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Found 70 results

  1. Hey all, You may have seen all the photos from my plead for help; Here. Major carb troubles. I am looking for a complete, or parted out carb. Upgrades are welcome. Grinding, mods, manifold manipulation are not things id like to do. A sweet and simple fix preferably original to the car. Take a look at my post in the hyperlink above and reply/shoot me a message! I am mechanically inclined but not a mechanic or a super know-how. in fact, I am a semi-broke college student who has figured out how to keep a car on the road since my first car which was a 1976 2002 over 15 years ago. Help is much appreciated! steep prices are not a viable option for this guy though. Take care, GH
  2. A thread to post any Australia based parts you have for sale or are wanting to buy, as sometimes the local parts can be lost in the sea of US parts within the 2002Faq Market. Play by the rules 1 - Only post For Sale or Wanted To Buy parts / cars here that are yours or are on behalf of a friend (no random eBay ads) 2 - No chit chat within the thread - Contact the seller/buyer via email or PM directly otherwise this thread will clog up with off topic content 3 - Post a price (or link to eBay etc where price is visable) 4 - Of course still post within the 2002Faq Market too!
  3. Beginning the teardown of PNaB. Weaving our way through the wiring harness that seems to have had a couple of alarms systems and stereos spliced in. IMG_4592.MP4
  4. I want to replace the crank handles for my windows and sunroof. Where would the best place to find those? Thanks! JT
  5. i have been searching online for the part numbers through realoem with no luck finding any source for the parts.. i need the brake light switch (i couldn't source the same plug and im not sure if its oem or replaced before) and this fuel sender.. thanks
  6. I have tons of parts for NK's that I will like to see them go to good people! I was given a poor nk (we r trying to revive it)?and it came with all this stuff and I just don't have the room and my nk is pretty complete! Not looking to make money here just pay for shipping and handling! See link below for pictures, Only parts not ready to give up are the gauges , harnesses and late tail lights other than that they are all yours! Mojojoy at gmail. Dot com PS: jmon, tjones, mikeB, Rey I have your parts already apart! http://s76.photobucket.com/user/mojojoy/library/NK%20parts?sort=3&page=1
  7. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am John and live in Malvern, PA. I finally had the luck of running into a trade for a 1976 2002 for my 1985 Audi 4000 Quattro. The car isn't pretty by any means, someone thought a P-40 Warhawk paint scheme would be appropriate, but I plan to try to undo the years of neglect. I wanted to see where the popular parts places are for repair panels. I have already found Ireland Engineering and I can't wait to order a cam, HD rockers and springs, and if there are any places specifically to go or to stay away from feel free to give me a shout out. Thank you for any help as this car is a remnant of my college youth that I will try to resurrect. (I used to drive a friends car home all of the time when he would have a little too much to drink and I miss that car.)
  8. All We are hauling Jac 's car down to the vintage, is anyone looking for any parts that we may have that we have. We can bring the down Still have a 4spd trans. ATS Wheels AC unit Distributors Rear lights for 76 Etc, etc
  9. RESTORATION DESIGN'S FIRST BMW www.restoration-design.com Say hello to our new (old) 1972 BMW 1802! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN... We are Restoration Design and, quite simply, we make sheet metal auto parts. We've made a name for ourselves in the Porsche world with our exceptionally accurate fitments and high quality and now we're going to do it again with BMW. Here is where the parts start out! Here is where we stamp out some of the parts! Here is where we store the parts! Here is the humble aisle where my (few) BMW parts reside! And eventually our parts can find themselves restoring some pretty great cars! For example, here's one of our cars here. The egg plant 1952 Porsche 356 Pre-A! A very rare car indeed! BACK TO THE BMW!! We got it into the shop and began to pull it apart. Interior, engine, electrical, etc...it all has to come out!! So as you can see, it's in pretty good shape. However, we all know that a car that is pushing 40 years old is rust, rust and RUST!! Either way, we managed to pull the engine out. I wish I had the photo, but we used a forklift! xD Classic roundie! Like every E30 I've ever worked on, this subframe was SERIOUSLY stuck. Deciding what to do with this engine...so many options! And I'll leave you with this parting shot, right before it was sent off to be sandblasted. Poor girl, looking rather dead on her side!
  10. http://thechicaneblog.com/2013/05/13/bmw-makes-new-328-transmissions-available/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheChicane+%28The+Chicane%29
  11. Hey guys! Cleaned out the garage this weekend and came across this. I've been trying to find info on how to identify exactly what year this is for. It came with my car when I bought it about 5 years ago. Just looking at it , it appears to be for an older model 2002. Anybody have any ideas about the year this would fit? They may be all the same. No idea so far. Also This is for sale, just don't have enough info on it to list in classifieds yet. From what I remember it was mounted on a car and not days later car was rear-ended so they took it back off. That explains the un-neat edges. It is still good and useable! Just a little dirty. As you can see lights and horn hookups already installed. Thanks! Isaac
  12. Hi Does anyone know where I can find a cover for the steering column, the one that goes after the steering wheel. Thanks
  13. Men, Tentative deal in place to acquire Penna 1800. Is reported to be 1963 Turf Series 1 1800 with gray interior. All 6v electrics, extensive rust issues, no salvageable body parts. Otherwise straight and complete. Intend to distribute needed parts to board members, shipping not included. Please send parts wants to me at mcmil at prodigy dot net.
  14. Hello there, Just joined the 2002 club this weekend and I am really glad I found this site. Other passions include classic land cruisers, BMW motorcycles, and mustangs and there are some great sites supporting the hobby. I knew there had to be one for the '02's. So, I bought a 74 Tii from a local classic car dealer. One owner car with no rust. She has not been registered in 8 years and believe she has been sitting most of the time. I have records going back to 1979 when she was taken by her owner ( a pilot in the air force) to Hawaii, passing through Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida to eventually land in Canton Texas. Here she is: She runs and drives but there is a bad wobble in the steering wheel. Feels like it might be the left front wheel. I'm going to check the wheel bearings and see if they are loose. I bought if from a consigner but the owner left word with me that he though it needed new strut inserts and shocks. Definitely needs tires. In general, are there any suppliers that are preferred on this board? I have identified several but wondered if there were any specific ones who seemed better than others (customer service and price, support of the hobby, etc.) I did buy a workshop manual from Faxon - then I found the PDF file online. So, here is my plan with some embedded questions. I would appreciate any thoughts from the forum and appreciate all of the help. Really excited to have a 2002 and looking forward to learning about her, working on her, and most of all driving her! Plan: 1. Evaluate brake system with intention of overhauling calipers, new rotors, pads, hoses, and any other related parts. Questions: What rotors do ya'll like? Original BMW or is there an aftermarket that works as well/better. Cost is always a consideration but I don't ming paying for quality stuff. 2. Evaluate suspension / steering Questions: I have seen lots of threads discussing the different strut innards that are available. I'll read a little more and will make a decision there. I am wondering about springs. I am not really looking to lower the car a lot so I am wondering who offers a good, close to stock ride height spring. 3. Tires Questions: Seems like the Kuhmo Solus 21 is a decent, readily available tire. Would this work well for weekend, spirited driving? the car had BFG Comp T/A's on it and I cannot find those anywhere. Must be discontinued. Any throughts are appreciated. 4. Tune up / Base line Questions: I want to do a thorough tune-up and baseline all of the fluids. Any preferences on consumables like plugs, filters, fluids, etc? I always went OEM on my BMW airhead bikes and am happy to continue unless someone has another option. I also figure I will do cooling / heater hoses, belts and vacuum lines as well. Thoughts about sourcing these would be helpful as well. Well, I hope I haven't overwhelmed y'all with this first post but I'm ready to get going and want to get off on the right foot! Thanks!
  15. Hi all -- here we have some Recaro E21 seat plastic parts for sale. The photo only shows one side but the price is for both sides. One of the lower "L" shaped brackets has three some cracks from someone getting overly happy with a screwdriver. The cracks are not all of the way through from one side (laterally) to the other, and can easily and invisibly be repaired. These are, I assume, from a 320is. Sorry, the knob adjusters are gone. Price is $50 shipped to your door via priority mail in the continental U.S. Thanks for looking!! The beer (Piraat in a Duvel glass) is not included!! I can send some detailed photos to an interested person. I will break up the set if really needed but not my first choice. John
  16. I am in need of getting rid of everything 2002 related. I have parts email me. jeremy.robert.ewing@gmail.com
  17. Location: : San Fernando, CA I have the following parts left for sale on my 1973 2002tii. Everything must go because I'm taking up too much space in my garage. E12 Engine (includes intake manifold and kugelfisher fuel system) Works good just a little surface rust Front struts and springs New and old exhaust pipes Drive shaft Front & rear bumpers Steering box 4-speed transmission and diff Front dash gauges All 3 front grills Front and rear tail lights Corner signal lights (euro and american) 4 5x13 early OEM Rims. Aluminum alloy, cast by F.P.S Please let me know if you would like any pictures of the following items. Please PM me with your requests. Cheers guys, Phil
  18. Year:: 1976 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 6000 Location: : Bedford, MA, 01730 For sale I have my 1976 BMW 2002. I bought it in hopes of fully restoring it, but don't have the money or time to do the paint. The car was shipped over from California in 2013, and has no rust whatsoever - only a few surface rust spots that get sanded off during the painting process. I've invested a lot of time, money, effort and love into this car. I work at a BMW mechanic shop where we work on 2002s every once in a while, so all the work is quality. Here are some things that I've done to it. -new distributor cap, spark plugs and wires, starter coil -RARE vintage Momo Rims (still have steelies as well) -new Falken tires -routine oil changes -E21 Sport Wheel (still have original) -motor mounts -a few new hoses -rear shock bushings -new battery -updated alternator -RARE Ansa sport exhaust -Weber 32/36 carburetor Significant Things I have for it -5 speed swap with new clutch/pressure plate/drive shaft/etc (Over $1000 in parts) -"New-old Stock" Brake hoses -motor mounts -lots more I have so many rare and hard to find parts for this car just waiting to be installed (I've made a spreadsheet and tracked every dime I spent on the car). Due to a sudden change of events I have to sell the car relatively quickly. Don't hesitate to text me and we can set up a time for you to check it out and buy the car! You can see a video of the car running on my YouTube channel: youtube.com/c/AustinLeonardAutomotive Thanks for looking! -Austin
  19. I have a 1976 BMW 2002 that needs to pass smog in California. I have the smog pump but not the brackets needed to make it fit. If you make any parts needed to assemble the pump, please reply because I'm not exactly sure what I need. My father is the one doing most of the work on it, but we can't seem to find these parts anywhere.
  20. Hi everyone. Looks like I got into a fender bender . I'm in the market for 1973 front fender pref in good shape? If anyone can help pout me in the right direction on this site or knows Some one . I would appreciate it. Ma. 02118 Thanks a lot Dez
  21. I was involved in a hit and run in my 1970 2002... i need these parts or I'm going to have to "Attempt" to get it back in shape myself. If anyone has any information on where I could purchase these items please let me know! will need them shipped unless it's somewhat local (Ohio). thanks again - Gary
  22. Price:: 1 Location: : Lawrenceville , GA ive got a torn down m42 for sale or trade. decided to go m20 so no longer need it. have the following -block + oilpan -crank + pistons -motor mount arms -head and cams -valve cover -upper intake mani+TB -harness -fuel injectors + rail -timing covers might have some other stuff, just ask. make me an offer on this stuff so i can make some space and money for my swap please reach me at 678 923 6283, i have plenty of pictures i could message or email willing to ship, you pay shipping. thanks
  23. Price:: 1 Location: : Moorpark, CA I have a right door and a set of stock rims with tires out of my '71 that I am not going to use. Make me an offer I can't refuse. Local pick up only please. I am in 93021 (Ventura County) Thanks
  24. Price:: 1 Location: : Lawrenceville,GA I have the above for sale or trade. Prices are obo and I can do package deals Link to pics http://s1081.photobucket.com/user/lmmedina1993/library/Parts 150 for carb(38/38,electric choke) +shipping (year old) SOLD Clutch ,pp, FW 150 (less than 1k miles )+shipping E21 alt (year old) 70+ shipping. SOLD E21 starter 70+ shipping Slave cylinder(less than year old) 70 shipped All clutch/driveline parts have less than 1k on them
  25. Price:: 100.00 Location: : Atlanta, Ga Set of 4 13x5.5 FPS basketweaves. Offset 18mm, backspacing 3 15/16. All wheels are round, minimal curbing, with center caps. Need paint. Plus shipping. Gezon@aol.com
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