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Found 19 results

  1. $350 OBO. Black vinyl BMW seats - removed from my son's 1969 1602 rat rod. Chrome hinges, weave (MB tex?) material in the middle of the seats. Some small tears (on the seams), seat springs are tired, and horeshair is coming out. So - they are not perfect, but are all there. Good candidate for recover - or use as is! Already boxed up in garment boxes - ready for Greyhound (you pay actual costs). If these don't sell by early May - I will plan to bring them to the SF Swap Meet at Brisbane (May 4th). Any questions, please let me know! Rod
  2. A thread to post any Australia based parts you have for sale or are wanting to buy, as sometimes the local parts can be lost in the sea of US parts within the 2002Faq Market. Play by the rules 1 - Only post For Sale or Wanted To Buy parts / cars here that are yours or are on behalf of a friend (no random eBay ads) 2 - No chit chat within the thread - Contact the seller/buyer via email or PM directly otherwise this thread will clog up with off topic content 3 - Post a price (or link to eBay etc where price is visable) 4 - Of course still post within the 2002Faq Market too!
  3. BayArea 02 Swap & Show, 4 May 2019, Marina at Brisbane, California. The address is: 500 Sierra Point Parkway-- along the Bay on the North side of Sierra Point. Preregister on Motorsportreg (see below). Preregistration is $25 while the on-site fee on 4 May will be $30. Graphic artist Kile Brekke has again added his art to our T-shirts and printed materials; we think you will be delighted with his design! Please preregister early to help us plan for the best number of each shirt size. We will have a named bag for each preregistrant so our closing date is slightly earlier than some years to help us organize the bags. Note— Swap & Show visitors are welcome! There is no fee for entry if you do not show your car or swap parts. However, we encourage anyone with a BMW of our vintage to bring your car to display, no matter how mundane your daily driver (dirt, rust and all) or how beautiful your restoration. Swap & Show does not judge your car so there will be no points for extra dirt, missing dirt, matching luggage or concours glow. We smile at all BMW's and photographs or videos are welcome (but NO drones over cars)! Preregistration is now open, until Tuesday, 30 April. Go to [Preregister for Swap & Show 2019]. Larry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. A long wondered question by many enthusiasts is - How many of the '02 series vehicles still actually remain in Australia today? Rust and accidents may have claimed a fair few, but there are still numerous owners out there. The US based 2002 Registry does a good job of tracking them down, but its very hard to find the Australian cars on the list. Lets try and track down as many as we can 'down under', whether this be yours, a vehicle you've seen for sale, a mates car, a car thats gone to 'a better place', etc Simply post up: Vin number Year Colour State Attach a picture (or link from a host like Photobucket) Any other comments / modifications etc.
  5. Hey everyone! So Tesoro won't be able to make its debut this year at Brisbane. We are not at paint yet as the body guys are taking each section of the car sandblocking and getting ready for the last stages of priming before paint. I'm pretty bummed about Tesoro not being done yet, but since I have one shot at this restoration, might as well not rush perfection! Tesoro will make its debut at the Legends of Autobahn in August! I did register early for Brisbane, so if anyone needs a spot, let me know.... I'd be happy to give you Tesoro's spot. Can't wait to see/meet everyone and their lovely 02s there!
  6. Hey Gang, I finally got my pictures from the Brisbane show done. You can view the set at: Facebook.com/BobYeeImages Click Photos, then Albums, then navigate to the Brisbane 2015 Album. Enjoy! Bob
  7. Price:: 1 Location: : Brisbane / San Ramon Hi All, I have for sale a parts lot, all from a 1973 tii [102,XXX miles], that will be available on a first-come first-serve basis at the Bay Area 02 Swap & Show at the Brisbane Marina tomorrow, May 2nd. I will accept cash or paypal on the spot. Pictures can be seen here. Whatever is not sold at this show will then be available in San Ramon, CA afterward, or available on eBay, craigslist, or here on the FAQ parts for sale section. No trades. Prices have been set based on the following criteria: 1. eBay ~sold~ item listings 2. FAQ item listings 3. if the product is NLA or not from BMW 4. and the price of that product before it went NLA cell is fivethreeOnineonethreethreeninenineeight. call text or pm. Thank you!
  8. Hey 2002'ers in Walnut Creek, Concord, and other East bay locations, There's at least 2 of us heading in to Brisbane on Saturday morning. Want to join the East Bay 2002 caravan? If so, meet in the Walnut Creek Bev Mo parking lot on Main Street between 8:30 - 9:00. We'll leave for Brisbane at 9 am. See you there! Bob
  9. Hey Fellow 02'ers in Walnut Creek, Concord, and other East Bay locations, If you want to drive with fellow 02'ers to the Bay Area 02 Swap & Show 16 in Brisbane, meet up at the BevMo parking lot on Main Street in Walnut Creek on Saturday morning at about 8:00. We'll leave for Brisbane at about 8:30 am. See you there!
  10. Such a nice turn out at Brisbane this year! And no rain! Although it was quite breezy at times, the sun was out and both Tesoro and Derby made their debut at our own Bay Area 02 Swap and Show. Coordinated a caravan of a dozen cars from the North Bay to meet up at Bill Arnold's shop at 7:30A. I only trust a handful of people to drive Tesoro or Derby and Who else better to ask, Andrew Wilson, AKA "Mr. Maine BMW Chapter President" and "Iron Butt" award winner (who has traveled many miles across the states in his trusty VERN 2002tii), who flew out to this year's Brisbane and drove Tesoro to Brisbane and back for me as I drove in with Derby. Thank you Andrew ! It was truly remarkable to see so many 02s that came out this year! I met so many new faces and reacquainted with people on the FAQ and friends that I haven't seen in a while. I feel very fortunate to know some of you and thank you for those who have helped me with either your 02 history, parts that were unattainable, or just those looking out for me and my cars. Thank you to Le at 2002garagewerks for building the car of my dreams, and Thank you to Bill Arnold for keeping up the service for both Tesoro and Derby to have them safe on the road! Here are some pics of Tesoro and Derby. I've seen some great shots of them on Instagram and FB too... ! Thanks for sharing the love!
  11. Getting excited for Brisbane! Derby's original wheels are redone in the PC paint color (Thank you Anders!) and with PC tires. Michelin XAS 165/13. Hubcaps will be mounted at Brisbane. Got the alignment done today and making Derby safe to drive the 100mile round trip to and from Brisbane. (And to those of you who saw the glossy paint on the radiator, I had them redo the paint, take it down to metal and paint it satin black, much better! Thank you to Patrick from Bill's shop who did such a beautiful job on it! ) Time to get both cars detailed now! Hope to see some of you there!
  12. layers

    Swap and Show 2018

    BayArea 02 Swap & Show, 5 May 2018, Marina at Brisbane, California. Preregister on Motorsportreg [MotorsportReg for Swap & Show-2018]. Preregistration is $25 until 1 May while the on-site fee on 5 May will be $30. Graphic artist Kile Brekke designed our T-shirts and printed materials again this year and they look excellent! Please preregister early so we can determine more easily the shirt sizes to order. We will have a named bag for each preregistrant so our closing date is slightly earlier than some years to help us organize the bags. Note— Swap & Show visitors are welcome! If you do not show your car or swap parts, there is no fee for entry. But we encourage anyone with a BMW of our vintage to bring your car to display, no matter how beautiful your restoration or how mundane the dirt and rust on your daily driver (some photographers can make the rust and dirt very photogenic— check out photos from previous years!). Swap & Show does not judge your car so there will be no points for extra dirt, missing dirt, matching luggage or concours shine. We smile at all BMW's, and photographs or videos are welcome!
  13. I'm looking forward to Brisbane tomorrow! It was 2 years ago where I laid eyes on a lowly schwarz 02 where its owner at the time was selling parts out of the trunk on the parking lot and had a "For Sale" sign on the side quarter window. (I've enclosed this pic of Tesoro on the parking lot) The black little beast looked tired, dusty, and reminded me of an animal that was just left out on a porch ignoring passerby's with a vacant look on its face. This car needed some love, and I was ready to give it. I made small talk with the owner and made arrangements to drive the car on the parking lot, car was definitely tired, as the engine was smoking out of the exhaust pipe, brakes were creaking, acceleration felt like it took a good minute to kick in, steering was slow, suspension was shot. But from the looks of it, the car looked really solid for a potential restoration, and I knew from my previous ownerships with 02s that anything can be fixed. I told the owner that I would like to think about his offer of 6K and that I would come by his place the next day to drive the car again. I went out the next day and drove the car again, the owner had started it before I got there "to get the engine warm" for me... hmmm... he apparently didn't know who he was dealing with as I have a 20+ history with these cars and residence within the BMW community. I think driving up in my Prius at the time must of mislead him. I drove the car a little harder this time and on the freeway. It felt like the car didn't know what to do at 65mph as it started convulsing and on the verge of a stroke, so I brought it back down to 55mph and was cruising to keep alive. The owner who was sitting in the car with me had a nervous laugh and said... "This car needs some TLC"! Poor little car just made me want it more and more. I laughed to myself and thought, "you have no idea what I have in store for this car." I offered the car for 5K. I felt that it was fair considering the condition of the body and mechanics. Owner says, "I can turn this car around and sell it for double!" I then popped the hood and started to speak a different language and busted out my mechanical jargon which probably surprised him that I knew so much about the car after only driving it less than 15 minutes. I then happily drove my TESORO home for less than 6K. And here we are today after more than a year and a half in restoration and we've just hit the milestone of getting a new engine in ready to fire up soon! This will be the last year I will spectating at Brisbane as I look forward to spending future Brisbane 02 Show and Swap meets with Tesoro. Thank you to all who have shared your 02 stories with me through our trials and tribulations with these quirky little cars. Its so wonderful to have friends and make new friends in this BMW 02 culture from all over the world by sharing our stories! I'm glad to hear how Tesoro has inspired some of you as I'm also inspired by your 2002s too.... Happy Friday to everyone! Cheers to the Brisbane weekend!! Let's hope for no rain!
  14. Sometime in February 2014 I was having some really greasy chinese food in SF... I never have greasy chinese food. Ever. But I had reluctantly gone to this restaurant to meet my sister for lunch. After a few bites... I wait til my sister is done, and we get our fortune cookies. Mine reads...."Something on four wheels will soon be a fun investment for you." And I start to giggle at the thought of owning another 02. For those that don't know me... I used to own 02s back in the day... we're talking... waaaay back like in 1994! My first 02 was a 1972 and I was second owner of the car. It was a beautiful Chamonix that I bought from a church goer/missionary of some sort that he had shipped back and forth from Africa to the US. He took pretty good care of it... but I took better care of it once I owned it. I used to autocross it at the GGC events and took it on rally rides and tracked it on race courses at Laguna, Infineon, Thunderhill... etc. I was bitten by the 02 bug and my obsession took me further by putting in a modified engine in the car, and then buying a bunch of other BMWs.... a few E30's, an E30M3, an E30conv, an E36M3, a Bavaria and 2 other short owned 02s (roundies of course!) Then life got to the best of me.. I grew up a little ... bought my first house when I was 21 and enjoyed traveling more. Then gas started to get expensive and my BMW hobby was also getting more expensive from all the extra accessories I was buying.. like wheels, suspension, brakes, etc... So I had to sell my toys and give up all of them. But during this time... I met a lot of wonderful 02 enthusiasts around the states and the "02princess" moniker was given to me by Michel Potheau. Member # 2 in the BMWCCA. So back to the fortune cookie.... After a few giggles... I decided... why the hell not!? At this point, I just recently purchased a new breed of car... A Mercedes Benz 2014 C350 coupe AMG. I wanted to try another brand of car as I have always been BMW loyal... and I felt that the Benz suited me a lot better than the 4series BMW or even the 1 series! (Don't H8!) Anyways, I got the obsession t back and started trolling again on the FAQ and even started a Facebook page. You can follow me as: OtwoprincessLisa . I saw that the Brisbane Bay Area swap meet was in May, so I went. Low and Behold... there appeared a mirage... (from Letigre!) In front of my peepers was this shiny black solid 02 for sale! A roundie nontheless! For under 5digits? I had to take a looksee... Good thing I had one of my 02 mechanic friends with me to inspect the car. Everything seemed pretty solid, and there were some surface rust areas, mechanically, it needed some love as it was smokey.. but I felt like, this was the one! I bought the car a couple of days later... and drove it home....
  15. Hi all, I don't see a photo thread for this year's event so I'll start it up. Feel free to add your photos to the thread if you like. Below are some of mine, you can also click through to the full album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskW4Aevp I had a fantastic time - bought (and won) some cool parts, met great people, and saw incredible cars. What a great community of enthusiasts!
  16. Bay Area 2002 folks, good news! I’ll be bringing some heavily discounted goodies to the show this Saturday at the Brisbane Marina (in-person pick up only). Use the discount codes below for 20%-50% savings on selected parts. If you use a code, you MUST pick the parts up at the Bay Area 02 Swap and Show AT OR BEFORE 12pm on May 6th, 2017. If you want any of the below parts but aren’t local, you can still buy them at regular price with free shipping. (Discount codes are not case sensitive.) 50% off ALPINA Tachometer Overlays - "TACH50" 50% off European Speedometer Conversion Overlays - "SPEEDO50" 40% off French-Spec Headlamp Bulb Covers - "BULBCOVERS40" 33% off 2017 BMW 2002 Calendars - "CALENDAR33" 25% off Paddock Windbreaker Jackets - "JACKET25" 20% off Early (1966) BMW 1600 Badges - "1600BADGE20" Check out the parts here: http://thepaddock.xyz/store/ Just to reiterate, these discounts are only available for those of you who can pick up the items this weekend at the Bay Area 02 Swap and Show. Any questions? Shoot me a PM and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 50% off ALPINA Tachometer Overlays - "TACH50" 50% off European Speedometer Conversion Overlays - "SPEEDO50" 40% off French-Spec Headlamp Bulb Covers - "BULBCOVERS40" 33% off 2017 BMW 2002 Calendars - "CALENDAR33" 25% off Paddock Windbreaker Jackets - "JACKET25" 20% off Early (1966) BMW 1600 Badges - "1600BADGE20"
  17. Hey to all California 2002 owners attending the Brisbane swap and show!! Just giving my fellow FAQ'rs a heads up on our presence at the Brisbane Marina this Saturday. Come find us to say hey and chat 02 stuff. I will have some bumper inventory (2002 and 3.0 coupe) to show along with some custom 2002 shirts ($20ea) Looking forward to it, should be a great event!! Chris 02bumpers.com
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