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Found 384 results

  1. Hey all, You may have seen all the photos from my plead for help; Here. Major carb troubles. I am looking for a complete, or parted out carb. Upgrades are welcome. Grinding, mods, manifold manipulation are not things id like to do. A sweet and simple fix preferably original to the car. Take a look at my post in the hyperlink above and reply/shoot me a message! I am mechanically inclined but not a mechanic or a super know-how. in fact, I am a semi-broke college student who has figured out how to keep a car on the road since my first car which was a 1976 2002 over 15 years ago. Help is much appreciated! steep prices are not a viable option for this guy though. Take care, GH
  2. Hi all- I'm in need of a complete engine or at the very least a short block/bottom end for test fitment purposes. Building a custom bell-housing for a TKO600 transmission. Also will be dry-sumping the engine, so if it has a crank in there that will help me machine some toothed pulleys. any condition is fine so long as its good enough to use to pattern the transmission mounting flange. Socal/Ventura county.... willing to travel. A bit pressed for time, so let me know what you have. Cheaper is better... rust, fine. Hole in the side of the block? sure, if the price is right. Will pay more for a good core if its readily available.
  3. Moving from L.A. to Kingston, MA and looking for a skilled, reliable, reasonable mechanic for a 50 year old 2002! Got spoiled with great service in L.A....All suggestions appreciated.....
  4. Speedo unit is in working order. Thanks _Ray Thanks,
  5. Selling these 15" BBS RA. Had them on my e21 but now letting them go. Restored. Stripped down to bare metal, Polished the lips and redid the centers in Dulpicolor gold...close to the BBS RS color but not perfect. 4x100. Tires are 195 50 15 Falken. Pretty good shape. Prefer local pickup or will ship at buyers expense.
  6. Anyone seen/know of this particular tow hook in picture? Looking for something period correct for the rear of the car. Would appreciate any thoughts or product suggestions.
  7. Price:: 500 OBO Location: : Wauconda, Illinois 60084 For sale is a BMW M10 engine from a 1985 E30 318i. The engine runs (170,000mi) but appears to be running rich due to what may be a vacuum leak. Perfect swap to a 2002 or similar, doesn't look like it needs a lot done to get into a perfect running state if you know what you're doing.[/size][/font] Sale includes everything from radiator to diff. I accept Paypal, and Google Wallet
  8. Posts are going to be a bit rapid-fire since this all happened about a year ago but I wanted to pop this on the FAQ and not just our IG. The pickup of the new project - 1975 BMW 2002. We've dubbed the project: Project Not a Bronco, since my wife really wants an early bronco, but they're insanely expensive and I wanted a 2002 anyways. We're meeting halfway and the plan is to paint it in Colorado Orange. As it sits: • there are three floorboards that need replacing • a motor and transmission need to be sourced • a patch needs to be made for the spare tire well • dents pulled from the nose • rust patches on the rockers • replacement fenders The body has some layers of primer and filler that we plan to strip off down to bare metal to see if there are any other discoveries. IMG_4464.MP4
  9. Hey guys, i haven't posted in a bit but i'm back with a few more sets of seats. send a message if you want some more info. as always: sets are shipped from my home in Thailand. Shipping cost: $230 Shipping time: 8-10 weeks Tracking number provided. Payment: paypal- you pay the fees Seats are shipped separately. Shrink-wrapped. 2 giant boxes with tons of foam and padding. seats you see here are NOT stock photos, all are sitting in my shop now. I do custom work on request. I have great feedback on this forum and on ebay. Please contact me with any questions or requests
  10. Well, I got bored waiting for the Deuce to get out of the shop...slipped and fell on a 2002. 1976 that was literally in a barn since 1998. Immaculate surface rust and some light cancer. totally tolerable, and makes for a fun and whacky 2002 to tool around in. I have a bunch of stuff in the garage that will be added over top of the gorgeous finish to really make it pop. chrome bumpers restoredish late steelies with beauty rings and center caps, and pirelli skinnys. to make it go, I have my old 32/236. to make it stop, I have some nice used brake parts. to make it look a bit better, I have my old suspension and billy sports. stay tuned! Got some work done over the last couple weeks. Lowered on my old suspension New brake and clutch master, clutch slave, rear wheel cylinders, calipers, rotors, pads, etc. Got it running in the first couple days. Swapped in my old 32/36, new plugs and a fuel pump. Buffed out some paint and added an accessory.. Today I got it all bled and drove the thing..! Its blowing steam, so we all know whats next.. http://vid283.photobucket.com/albums/kk299/jasongipson/E55144E2-BDE3-4E8A-B4F6-9439291878B1.mp4 Well, the snob made it to our 2016 RGB spring drive! As the lead car, none the less! Well, we made there and back in one piece.. and so did the car.. ! Vintage 2016 is in the record books as one of the best times we have had with friends and their old BMWs. The RGB group from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee was represented by over thirty individuals! Has to be record attendance from a single regional group..?! In the end.... I'm a little car'd out. Here is the list of what it took to make a car that hadn't been on the road since 1998 roadworthy for such an adventure.. I picked it up on 3/21/16 with flat tires and a frozen wheel. Trailered it home from Cleveland.. Over the next thirty days we did a long list of work.. New tii rear wheel cylinders, brake hardware and shoes. New braided lines New long line to the rear New front rotors, rebuilt calipers, wheel bearings, Hard lines, braided lines, pads and hardware. New brake master New clutch master and slave cylinders Used stock wheels with P400s Full desmog Removed the AC compressor New/used ignition system New alternator Used Rad with new hoses, water pump and fan. Head swap with 284 cam and used header New fuel pump Swapped in a my old 32/36 and later, on 5/17 swapped in the 320i water neck and Dellorto 40 DHLA-H Full suspension with Eibach springs and Billy Sports Chrome bumpers hap haphazardly swapped in. Reupholstered the interior with blankets, added a sweet 1 ball shift knob from a parts car I had years ago, and installed the 400mm Petri steering wheel. Replaced a bad right front turn signal Rewired the rear of the car where the PO started to mess on it Plugged the return line at the sender as it was dumping fuel somewhere under the car and fixed a very loose fitting fuel feed line at the sender by shrink tubing the metal tube and putting the original braided hose with the hard tube in it, back on over it all.. Changed the trans and diff oil OH, and bolted on a bottle opener! Drove it as the lead car on our group spring drive April 23rd, then waited patiently, till Vintage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Off we go!!!!! Met up with the RGB crew around 2pm on I75, at the Tennessee border.. Snagged a parking spot between the Blunttech RV and Paul Wegweiser... The snob was an immediate hit! ....And by the time the party shut down Friday night, her paint was protected by a wall of empties!! Saturday we came outside, all squinty-eyed, to the fence-o-empties having been removed by the hotel crew, (thank goodness), and off we went on the 'direct' route to Hot Springs.. I didn't want to press our luck, we still had to get 6 hours home! We stopped at the random coffee shop along 25... loved that place. Day of the show, I came back to find someone had installed a bonus catch-can.. John Harvey.. such a giving fellow. I like him. Made it home around 4:30pm Sunday. The car got us home is six hours with stops. Not horrible. Average of 65 MPH. She held 75-85 all the way home. It developed a high rpm bog at toe in, off of cruise speed...and it would clear if I throttled hard..I filed the points and added a touch more advance, and it fixed. All in all, she did wonderfully, And while it wasn't what I had hoped for, in regards to the red car being at the 100th Anniversary of BMW, I couldn't have asked for more from this little old BMW. She didn't let us down! Well, as I continue to fester in the L that is a botched body work and paint situation.. my red car, a passionate project and love affair that kept me sane during years of underemployment by giving me a tangible product at the end of my days, I try to come to grips with the fact that decisions beyond my control basically have reduced it to a parts car... a very expensive and bloated parts car.. Shell in one business, motor in another, parts in two locations being stored ... Its been a year of WTF! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??!??!? and ripping my hair out. I'm kind of numb at this point, and see no solution. But one will surface, I presume. But alas, I keep myself occupied by driving the snot out of, and improving the schnob. Its been my buddy and surrogate child. We have had great fun.. But aside from a deep dive into the motor, I think I am done with the enhancements, as I don't want to spend any real money for parts that I didn't already have (as it has been, up to this point)... its been a rewarding time building a looker on the cheap, something that speaks more to the grass roots/throwback/survivor mentality rather than the shiny and renewed/spendy path we all inevitably suffer from.
  11. Hello Faq, I am looking at a car in the Netherlands from Oldenzaal Classics. I know the Netherlands does not have the best climate for 02s, and I want to make sure everything is as described and accurate as they are telling me. Does anyone have any suggestions where to get a possible pre inspection from? Also, has anyone had any experiences with Oldenzaal? After a quick search I have seen many positive reviews, but also quite a few negative ones that are scaring me away. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks!
  12. I know this topic has been beaten to death but most the info on the subject (at least what I can find.) is REALLY outdated. I just picked up a 1976 Auto 2002. The head is trash. Block is rusty. I'm an E30 guy. I know M20's pretty well, and actually just finished up a 2.7i (325i head on a 325e block and pistons.), fresh clutch kit, lightened single mass flywheel, M50 Injectors, and Motronic 1.3. Currently that engine is in a pretty ratty E30. I'm ready to get rid of that shell and throw the M20 into my new to me 2002. I've been dreaming of building this car for years, and now this 2002 finally fell into my lap. (Got it for free. ) So here's what i'm looking for. I'm used to a thriving community of Enthusiasts. I'm used to R3Vlimited.com and E30tech.com, Tons of current/new info on the new and old swaps and common issues! This message board seems to be the best so far i've found for the 2002 chassis and I like what I see here. Who's done this swap? Who currently has one and drives it pretty regularly? What info about the M20 swap is just hear say and what is the actual truth? Buy mounts or make my own via the PDF file i've seen floating around? G260's, how much work is needed to make them fit? I'd love to take as much as I can from the E30 and use it in my 2002. I want to avoid having to shorten the driveshaft and i'm okay with doing some modifications to my trans tunnel. Just want to keep things clean and well thought out. So there is my welcome. Happy to be here, and very willing to learn. Thanks for your time, Paolo PS. I'll post a photo tonight of what i'm working with. The car is an automatic. I have a pedal box and four four speed transmissions. haha.
  13. My wife and I are driving down to Athens, GA on Friday 7/18 to visit her family. Would be interesting to meet some GA folks if you are available Saturday or Sunday. Could do a coffee/beer or just meet and shoot the breeze and swap car stories. Disclaimer: Taking the E90 not the tii .
  14. The mighty 2002 makes it again to another picture gallery... http://thethrottle.thechive.com/2014/06/12/never-a-clean-dirty-friday-72-hq-photos/random-t-06_13_14-920-31/ http://thethrottle.thechive.com/2014/06/12/never-a-clean-dirty-friday-72-hq-photos/random-t-06_13_14-920-62/ Enjoy!
  15. I'm replacing the water pump, thermostat & hoses on my 71 02. Should be a simple remove & replace but does anyone know of any write ups, DYI or guide on the replacement? Just thought it wouldn't hurt to have some guidance since it's my first time. Please let me know! Thanks guy
  16. I own a 76 2002 and had no brakes, no stopping power. Took to mechanic who bled brakes, replaced pads and still no brakes, he said it was the brake master cylinder. So we replaced the master cylinder and still have problems, the car stops but not how supposed to in other words it reduces speed and then halts. The brake pad feels spongy when I depress it, it never goes all the way down, so I guess I don't have a leak. But what else can it be?
  17. Hi All, My engine needs to be rebuilt. Head gasket blew and my bmw shop specialist told me I need a new engine. I found a 74 tii engine on Craigslist http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/pts/4390994660.html Does a 74' tii engine bolt-in to a 75 2002? Thanks, Christian
  18. We went to our first event of the year last weekend at Laguna Seca. It was the HMSA Spring Event. I drove the #34 Hyde Park 2002 that I recently purchased. Terry Forland drove its twin, the #35 2002. We raced in Group 3 with 27 other B sedans- lots of Datsuns, a few Alfas, and a slug of '02s. It was a great weekend. Full story is here: http://www.msportvintage.com link to the video is here: http://youtu.be/mb3Lwdyd6bw
  19. Those of you looking to refresh the entire suspension of your E10, take a look at Condor Speed Shop's complete UHMW suspension combo kit. We've updated our pricing from $278 to $220 for this combo. These solid Track Rod and Control Arm bushings help keep the front suspension pieces firmly in place. Both rear differential bushings will keep the diff from moving under load, and the solid rear trailing arm bushings create a solid pivot point between the rear subframe and the trailing arms. No more rubbery deflection under hard acceleration or heavy cornering. These work well on the street and the track. Our kit includes UHMW Track Rod bushings, both inner and outer Control Arm Bushings, 2 UHMW diff mounts & the Trailing Arm Bushings. UHMW is an excellent general-purpose plastic with a unique combination of wear and corrosion resistance, low friction surface and impact strength. It is resistant to chemical attack and moisture absorption, and retains key physical properties to -30 C http://www.condorspeedshop.com/products/2002-solid-complete-suspension-combo
  20. Hey friendlies. As we all know, the 2002 petrol fill-up situation is quite a bother and something I was personally tired of dealing with. My ruubber neck started cracking / tearing resulting in me having to go inside my trunk, unscrew it, fill up, and put it back on every time.. This afternoon I had some hours and decided to tackle the project. PARTS: The gas tank neck diameter is exactly 2.1" od. I ordered a non-vented, 2" gas cap with a neck at 3" tall from Coyote Supplies. Knowing there will be a rubber coupling acting as a spacer I wasn't too worried about the short height, figured cutting or buying more rubber would be easier than steel. A local plumbing store (without a storefront) threw me a rubber spacer from their scrap pile after explaining to them what I was doing. No storefront, no price 2 hose clamps and I'm ready for the install. INSTALL: Attach one hose clamp around the neck of the gas tank to act as a guide when cutting. Also, have a shopvac positioned to collect and prevent all the metal dust from falling into your tank. I got a non-vented cap because I wanted to drill and route my own vent to prevent the trunk smelling like gas. The original vent hose will do just fine. A 7/32 drill bit keeps it nice and snug. Inside the gas cap neck there was a ridge to rest the bit on so I could get a nice downward angle for the vent hose. Next simply slip the rubber coupling over the gas tank neck, clamp it down. Then the gas cap neck, clamp it down, and re-route the vent hose. Then reinstall the origional gas cap. A simple 2 hour fix for one big reoccurring problem My one concern would be if the fuel cause corrosion on the rubber. I might swap out the rubber coupling for a marine hose line. Thanks! One of the most functional mods i've done in a while. Best, Jeremy
  21. does anybody know at what oiltemperature the thermostat in the turbo oil cooler flange opens?
  22. Hey my name is James & I'm located in OC Cali. I'm thinking about selling her to fund a new project at my new home My 1971 2002 is Colorado orange. Amazing paint minus a few small dings. Previous owner is a co worker of mine & he had it resprayed many years ago! It's still beautiful The good: I had the carb rebuilt but Advance Carburators & also the distributor was rebuilt by them. The motor was rebuilt with previous owner. He went to Haydon Brother Porsche shop & had it rebuilt about 85k ago. I myself went back to them about 500 miles ago & got a solid 1975 differential from an automatic swapped in. Car revs amazing & is a blast to drive! Motor was bored a little to 2.2 and got a nice set of headers. Not sure what brand but they are the one that the Haydon Brother made fit. She runs AMAZING & has been my daily driver for a year now! Ive never had a problem! I also put brand new tires on her 100 miles ago & new front brake pads. (Rear drums need replacing sometime but not urgent) I just did the rear shocks with some simple Kyb Gas a Just shocks because they're a nice comfortable ride but not TOO soft. Also the front are done now with kyb gas a just as well. The bad: missing only 2 to 3 pieces of trim. Theres about a 10 inch diameter dent that was pulled out on passenger side rear panel. Does not look bad at all. Needs a little touch up. Gas gauge works but jumps a lot. But still gives you accurate reading at least a few times while driving. And last, the previous owner had an air tight joint put in the middle of the exhaust because the rebuilt motor was so strong it cracked the long exhaust. So the pipes rattle a little when slowing down. Easy fix at an exhaust shop. This car is unbelievable and I had so many plans for her but I have to re located to Colorado as soon as I can but I'm not in a rush to sell her. UPDATE!!! Water pump went out so I bought a new one, silicone hoses & a 71degree thermostat & I am going to install next week when they come in!!! a BRAND NEW COOLING SYSTEM. I'm looking for 10k OBO for her. She's got so much money into her to make her run amazing & reliable. I'm a BMW enthusiast & have loved & cared for her very well. It'll save you the hassle of replacing wear parts like I already did for you! If interested please email Songj91@yahoo.com with your thoughts. Thank you!
  23. Found this article on Jalopnik today, makes me want to check out The Vintage next year if I can. http://jalopnik.com/i-crashed-a-vintage-bmw-party-in-a-brand-new-m235i-1582128103?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  24. Hey guys, new to the forums and new to BMWs. I'm 20 years old and I previously owned an S13 Silvia which I loved dearly. After being constantly targeted and defected by police, I decided to sell the Silvia and buy something more modern, a Honda S2000. The S2000 was nothing like the s13, much newer, much faster and the handling was incredible, it was a real performer... except I kept driving it on the roads as if I was on the track and almost lost my license. I was always really attached to my old silvia, it had a lot of problems that I took up my time, but thats what I liked about it. The S2000 was far too modern, too flashy and too perfect for my liking. The convertible feel soon wore off and I decided to sell the S2000 after 2 months of ownership. On a sunny afternoon I went to a local cafe with my girlfriend, there was a bookshop next door with an old BMW book which showcased all the BMW's ever made up until the e46. I flipped through the book and became obsessed with the BMW look. I was particularly fond of the e30 M3 and the E21. Weeks flew by, I decided I didn't like the look of the E21 anymore and the e30 m3 was way out of my price range. I another car that really caught my eye was the 2002. I browsed BMW2002faq and a bunch of other forums learning as much as I could. Before I even bought the car I became really knowledgeable about all the different models and idiosyncrasies that came with them. The first 2002 I saw was a fjord blue 2002 square tail, I really liked it and almost put a deposit on it except I came to the conclusion that it did not suit my current need at the time - a reliable daily driver. The second car I came across was a Polaris Silver 2002tii 1974 square tail. I tried my best not to get attached to the car upon first sight (I have a tendency to fall in love with cars that make me an illogical buyer). Turns out the owners, one of them being a forum member, had quite a few 2002s, they showed me not only the car I was about to buy, but their personal 2002s aswell. Soon after, I bought the car and my girlfriend named it Harold. Sadly I don't have my camera as I've lent it to my girlfriend who has gone overseas so for the next month I'll be using my Iphone. Here's my old s13 I'm ever so proud of, it had amazing fitment and it was amazing to run hills in My mates E46 M3 lookalike. The last photo I got with the S13 And then the S2000 Don't mind my shorts, I manage sales at a local gym. AND finally here is Harold. I'll post more information along with photos when I get a chance.
  25. I'm trying to run these w/ my turbo flares and wondering what's a safe tire size to go with. Hoping someone on here is running these and can comment on them. They are the BBS E76 wheels in the following sizes: 15x8 ET+15.8 - Front 15x9 ET+15.8 - Rear These were put together by BBS based on their research for the car. I have lowering suspension using H&R + Bilstein shocks and fenders cut to run the turbo flares per the usual instructions. I've checked with Steve from BluntTech and he's put me on a very good path to finding an answer. If you need ANYTHING for your 2002 and you are not using Steve, then I don't know what you're doing! Thanks in advance everyone.
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