make things a little easier over the summer. The goal is to have the car "done" by September for Big SoCal Euro. I'd like to drive it from Phoenix to San Diego for the show. That will include a total suspension refresh (bushings, ball joints, tie rods, track rod, etc.), some interior bits, cooling system overhaul and hopefully some sort of sound system. Next post should have real, tangible progress on the car itself.
  25. I have three very cool 13x6 MOMO wheels for sale. Was going to search for a fourth and make a set to use but have moved in another direction and these are just sitting as "cool parts" in my shop. I don't know what the offset is but do know there were on a hot rodded 74 Tii for years and years. Time to move on! Asking 200$ plus shipping.