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Found 539 results

  1. David Werner

    Belt Trim for 1974 2002

    I am looking for a complete set of belt trim for my 1974 2002. It doesn't have to be perfect but repairable. Mine current set has so many dings. I'm not sure what the previous owner did to it.
  2. For sale OEM 1976 BMW 2002 Steering Wheel. Wheel is in good condition and shows normal use. Wheel has been kept in my basement for the past 15+ years and I am trying to clear out some of my old BMW 2002 parts. Price is 75 plus shipping.
  3. End Of The Year Sale!! 10% Off All Stainless Steel Bumpers And Parts Till 2019! EOTY Sale! 10% off entire website until 2019 PROMO CODE:EOTY2018 If you have any questions please respond to this thread, PM or email me at Stainless steel bumpers Seam Covers Bumperettes BluntTech Bracket Conversion Kits
  4. Hey Everyone! Check out the 2002 Christmas card I made this year! I did the artwork myself, and since my friends have been telling me to sell them for years, I figured I'd finally give it a try, to make some extra cash. I have a newborn, and diapers are expensive, LOL I started an Etsy shop to sell them, check it out: I wasn't sure where to list this, since it isn't a 'part' to sell. I apologize in advance if I posted in the wrong spot. Happy Holidays!
  5. Does anyone know where to buy brake caliper pad retaining pins and anti-rattle clips? My interest is for tii ATE calipers that have been rebuilt. There must be a source for these parts as numerous suppliers offer rebuilt calipers that come with new pins and clips, but the pins and clips alone are not marketed. Blunttech and Pelican do not carry them. Any resources much appreciated.
  6. I have confirmed the date: January 19, 2019. Kreimer's Bier Haus, 6052 State Route 128, Cleves, OH, 45002. We will again be using their lower level party room and ordering from their menu, rather than having a buffet. Time: 6:30 - 10:30 PM. Please let me know if you are going to attend. I'd like to give Erin their banquet manager a decent headcount. Thanks! See you there!
  7. eurotrash


    Well, I got bored waiting for the Deuce to get out of the shop...slipped and fell on a 2002. 1976 that was literally in a barn since 1998. Immaculate surface rust and some light cancer. totally tolerable, and makes for a fun and whacky 2002 to tool around in. I have a bunch of stuff in the garage that will be added over top of the gorgeous finish to really make it pop. chrome bumpers restoredish late steelies with beauty rings and center caps, and pirelli skinnys. to make it go, I have my old 32/236. to make it stop, I have some nice used brake parts. to make it look a bit better, I have my old suspension and billy sports. stay tuned! Got some work done over the last couple weeks. Lowered on my old suspension New brake and clutch master, clutch slave, rear wheel cylinders, calipers, rotors, pads, etc. Got it running in the first couple days. Swapped in my old 32/36, new plugs and a fuel pump. Buffed out some paint and added an accessory.. Today I got it all bled and drove the thing..! Its blowing steam, so we all know whats next.. Well, the snob made it to our 2016 RGB spring drive! As the lead car, none the less! Well, we made there and back in one piece.. and so did the car.. ! Vintage 2016 is in the record books as one of the best times we have had with friends and their old BMWs. The RGB group from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee was represented by over thirty individuals! Has to be record attendance from a single regional group..?! In the end.... I'm a little car'd out. Here is the list of what it took to make a car that hadn't been on the road since 1998 roadworthy for such an adventure.. I picked it up on 3/21/16 with flat tires and a frozen wheel. Trailered it home from Cleveland.. Over the next thirty days we did a long list of work.. New tii rear wheel cylinders, brake hardware and shoes. New braided lines New long line to the rear New front rotors, rebuilt calipers, wheel bearings, Hard lines, braided lines, pads and hardware. New brake master New clutch master and slave cylinders Used stock wheels with P400s Full desmog Removed the AC compressor New/used ignition system New alternator Used Rad with new hoses, water pump and fan. Head swap with 284 cam and used header New fuel pump Swapped in a my old 32/36 and later, on 5/17 swapped in the 320i water neck and Dellorto 40 DHLA-H Full suspension with Eibach springs and Billy Sports Chrome bumpers hap haphazardly swapped in. Reupholstered the interior with blankets, added a sweet 1 ball shift knob from a parts car I had years ago, and installed the 400mm Petri steering wheel. Replaced a bad right front turn signal Rewired the rear of the car where the PO started to mess on it Plugged the return line at the sender as it was dumping fuel somewhere under the car and fixed a very loose fitting fuel feed line at the sender by shrink tubing the metal tube and putting the original braided hose with the hard tube in it, back on over it all.. Changed the trans and diff oil OH, and bolted on a bottle opener! Drove it as the lead car on our group spring drive April 23rd, then waited patiently, till Vintage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Off we go!!!!! Met up with the RGB crew around 2pm on I75, at the Tennessee border.. Snagged a parking spot between the Blunttech RV and Paul Wegweiser... The snob was an immediate hit! ....And by the time the party shut down Friday night, her paint was protected by a wall of empties!! Saturday we came outside, all squinty-eyed, to the fence-o-empties having been removed by the hotel crew, (thank goodness), and off we went on the 'direct' route to Hot Springs.. I didn't want to press our luck, we still had to get 6 hours home! We stopped at the random coffee shop along 25... loved that place. Day of the show, I came back to find someone had installed a bonus catch-can.. John Harvey.. such a giving fellow. I like him. Made it home around 4:30pm Sunday. The car got us home is six hours with stops. Not horrible. Average of 65 MPH. She held 75-85 all the way home. It developed a high rpm bog at toe in, off of cruise speed...and it would clear if I throttled hard..I filed the points and added a touch more advance, and it fixed. All in all, she did wonderfully, And while it wasn't what I had hoped for, in regards to the red car being at the 100th Anniversary of BMW, I couldn't have asked for more from this little old BMW. She didn't let us down! Well, as I continue to fester in the L that is a botched body work and paint situation.. my red car, a passionate project and love affair that kept me sane during years of underemployment by giving me a tangible product at the end of my days, I try to come to grips with the fact that decisions beyond my control basically have reduced it to a parts car... a very expensive and bloated parts car.. Shell in one business, motor in another, parts in two locations being stored ... Its been a year of WTF! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??!??!? and ripping my hair out. I'm kind of numb at this point, and see no solution. But one will surface, I presume. But alas, I keep myself occupied by driving the snot out of, and improving the schnob. Its been my buddy and surrogate child. We have had great fun.. But aside from a deep dive into the motor, I think I am done with the enhancements, as I don't want to spend any real money for parts that I didn't already have (as it has been, up to this point)... its been a rewarding time building a looker on the cheap, something that speaks more to the grass roots/throwback/survivor mentality rather than the shiny and renewed/spendy path we all inevitably suffer from.
  10. Rebuilt Getrag 265/5 for sale. This gearbox has recently undergone a fresh and complete rebuild with all worn parts replaced, including new bearings/synchros/seals/gaskets etc. The gearbox hasn't been used since the rebuild. Looking for offers around £3850. Collection or worldwide shipping available.
  11. I have for sale 3x original Getrag 235/5 close ratio Dogleg Gearboxes. All three gearboxes have recently undergone a complete rebuild (costing £2000 alone each) to replace all worn parts, including seals/gaskets/synchros/races/bearings that needed to be replaced. None of the gearboxes have been used after the rebuild, so these are in brand new condition (see attached pictures below). Gearbox comes with rebuild receipt as proof of what's been carried out. Taking into consideration the rarity of these gearboxes plus their comprehensive rebuilds, I'm looking for offers around £5750 each. Collection available from London UK. Worldwide shipping available if required.
  12. It's become a Fall tradition, along with a last drive before the salt, snow and slush season commences. I drove to the nearby former DESC complex in Kettering that's now an office park. The daylight was fading fast, so I needed to hustle.
  13. Hi all -- My ex-wife got the '75 2002, I got the '16 Miata. She suggested this as the totally practical (and Ok, advantageous-to-me financial) solution, and I couldn't turn her down. I promised to help her sell it. So here we are. It's been up on Craigslist locally, and it was at Brisbane, where I talked with a number of folks, including one who'd regretted buying another instead -- he said he was already deeper into the one he bought and it wasn't nearly as nice. Now it has to go, as my Ex is in contract on a house and needs the funds. It's also time, since it's the last thing to finalize the divorce settlement. This car is really original, unmolested. I bought it in Tennessee back in ’16, had a bunch of work done in Charlotte, NC, and then moved it to the Bay Area, where I live in San Carlos. I would have loved to do the projects that it deserves. It was titled in Western North Carolina for most of its life. It’s in rare colors -- Granatrot Metallic over grey interior. I had floor pans replaced, rust repairs done on wheel wells (both rear, and drivers front, including pedal box). It runs Ok, but the top end needs attention. Transmission and clutch are in good shape. Working sunroof. Pretty excellent dash. Very original interior in good condition, unmolested door cards, original carpeting. Windows all operate, recent windshield replacement (previous owner). Recent bluetooth stereo head unit, original console face included. Paint job is an Ok respray. It's a pretty good 10 footer. Working ODO shows around 67000 miles; true mileage unknown. Clean CA title. Emissions exempt. Weber 32/36 carburetor, capacitive discharge ignition. Good tires on period-correct Momo wheels. Includes platinum car cover, BMW Classic license plate frames (unopened). Highlights of the work done at Touring Car in Charlotte, NC in 2016 before bringing the car to the west coast: * rebuild brakes * rotors, pads, lines * suspension rebuild * bushings F and R * new giubo (center bearing) * shifter rebuild * rust repairs on floor pans, pedal box, rear shock towers * front seats restuffed Receipt for this work is in the photos. More photos here: Granatrot Sunroof 1975 BMW 2002 Photo Album Cheers, Marc Scan Sep 17, 2018 at 22.32.pdf 260606005.PDF
  14. Hello Faq, I am looking at a car in the Netherlands from Oldenzaal Classics. I know the Netherlands does not have the best climate for 02s, and I want to make sure everything is as described and accurate as they are telling me. Does anyone have any suggestions where to get a possible pre inspection from? Also, has anyone had any experiences with Oldenzaal? After a quick search I have seen many positive reviews, but also quite a few negative ones that are scaring me away. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks!
  15. I know this topic has been beaten to death but most the info on the subject (at least what I can find.) is REALLY outdated. I just picked up a 1976 Auto 2002. The head is trash. Block is rusty. I'm an E30 guy. I know M20's pretty well, and actually just finished up a 2.7i (325i head on a 325e block and pistons.), fresh clutch kit, lightened single mass flywheel, M50 Injectors, and Motronic 1.3. Currently that engine is in a pretty ratty E30. I'm ready to get rid of that shell and throw the M20 into my new to me 2002. I've been dreaming of building this car for years, and now this 2002 finally fell into my lap. (Got it for free. ) So here's what i'm looking for. I'm used to a thriving community of Enthusiasts. I'm used to and, Tons of current/new info on the new and old swaps and common issues! This message board seems to be the best so far i've found for the 2002 chassis and I like what I see here. Who's done this swap? Who currently has one and drives it pretty regularly? What info about the M20 swap is just hear say and what is the actual truth? Buy mounts or make my own via the PDF file i've seen floating around? G260's, how much work is needed to make them fit? I'd love to take as much as I can from the E30 and use it in my 2002. I want to avoid having to shorten the driveshaft and i'm okay with doing some modifications to my trans tunnel. Just want to keep things clean and well thought out. So there is my welcome. Happy to be here, and very willing to learn. Thanks for your time, Paolo PS. I'll post a photo tonight of what i'm working with. The car is an automatic. I have a pedal box and four four speed transmissions. haha.
  16. bimmer_b

    1974-76 2002 Cluster

    For sale, Late model 2002 instrument cluster. Doesn't fit my car and I have had it sitting around for about 4 years. Plugged it in yesterday and everything works. Price is OBO. Will ship if buyer pays cost plus shipping. Message me with any questions.
  17. Hi All, rain will I’ll show up eventually so I’m going to cut up the parts car for anyone that needs sheet metal and am selling the extra doors I have. I have pics below. PM with needs and we can work out price and delivery. Doors are complete with glass except for door handles, inner panel and handles. Doors are straight with only minor surface rust at bottom seam. $400 each I have a matching set of door handles and steering column with keys also. $150.
  18. mbausa2001

    Early 1971 rear bumper

    rear bumper with brackets from a 1971 2002. $350 or best offer + actual shipping cost
  19. twinnr1523

    76 Wiring harness, CA EMISSIONS

    I'm looking for either a new complete wiring harness, or where i could find one for a 76 2002 ca emissions. OR A USED INTACT harness to use as a reference to recreate it myself. I'm afraid of pulling my old brittle harness and having it fall apart which would make for a very poor reference. MOUSE ATTACKED MY HARNESS Under the fuse box, i was able to separate and reseal the wires and got everything working but am restoring the car and would hate to use this harness after all my hard work just to have to pull it out again!
  20. Aspen Snowmass RMVR 2018 BMWs tease Name: Aspen Snowmass RMVR 2018 BMWs tease Category: Racing We at Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing just had its second annual Aspen Snowmass Vintage Auto Races through the streets of Snowmass Village, had 8 BMW 02s and a TiSA. Fantastic event in a fantastic place. 2 days of racing, lots of video from 7 on track sessions, this was just quick tease all from my Gopro. More to come.
  21. waynesiebrecht

    Aspen Snowmass RMVR 2018 BMWs tease

    We at Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing just had its second annual Aspen Snowmass Vintage Auto Races through the streets of Snowmass Village, had 8 BMW 02s and a TiSA. Fantastic event in a fantastic place. 2 days of racing, lots of video from 7 on track sessions, this was just quick tease all from my Gopro. More to come.
  22. Hello all fellow FAQ'ers, I would like to start a thread for IE to be able to preview some of our new products and ideas and also to be able to get feedback from you all. We are in the process of developing a lot of really cool products and would like to hear from the community. The first item we would like to preview for you all is this accelerator pedal for the 2002. Made from billet T6061 Aluminum. It will mount through the floor via three through bolts and a backing plate on the underside so no more nubs!!! The only question left is one we have for you all: Polished aluminum or anodized black? There will be a promotional sale on this item for the first two weeks it goes live for a price of $85.00 USD. After that the price will jump to $105.00 USD. It will be available for purchase on our website ( about the start of the new year. Photo credit to FAQ'er Harambe.
  23. A date has been set! We will be returning to Sabbath Song Farm in Brooksville, KY on Friday, September 21st. We will have a two-night stay at the lovely B&B owned and operated by our wonderful friends, Wes and Carolyn Boatman. We will meet up on Friday afternoon at our customary gas station in Wilder, KY for a brisk drive to the farm. The featured Jason-led drive will take place on Saturday the 22nd. As always, this event will feature fantastic back roads driving, great food, adult beverages, laughter by the fire and maybe some expensive bourbon uncorked throughout my trunk once again! BTW, many of us who are heading north on Sunday like to take the ferry across the Ohio River so that we can drive the back roads on our way home. So, fill up the gas tank, check the tires, top off the oil, clean the windshield, tighten some nuts and bolts and plan to be there!
  24. Price is required for the post but I’m temporarily changing it because the listing is on hold while awaiting replies from several sources. 1974 BMW 2002 Chamonix for sale in Blacksburg, VA I’m selling my 1974 02 and I wanted to announce it on the forum first. I’m in southern VA and I'm hoping that some of you that live near (or far) might be interested. If so, please PM me. It’s the best car I’ve ever owned and I know I’ll miss it but unfortunately I just can’t keep it along with another car anymore. It’s been my daily driver for the last two years; always reliable and always a great drive and runs great. It starts the first time, every time. I get complements and thumbs up all the time. People tell me just about every week that it looks great. Its only had a few very minor issues since I got her. She’s Chamonix white with a manual 4-speed transmission, retro-fitted by previous owner with Euro bumpers, BBS basket weave wheels and Racero seats. * Speedometer works, but doesn’t track mileage. * Has heater but no A/C * When I first got her, several small holes in the floor board needed to be patched in order to pass inspection in VA. It does pass inspection now. * I had the radiator replaced (with after market from Blunt Tech) in 2015 because of a broken mount. * A few points were replaced along with the distributer cap. * Last summer I replaced the fuel pump (Blunt Tech) and the fuel rod. * I made some repairs to the door panels, cleaned and rust treated (was only a few small patches of minor surface rust) inside the doors and used fat-mat as a barrier between door and door panel to help dampen noise and for water proofing. * The paint job has a few nicks and chips, but overall looks great. There are a few spots that are beginning to rust under the paint. * The only two times that it didn't start for me were: the first super cold morning here (carb needed re-tuning) and when the fuel pump died. * I had it towed twice: once for the fuel pump because I had change everything and thought it should be working, but didn't realize that the fuel pump rod also needed to be replaced (it was either the wrong size for the after market part from Blunt Tech, or had also gone bad); and when a bolt loosened under the car that connected the transmission linkage. I couldn't shift and didn't want to risk driving, not knowing if the transmission had just gone (it hadn't; it was just a loose bolt). * Both times that it was towed we used a flat bed truck. * I replaced some of the seals around the driver side window while working on the doors. * It has a minor leak (described on the forum here) under driver's side dashboard just next to the left side wall of the car. I think I improved it recently by clearing out a rubber drainage hose that allows water to drain from the heater box compartment. During heavy, long rains, it still fills up and is prone to some leaking. * Dashboard has some cracks and splits but is solid and hasn’t worsened in the time I’ve owned it. * It has an old AM/FM radio which isn't connected and it doesn't have speakers. * The rear defrost doesn't work and the heater motor works, but doesn't push a lot of air. That hasn't been a problem for me. * I have loads of paperwork from the previous two owners and I’ve kept all paperwork for work done and maintenance since it got her in July 2015. * I also have a extra set of Bilstein shocks (details and pics on request) that I'll throw into the deal for nothing. * There are several rust bubbles forming on lower parts of the car. I'll post pics or can send pics of anything via PM or on this post upon request.
  25. Hi all, i need some some help identifying the sway bar in the pic below. It came on the tii I bought. I’ve installed it on the car I’m restoring but would like to know how to properly adjust it so I can “tune” the suspension. Any idea, you knowledgeable folks out there?