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Found 49 results

  1. BayArea 02 Swap & Show, 4 May 2019, Marina at Brisbane, California. The address is: 500 Sierra Point Parkway-- along the Bay on the North side of Sierra Point. Preregister on Motorsportreg (see below). Preregistration is $25 while the on-site fee on 4 May will be $30. Graphic artist Kile Brekke has again added his art to our T-shirts and printed materials; we think you will be delighted with his design! Please preregister early to help us plan for the best number of each shirt size. We will have a named bag for each preregistrant so our closing date is slightly earlier than some years to help us organize the bags. Note— Swap & Show visitors are welcome! There is no fee for entry if you do not show your car or swap parts. However, we encourage anyone with a BMW of our vintage to bring your car to display, no matter how mundane your daily driver (dirt, rust and all) or how beautiful your restoration. Swap & Show does not judge your car so there will be no points for extra dirt, missing dirt, matching luggage or concours glow. We smile at all BMW's and photographs or videos are welcome (but NO drones over cars)! Preregistration is now open, until Tuesday, 30 April. Go to [Preregister for Swap & Show 2019]. Larry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. These may be dumb questions but not sure where the hoses below go would love help see pictures!
  3. Swapped 73 2002 engine into my 69 1600 and having trouble getting her to fire up watch video of it turning over let me know what you think?
  4. So put a 73 2002 engine in my 69 1600 finishing the wiring now car turns over but doesn't seem to be getting a spark thing maybe i have the spark plug distributor wired wrong. so below i have some pictures of wiring Im unsure if its hooked up right could use some input also some hoses that Im unsure of where they hook. thanks in advance!
  5. Hello FAQ, When I was working on my M20 swap I used a myriad of different resources and came across lots of different information. From what transmission to use, to what is needed for motor mounts and so on. Between 6into2 and the using members such as Aceandrew (Who's a savior) for information there was a lot left to the unknown. What I am wanting to do is gather information people have from threads, builds and personal knowledge and make a comprehensive guide to the swap. If its using the Getrag 260 or the 242 there ends up being lots of different variables that are involved in this swap. If you have information you would like to contribute that would be great . I started a very vanilla page on my site to start working on it. Hopefully I'll be able to make into a PDF eventually. One of the the things I would like to include is part numbers to make it much easier. Thanks for all the help. Hopefully people will find value in this. -Dylan Hatfield http://www.neuemotorsports.com/m20-swap/
  6. Hi All, My engine needs to be rebuilt. Head gasket blew and my bmw shop specialist told me I need a new engine. I found a 74 tii engine on Craigslist http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/pts/4390994660.html Does a 74' tii engine bolt-in to a 75 2002? Thanks, Christian
  7. No affiliation, just came across this on Facebook, and I thought it might be helpful for the guys who are in the middle of a swap. Since a lot of swaps require a shortened driveshaft with custom center support bearing mounts, as well as transmission mounts, we are responsible for making sure the driveshaft spins true. Otherwise, premature failure of guibo, CSB or u-joints can occur, as well as excessive noise and vibration while driving. This tool might help you out with making sure everything is aligned properly, or maybe it won't. Won't know until someone tries it out. Check out this youtube video for info and demonstration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaVj6PtRewE#t=82
  8. Hi, I tagged onto an old post with this question, but I'm doubting it will get the response I was hoping for, so I'm posting as a new topic now. Has anyone swapped IN a late model auto transmission into an auto car? Any info on what would fit and why it would be the "desirable" one to swap? I think a later model would surely have improved considering manual trans seem to be going by the wayside and I also think they might be "sportier?" No offense and not to be rude, but I'm not looking for the merits of Auto vs. Manual, I'm only interested in a potential Auto for Auto swap.
  9. I finally got my motor mount reinforced and the whole thing painted black. (link attached) Now I am going to swap it in today or tomorrow. my only concern is disconnecting the steering box from the steering column, and centering the steering box to the steering wheel when I reinstall the new subframe. any advice on doing this? link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/83996136@N05/
  10. So I have my engine along with alternator, ECU and ignition...now I'm looking at getting a transmission (5 speed manual) to go with it. I've read some blogs and apparently I can get the transmission and drive shaft from the same donor car (E36) and with Jakobs custom mounts it will fit nicely into the 2002. So do I just go down to a wreckers looking for a transmission and drive shaft?
  11. Just wondering if the write up aplies to doing the same swap into a 69 1600?http://1971bmw2002.wordpress.com/m20-swap/
  12. You may have seen it around other forums. Here is my 69 2002 with a swapped m50. Mechincally running and driving. Cosmetically.. Ill let you judge my work in progress.. Enjoy!! Vin# 2589736
  13. hi I'm french ,I show you my bmw 2002 (1802) 1972 one day 10 hour ... soon after ... sorry for my english
  14. So I have a 1976 2002 with an M42 swap in it, and I have been pulled over a few times because my exhaust is "too loud". I have a full size muffler, full size resonator, and 2 catalytic convertors. I will admit even with all this it is still pretty loud. I have a feeling that the cops are just being a**holes but what can I do to fix it?
  15. Hello fellow enthusiasts! So I bought this complete S14B23 engine and since I have a touring Im planning on installing this engine at it. I only have my 2002 Touring Tii which had the injection system removed and 45 DCOes added and the S14B23 engine Can you Please provide me a list of parts I need to install run and drive this engine at my 02? Is there a Recipy and Ingredients list for a basic Swap? What parts do I need? What needs to be cut or modified or removed etc. I need all possible assistance. If you already did this swap, know how to do it or what is required or know someone who did it and you have information to share please do so. All assistance will be appreciated there is no small cooperation. All comments welcomed! Cheers!
  16. i was looking over the 318i fuel injection write up in the FAQ section, and without any pics and none of the links working, kinda hard to see how some of the things go together, i was curious if there was anyother write ups as good as this one? and i guess im looking into something more detailed in the part speaking about using a stock 2002 dist, and not running an oxygen sensor. all help appreciated in advance!!
  17. parting out some stuff peole who have m10s would want. I have no need for these due to swapping in an m42. have any questions call text or pm me 646-321-6244 list of parts -alternator $50 -distributor $40 (sold) -engine & trans $450 -windshield vdo bottle pass side $20
  18. Preferably not rusted out! :-) Hydraulic.
  19. Looking to replace my tired ol M10. LMK what you have. Thanks, email me at mtflaharty@gmail.com
  20. Price:: 1 Location: : Lawrenceville , GA ive got a torn down m42 for sale or trade. decided to go m20 so no longer need it. have the following -block + oilpan -crank + pistons -motor mount arms -head and cams -valve cover -upper intake mani+TB -harness -fuel injectors + rail -timing covers might have some other stuff, just ask. make me an offer on this stuff so i can make some space and money for my swap please reach me at 678 923 6283, i have plenty of pictures i could message or email willing to ship, you pay shipping. thanks
  21. If you could which one would you do and why? Also the s62 looks like it's not all that heavy.... Also not if it will fit but if you could which motor? Looking for a fun fast sub 4-5sec 0-60 car
  22. So really want to use the manimal mounts for my m20 swap but cant seem to get a hold of him. Does anyone know a good way to get a hold of him or anyone have a set for sale? Thanks
  23. Looking into doing m20 swap I would like to use the getrag 260 wondering if you can do it without cutting the trans tunnel or what options there are? This website says you can make it fit with a little force and trimming some things off the outside of the trans. https://1971bmw2002.wordpress.com/m20-swap/
  24. I need some advice. I've got an M20 freshly rebuilt as a 2.7i. New clutch, etc. etc. After building this engine, I ended up getting a 1976 2002 AUTO for free from a good friend of mine. My natural thought was to take the 2.7i (That I JUST finished installing into my 300.00 E30 shell for hoonigan fun) and throw it into the 2002. I pretty much have a donor car ready to swap everything over that i'd need. The ONLY issue for me is the engine mounts. I'm having a hell of a hard time sourcing a set, new or used. I've decided I DON'T want to take the engine mount fabrication up on myself. Piece of mind is huge for me and I just don't feel comfortable knowing my first experience with welding would be ENGINE MOUNTS. My co-workers are purists. They keep telling me to just build a "hot" M10, and that i'll never regret going that route. I don't know much about the M10, and don't see how or why it would ever compare to an M20 - Stock for stock. One thing is for sure. If I decide to go M10, this is going to be a balls out build. Mainly i'm looking for opinions in what I can do to make an M10 quicker/peppier than stock using other BMW parts. What's the magic formula for a budget "hot rod" M10 build? Sourcing parts is not an issue for me, so shoot me your sugguestions. I REALLY want to drive this thing by Spring!! Thanks for the insight.
  25. Hello All, Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I'm looking to get ahold of a '75 '02 and had an idea. I'm curious to find out if anyone has tried or knows if it's possible to put the engine from an M3 (any year) into a 2002. If it is possible, what exactly would need to be done and what do you think it would cost? As of now it isn't something I would do, but a friend joked about it in passing and piqued my curiosity.
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