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Found 11 results

  1. If you're in Southern California and have been considering and/or longing-for a Getrag 245 overdrive 5 speed conversion, here's an opportunity: We've got a Getrag 245 overdrive 5 speed plus all the bits for an install (mount and shift tower options available, can also provide a 3.91 LSD (or open)). Transmission is not available separately ... sorry. PM via the system to discuss, pricing dependent on options, condition of car and cores, etc. -KB
  2. Listed for sale is a 1976 BMW 2002 with ~96,000 miles. I purchased the vehicle intending to restore it. Unlike many other 2002's this one is not a rust bucket. It is a suitable candidate for a complete restoration or a partial restoration. I just installed a new exhaust system. The following parts will be included in the sale of the vehicle: Fiberglass Turbo Flares (http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-body-chassis/02flares.html) Fiberglass Air Dam (http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-body-chassis/02turboairdam.html) OEM 1976 Front and Rear Bumper Pre-1974 chrome rear bumper Newly upholstered E21 Recaro Seats OEM BMW 2002 Seats (Drivers side is in terrible condition and the passengers side is in good condition) OEM Windshield Gasket New Carpet Sound Dampening Padding A couple of E10 Books The additional parts add up to well over $2000 in goodies. For an additional $500, I'll through in a 5 speed E21 Getrag 245 with 120,000 miles on it. Odometer stopped working 400 miles ago, the drivers side has a dent on it, it will need a new battery tray and the windshield gasket needs to be replaced but a spare one is included in the sale. http://portland.craigslist.org/yam/cto/5107158728.html
  3. SOLD SOLD SOLD Getrag 245 5 speed transmission for sale. Buyer pays shipping / delivery costs. Removed from a running '02. No leaks. Ships from 95356 with Clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing.
  4. I found a wrecked 318is for an m42 swap to my 02 and have decided to pursue that route. Over the last few years I have collected parts for the m10 some aftermarket and OE. Its time to sell it all as I wil not be needing it with the M42, all proceeds will go to fund my m42 swap. Below is a list of the parts I have available: - 121ti cylinder head in used condition, unknown miles removed from a running engine $100 - e21 2.0 cylinder head that looks to have been rebuilt and then used briefly. $150 - Getrag 245 5 speed with 120k confirmed miles, no wines, crunches, or other scary noises. It has the 3 bolt output flange. E21 shifter plate included and slave cylinder is attached. $250 - Second getrag 245 5 speed swap out of my 02 with unknown miles but always drove fine with no bad noises 3 bolt output flange. It could use a new output shaft seal. $225 - E30 318 EFI manifold, fuel rail with injectors and regulator, throttle body, coolant neck and bypass pipe, other misc stuff included $100 - Crane XR3000 ignition system used but in working condition with optical trigger installed in a vacuum advance dizzy with bosch wires, cap & rotor used less than 5k miles $125 - 2 used e21 320is radiators no cracks or leaks in decent shape $40ea - Used M10 mechanical fuel pump blockoff plate $10 - M10 2.0 bottom end with unknown miles but running when removed from a 72 02 $100 - E30 Battery relocation cable with junction box and possibly the cover, $40 - New Ebay Turbo TBC-T04E-T $50 - 2 New OE+ Oil Filters for the M10 $2.50/ea - 6 NOS Bosch W8DC Plugs $2/ea - Other stuff I am forgetting and will add later Pictures are available via email, PM, or this photo bucket link: http://s1120.photobucket.com/user/selbstsalesinc/library/BMW2002%20Stuff Willing to ship anywhere in the continental US on your dime, all prices are or best offer. Local pick up in Lexington or Louisville is welcome. PM me here or email me at turboinduction at gmail dot com Andrew Location: Lexington, KY
  5. I'd like a driveshaft that is already shortened for the conversion. Tim
  6. Hey, So when I was installing the 5 speed transmission 'something' happened. As you know, the rear of the transmission has two tabs which receives the top of the rubber mount (threaded rod, washers, and locking nut) and lower half of the rubber mount goes into the transmissions support mount which is attached to the body. Anyways...the outer tab was broken (picture 1). Ideas to reattach the broken tab included JB Weld, and drilling/tapping and JB Weld. A few nights ago I was thinking about the purpose of those tabs and it struck me that it is primarily for controlling side to side movement. So why not devise a 'washer' that does that (picture 2). It is likely better than leaving it or trying to drill and tap the broken tab and tranny housing or pulling and welding (yikes!). Making and installation was simple. The factory tab keeps the tranny from moving too much to the passenger side and the washer+stop keep the tranny from moving too much to the drivers side (picture 3). I am not concerned with the additional 3/16" spacing lifting the transmission. Oh yes...there is plenty of room for guibo, and nuts and bolt heads on output flange. What are some fellow FAQers thoughts and comments? Have any of you fixed a broken tab like this before? How? Regards, Bill P.
  7. My tii has a 5-speed swap done by the PO. It shifted okay when I bought it, though a bit sloppy and occasionally needed a good yank to get into gear. Well, for reasons I won't go into, I had my car in the shop for a couple weeks before having it towed home and found that it won't go into reverse or 5th. When I took a look I found a couple pieces (the two bows, stop buffer, and the shifter plate - not sure what that's called - according to the diagram below) flapping around. I've attached pictures of what I was seeing. I think this is the matching diagram: http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E21/USA/320i-M10/L-M/browse/gearshift/gearbox_shifting_part_2 So my questions: 1) is this causing my shift issue? 2) can I just bolt the plate directly to the body?
  8. I have a good condition 5-speed from a running 320i (1982). Includes: clutch, flywheel, slave and guibo with 3" of shaft. If preferred, I am willing to sell the engine and transmission as one unit. Engine is the Jetronic from a 1982. Cut and dried here. Like I said, it ran, decently, and that's all I know. Appreciate getting the word out because I would hate to see this transmission not go into a nice '02. Thanks for sharing around. Jay jasonm.mcclaren@gmail.com
  9. For a 245 swap, I found a reference that says it is possible to use a driveshaft from an E30 84-85 318i for the swap with no shortening needed. The support bearing has to be moved however. Has anyone done this without any problems? Would re-positioning the support bearing lead to a guibo shredding set up? Thanks.
  10. Hello All, I am listing my 1969 Bmw 1600-2. With a career change and some family changes comes some toy changes and unfortunately, this BMW falls into the toy category. I purchased the car about a year ago from a local guy here in San Diego. He owned a vintage automotive garage and had been the one servicing the car for one of his customers. When the customer decided to sell the car the mechanic purchased it and enjoyed it for a few years. From what he told me, when he purchased the car it had a recently freshened M10 out of a 2002 along with a full service of the trans and diff. While he owned the car he reupholstered the interior, installed a stereo and changed the wheels and some suspension bits. You will see that along the way someone installed a 2002 badge on the car, but based on the data plate (picture attached) that this is in fact a 1600-2. Some might find this to be a benefit because the reduced weight of the 1600 and the shorter gearing paired with the larger 2002 motor which makes it a peppy little BMW. The car currently has the stock 4 speed although I have a low mileage 5 speed (Getrag 245 purchased from a fellow forum member), bench tested and rebuilt E12 head, completed restored wheels with brand new rubber and a roof rack I was planning to use. I will consider including these with the sale depending on the price, otherwise I will sell the misc parts once car is sold. This BMW runs strong, shifts nice and is a blast to drive. The car has some light rust along the hood and under the rear window (to be expected) and the spare tire well needs repair. I have been driving the car 2-3 days per week and have loved every mile. Asking $13,900 OBO. Taking a hit, but it is what it is I guess. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. Please feel free to PM or email me directly (djfefferman@gmail.com) with your name and number and I will gladly give you a call. Thanks for your time, Daniel.
  11. Looking for information. Does anyone know how MM upgrades their 245s? And what the difference is between the 245 and the 245 "Sport OD"? Reference: http://metricmechanic.com/ultimate-transmission-rebuilds/
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