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  2. I would highly second Forrest's recommendation of nutserts (from the Classified post) as well. You can find sealed/close ended versions on McMaster-Carr and other places with a good selection of hardware. Use a dab of seam sealer before inserting it into the floor board and you should never have to worry about it causing further rust. I use them for almost anything I can on cars, they're simply marvelous.
  3. Last week
  4. Dudeland

    It is about time.

    A quick update. I got the wheel done, I will try to install it this weekend. I am interested to see if this sort of control makes any difference. Regards P.S is the crank pulley bolt reverse thread?
  5. ray_

    Finishing the center console and prepping the dash

    Nice! ... your hazard switch does not meet DOT requirements. That may or may not be an issue at VA safety inspection. Cheers,
  6. tp4pdb

    Tidy Trunk! - April 16, 2019

    Oops! Couldn't read the fine print. You said you got it from Kooglewerks. Thanks
  7. Ken


    I removed extra original wiring. I have all new gauges, fuel cell, and m20 going in the car.
  8. ohgodno

    The start

    How much of each material did you purchase?
  9. benzintinte

    Worse Before Better

    It seems like every project meets some sort of random parts wall at some point. That is to say, you end up waiting for ages for parts to arrive, things are difficult to source, or you end up with the wrong parts entirely. That has been the case for the last few weeks for me. I’ll try to tackle things in order and get everyone up to speed. So you may remember last year I bought a beefier version of the radiator I currently had in the car. This was in an effort to keep the poor 2002 a little cooler in the hot summer months. However once we started going down the rabbit hole of shaved bay, and systems deletes, that radiator became non-viable. I also purchased a Radium Expansion Tank, that is likewise useless. The part itself is great, but for my purposes needlessly complicated. Purchased, assembled and immediate regret. Not using this wonderful piece anymore. The solution? Capped radiator. Since I am deleting the heater, the expansion tank loop becomes a bit redundant. Some measuring and scrolling through Summit later, and I found this unit. I couldn’t tell you what car it normally lives on, but I can tell you it fits perfectly between the frame rails of a 2002. I also ordered an M20 header flange, because we decided to make a header from scratch. Off the shelf options for M20s simply don’t clear the 2002 steering linkage. Problem one, no one in the US seems to still make this flange. Problem two, after finding an international company who makes a flange, it took ages to arrive from Bulgaria. Problem three, it was warped to hell. I don’t want to put the company on blast, but it is frustrating to wait all that time for a fairly ruined piece. On a more positive note, my wiring harness came back from modifications. At it’s core, it’s mostly my stock E30 wiring harness, however it’s been freshened up, reloomed, and most importantly modified for my standalone. I’ll be running an ECUmasters EMU Classic, and the plugs have been swapped out to accommodate ECUmasters sensors and ECU. I also had a few areas extended to help with the tucking plans. Now onto the physical car itself. My fabricator has been working on the radiator support. Now that he has the right radiator in, he cut a pretty sizable chunk out of the bottom of the nose to sink the radiator into the chassis. He also finished cutting the shock towers flush and welding the seams. You may notice a bar peaking in the edge of those photos. Progress has started on the radiator support. This will put some sort of structural piece back into the nose. For my car, this will double as the radiator mount, hood mount, oil cooler mount and so on. Additionally, and perhaps needlessly complicating things, it will be removable. I will be able to unbolt this bar from the car if necessary. The fabricator bent it to fit the nose of my car, and cut out some end plates to start the process of fitting it. Hopefully within the next week or two the radiator support will be all welded up and ready to go. We’ll be adding ducting, and some vanity panels to help hide this all as well. I’m also now looking into just painting the whole car. I realize this is another jump in project scale, but it’s going to be so close to being perfect for me after this stage, that paint would just be the icing on the cake. I’ll have to figure out how that will work exactly, but it’s something I really want to finally tackle.
  10. Dionk

    Smooth...Glossy & Stunningly beautiful

    So the cannibalization process has begun.
  11. Spring is here and everything is so green and bright!
  12. Earlier
  13. d.hitchcock

    Rims found

    Gorgeous! SSRs are known for being very lightweight too. Is your car flared?
  14. evil02

    Back Home (again) Alpina Gr. 2

    Awesome! How tall are those roll center spacers? Dave
  15. Shouldn't you be doing youtube videos or something, by the way? Such a photogenic trio between you, Tesoro, and Derbs.
  16. Djthom

    Bottoms Up

    The exhaust is the stainless one from Ireland Engineering. The red cable is indeed battery. I relocated the battery to the trunk for a cleaner engine bay
  17. Schickentanz

    Marchal race & rally lights for BMWs

    Euro Yellow Marchals look so good on red 2002s! Love the body mods you did, the flares and deleting the side markers, awesome!!!
  18. collard greens 2002

    Dapper Lighting headlights install (v2’s)

    Thanks much, I highly recommend @jedm3
  19. Tsingtao_1903

    Phone holder - Part Trois

    Previous versions were unnecessarily complicated. This version is simple. The wall is now wider and thinner - more flexible for mounting. file is here:
  20. ClassDavid

    1974 2002Tii project

    Another 2002 came my way that I could not say no too! Its a 1974 2002tii. Definitely has its issues including rust, however there is a lot going for it as well. bilstien shocks, H&R springs, poly bushings, five speed and strut braces are a plus. Some of you might have followed my M42 2002 Build a few years back. This car is getting different treatment. I have only a limited amount of time to get it on the road and am embracing the “patina” look so to speak. Anyway, here is a short video of my progress so far.
  21. JayMac

    What Lies Beneath… the fenders.

    Thank you for the info and the pictures. I will be pulling mine in the next few days, In a previous life my car has taken numerous shots to the nose so I think there is more plastic in there versus original lead but your shots give me a pretty good idea of how to attack this.
  22. Go for a full sized spare the way the BMW Engineers intended.
  23. SydneyTii

    Hanging Exhaust

    What a beauty!
  24. Vern is back at VSR after 2 months in storage, he started right up. Re-stuffed seats look great. Bumpers are back from the shop and look like mirrors. Vent window frames have been polished and ceramic coated by Speedway. Re-assembly starts in earnest Monday April first. Scheduled to pick him up April 19.
  25. Roundeie

    Moving On

    Got the sunroof back in with a bit of trial and error. Fit is ok just a slight passenger side height difference. Also installed heater box and dash. Mocked in the gauge cluster to fill the hole. It will be removed before permanent installation. Added H4's w/city lights and a relay/fuse harness. Will install the driving light brackets when they arrive. Thanks, Pierre.
  26. jedm3

    45 hr and 58 min

    Very cool! Looks quite accurate. Could wrap with CF wrap or chrome tape. Interesting...
  27. emanuelmb

    BMW 2002 Service Repair Manual

    Hi Here you will find what you want Regards
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